Joe Im telling you on a rate of one to ten with the type of women we look for or chose, Sam is a twelve! Kyle said as he grinned at Joe.

Highly impossible Kyle! Seeing is believing! Eitherway did you forget that you
e going to get engaged in less than three months! Joe said staring at Kyle

Joe, listen! Ten thousand is nothing compared to the way I felt when I touched Sam on not one, but two occasions. I have to see where this will lead Joe, I have too! Kyle said as he looked directly at Joe.

Well if you claim shes a twelve and yet you feel the need to hurt her, because thats what youll be doing in three months, then buddy be my guess! Joe said to Kyle an then grabbed his beer and continued drinking.

That was the reason Kyle and Joe was such good friends. Because even though Joe knew how wealthy and powerful Kyle was, he always gave his honest advise whether he liked it or not! Kyle and Joe sat there for a long while looking at the television and drinking as Sams face kept running on Kyles mind.

Joe looked over and saw the expression on Kyles face and knew that his friend was now considering the future consequences of the matter at hand and decided to leave him to his thoughts as he caught up on a football game.

Two days later, Sam stood at the bakerys oven deliberating whether to show up that evening to meet Kyle. She knew that Kyle was clever and dangerous, hell she saw it in his eyes, in his smile and heard it in his voice!

She scolded herself repeatedly for putting herself in this position again. Sam thought that her choice in men was so terrible that they could have lined up nine good men and one terrible one in an identification lineup and sure enough shed handpick the bad one!

However, she considered how long she had not been sexually active and in all honesty, Kyle looked like he was great at pleasuring women.

An hour later, Sam locked up the store and hurriedly walked through the crowd to get to the park to meet Kyle for their second dinner!

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