A Bet with Mighty Evil Being

Chapter 5: Mating [R-18]

The beast serpents body courses with electricity, so much of it arcing between the spines that line its back that it lights the cave around you.

Samuel is briefly aware of rough, claw-carved stone all around and several large round openings in the walls and along the ceiling, but the beast serpent itself holds his attention far more.

It is a fifteen-foot-long blue-scaled serpent as thick around as a small horse, bearing white, two-foot-long spines on its back and head.

Blue horns curve forward from its brow, and its long, serpentine maw gleams with hundreds of viciously sharp silver teeth. Six pairs of short, powerful legs line in its body, holding it upright as it looms before him.

The monster groans in discomfort, solid, glowing blue eyes fixed on him. Its mouth moves slowly, and hoarse, raspy words spill out, sounding more like a pair of boulders grinding together than a voice. ”It begins. There is no pathway that leads us back, now. ”

Samuel stared in shock. Had a giant monster snake just talked to him? Why did it choose to talk now, after having practically raped his mouth first?

He blinks.

It might have been getting ready to talk when hed stabbed the dagger in his mouth, he realize. Maybe that hadn been the smartest thing to do.

The beast groans again, louder, and sags forward.

Samuels eyes widen further as it extends a paw and he realizes its no longer as stubby limb as it had been.

Its digits grow more slender before his very eyes as the monsters arm lengthens and its scales shrink, becoming fine and smooth.

Its second set of arms are changing the same way, while the third are cracking and twisting as the joint they
e attached to shifts within the monsters flesh.

Three sets of hind legs press together, then lose their shape as their shapes meld together. The monsters long tube of a body shortens and grows thinner, as does its neck and tail.

It screams in pain as the paired lumps of flesh its hind legs had become take on familiar, human proportions.

He hears a tink of metal as one of the beasts sharp teeth falls out, followed by a dozen more as its snout shrinks and recedes, growing too small for the massive array of teeth it formerly possessed.

Samuels eyes are open so wide now that his face is starting to ache, but he can look away. The middle of its body dips in, forming a familiar, womanly waist, and two lumps of soft, rippling flesh grow on its chest, the scales receding from them as they bulge and bounce.

It screams again and slams its head down, bashing its horns against the stone cave floor. The scream is more human than serpent, you think.

Blue scales shrink and fade from its shoulders and back, leaving only a line of hard scales along its spine.

Creamy, soft skin tinged ever so slightly blue gleams in the light cast by the monsters electricity, which still dances between the spines on its back.

Its third set of arms now grow from its back, powerful, downward facing scaled limbs with fists clenched in strain. Its tail thrashes as long, pale green hair sprouts from its head, hard scales pushing free to click on the floor in its wake.

It pants for air, back heaving as the changes wracking its flesh finally slow to a stop.

The Beast looks up slowly, revealing a startlingly human face as long green hair tumbles down around its waist.

Beautiful, electric blue eyes bearing vertical, slitted pupils look out from amidst fine, high cheekbones and a smooth, delicate forehead.

A slender jaw frames its face, and full, soft lips stained a strange black-blue spread open in a pained grin.

Fine, silver-blue scales cling to its neck and jaw, and more extend from its temples and the front of its hairline, forming points that accent the shape of its large, oval eyes.

She sits upright on long, juicy legs as gigantic, naked breasts ripple on its chest. Smooth blue scales line its sides and back, but its chest and abdomen are bare down to its belly button.

A firm, round ass flexes beneath its tail, muscles standing out in its thighs and abdomen. It raises its slender, clawed arms, and reaches towards him, a low, sensual voice passing its lips, sharp silver teeth gleaming within. ”Come to me, tender, sweet morsel! ”

Abruptly Samuel realize that all of a sudden, human appearance of this thing, she was still ten feet tall and probably strong enough to crush him to death.

Samuel scramble back, and by chance, his bag swings forward on his shoulder and pops open. The silver flute tumbles out into his lap, and he stares down at it.

If you blow the flute, will Lamia take him away to safety? Could it save him from being killed and eaten by this thing?

He glance back and see a tunnel mouth yawning open to his left, but would that even lead him out to safety? Or…was there even a need to run?


For an instant as Samuel stare down at the flute, he consider invoking Lamias name. Shed said she lived in a fortress, right?

That must mean she was fairly important, and hed seen how powerful she was firsthand. But, wait. Hadn she said shed enslaved countless souls?

Perhaps claiming to be the ally of a being like that was not a wise decision.

Samuel snatch up the flute and hurl it past the beast serpent-womans head, hoping that at least itll distract her.

She jerks her head to the side in surprise and Samuel scrambles to his feet and turns towards the nearest tunnel.

Shed said there was no pathway leading back, but maybe she was wrong?

The tunnel is utterly dark. Thinking quickly, he realize he can use his laptop as a kind of light in this dark place, a temporary flashlight.

He might wind up breaking it, but he couldn risk staying here and getting eaten! He slows down as he struggle with his Bag, trying to pry the laptop out.

As he reaches the tunnel entrance, the serpent woman hisses in irritation. He throw a fearful glance back over his shoulder and notices that she has puckered up, her lips forming a luscious, perfect circle.

She exhales, but it isn air that passes her lips.

Bolts of lightning blast across the cave, blowing the tunnel entrance hed been hurrying towards apart into a pile of rubble.

Samuel was trapped!


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