Twenty years earlier

Karl Stephens and John Craig sat on their lounges on a yatch and stared ahead of the two container ships, Beastly and Phoenix. Karl was six and a half feet and muscular in built with brown eyes, black hair and with a tanned complexion. He was highly intelligent, confident and successful.

John on the other hand was five feet six inches with a stocky built . He had green eyes, was bald and had a full face. The men were best friends and had known each other for decades. After becoming successors of their own businesses, both men worked arduously alongside each other to secure these ships. Beastly belonging to Karl and Phoenix to John. Finally, they were both successful in creating a fortune and purchasing these cargo ships ensured that they would secure bright futures for each family.

Lunch is about to be served gentlemen, the hostess approached and said to the both men

Thank you Elena! Karl replied

As the men got up and walked over to the dining area they both saw their wives and kids awaiting their arrival.

I am sorry dear, I didn realized that we were the keep back, John said to his wife as he placed a soft kiss on her face and joined them on the table.

Honestly John, its been hours since Karl and you have been staring at those boats. How long again before you spend sometime with Sarah and myself? Mrs. Craig whispered into her husbands ear.

John slowly pulled out his chair and sat without replying.

Karl got up with a glass of champagne and began to speak.

Today is a great day for both families. We are not only the leading shipping company in the world but have secured long and bright futures for both our families with these two ships. And in several years, our kids, Kyle and Sarah would get married and tie the both companies together and most importantly we will keep all our hard work and our riches in one family. Karl said and raised his glass

Cheers to Kyle and Sarah and our long, healthy future together! John replied as glasses clinked together and they all smiled and stared at the both kids that was scoffing down pizza at the table.

Present day

It was the first day of summer and the weather was warm and magical. Kyle Stephens stepped out of his black Mercedes Benz and walked up to the entrance of the restaurant. As soon as he was about to enter the building, Kyle observed several women exiting the restaurant. And being the gentleman he was, Kyle stood aside and opened the door for them to pass through as he was on his way in to his meeting.

Suddenly, Kyles throat became dry as soon as he got her celestial scent. In all fairness, she was beautiful as a butterfly and the smell of the sweet fragrance of vanilla was her nectar dangling on her proboscis. Instantly their eyes locked and she gave him a quick smile and bowed her head as she thanked him when she passed by.

Instantly, Kyles heart began drumming extremely fast, his throat was extremely parched and he became speechless. The woman looked downright gorgeous in a fitted royal blue dress with a black coat. She had light brown skin with long wavy black hair reaching down her volumptous ass. The womans breast was full and it suited her to perfection as it gave her body a coca cola bottle figure.

Kyle glimpsed her face for several seconds, and had become smitten with her big, hazel brown eyes and luscious lips. Her sweet smile could definitely stop traffic. Fuckkkkk Kyle thought and immediately spun around to follow her out.

He quuckly got out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and started running behind her.

Excuse me, Excuse me! Kyle called as he approached the women that had stirred and awakened a deep yearning in his entire body to ** her until he heard her scream out his name.

He touch her on her shoulders and straight away felt an electrifying connection coarse through his body. Instinctively, he pulled back his hands and stood waiting for her to turn around. The alluring womon stopped, and quickly spun around when she felt his touch on her shoulder.

Hello again Sir, how can I help you? she said and she smiled even bigger than before and Kyle felt his chest tightened to an extent that he became breathless for several seconds.

Hello again too, I think you dropped this on your way out the restaurant. Kyle said slowly and then showed her the money.

No Sir, thats not mine. I would know if I dropped that kind of cash! Sam said and attempted to leave.

e sure? I could have sworn I saw it fell from my pockets, I mean your pockets, on your way in, I mean out. Kyle said unsure why he was so nervous and fumbling with his words around her.

Im positive, its not mines! she said and smiled again before she turned to leave.

Kyle stood there with her fragrance still lingering in his nostrils. And as she turned to leave, her hair brushed against his fingers and he immediately felt the need to grab it. This woman had knocked the wind out of him and made him utterly senseless.

I think Ill need you to let go of my hair to leave please. Its real you know, you just had to ask! Sam said laughing softly

Kyle could feel his throat becoming even drier than before as her heard her sexy laughter.

Im sorry….Im Kyle by the way, he said as he quickly let go of her hair.

Well nice to meet you Kyle. Now if you excuse me, Ill like to leave but do have a great day! Sam said and continued to slowly walk away.

Wow that was smooth you know, whats you name beautiful? He said shouting to her as she made several steps away from him. Kyle stood watching her walk slowly away and for a few minutes he thought she didn hear what he said but then he saw her turn around and shouted,

So was you with the hundred dollars bill, and grinned and then she spun back around and continued walking. Kyle became dumbfounded and could not take his eyes of her as the summer breeze blew across his body.

She was mesmerizing and Kyle just stood there, looking at her until she was lost in the busling crowd. He then walked slowly back into the restaurant and gave his name and was escorted to the table where his parents along with Sarah and her parents sat awaiting his arrival. As soon as he sat down, everyone started talking but his mind kept thinking about the women that he had met on his way in and her sweet summer scent that arose a burning fire in him.

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