Reina Blaze, a girl who accidentally had a one night stand with a guy and had a child for him which was a girl but her being poor could not afford taking down the child through her steamy and drafty road, so she decided to leave the child with the father *OR DID SHE?*.


she returned back to the city after her mission was successful. although it was stressful for her, she managed and pulled through to get to where she is

she works as the chief assistant of the marketing department and I might say she loves her job.


A world known known Bachelor fearless and one of the richest man in the world who goes by the name Steve Black. who was known to be cold and heartless was seen pacifying his 5 year old child

”Dad wheres mum ” ysabelle asked her father as he was about going upstairs to freshen up

but paused at the question thrown at him.

Truth be told he doesn even know who was the mother of his child, He just woke up one morning heading for work and he saw a little baby in a crib in front of his door step.

At first he wanted to ignore it and send her to the orphanage but something was holding him back from doing so.

He didn even know when he bent down to take a closer look at the child.

He picked her up and held her carelessly since it was his first time holding a child

thank goodness his assistant helped him although she was shocked.

That was when he saw a letter that stated that the child was for him that if he th

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