Reina and Avery were still talking when Avery had a notification then suddenly screamed

which attracted many customers.

Reina seeing the scene her best friend cost apologized to the people in the restaurant and covered Averys mouth.

”would you stop screaming, don you know we are in public? ”Reina said after successfully making Avery to keep shut

”Does it look like I care, I didn ask them to come to the same restaurant as this bitch ” Avery pointed at her self which made me shake my head.

”whatever why do I bother. why do you suddenly want to make me deaf by all means ”She asked her best friend

”well you wouldn imagine I just got the greatest news ever ” she said singing. Then she brought out her phone then shoved it to Reinas face to gesturing hee to read it

Reina took it and was confused at what she saw


Apply here for a job as a nanny to Steve Blacks only child

*She must be 30 or above*

And will be payed handsomely

$30,000 a month.

When she was done with reading it she looked up to Avery with a why are you showing me this look

”Can you see it ” she asked as she snatched her phone back

”Arghhh, its the famous worlds notorious bachelor who is among the richest in this country ” she said but seeing Reinas expressionless face made her to explain further

”He wants to higher a nanny for his child,

I once heard he had a child but I doubted him because after all he is a first class bachelor but who knew maybe I was wrong. I wonder what the child is like is she cute, is he handsome, is it a bit or a girl,who is the childs mother,where is the childs mother?….. ” Avery kept on going and going filling Reinas ears with unnecessary words

”ok thats enough, you know its not good to pry ”Reina scolded her like an adult scolding a child for her bad behavior which made Avery pout.

”Anyways are you applying? ” Avery asked Reina

”why would I apply when Ive got a job am not that less busy you know ” Reina said to her

”I know but aren you tired of that job it obviously pays less and its stressful, if you take this job our.. I mean your life will change for the better. You know I hate seeing my baby suffer ” Avery said softly

”Thanks for the suggestion but I would stick to my own job ” Reina said as she ate more chips

” so you choose A chief assistant of the marketing department over a hot, dashing, fine looking, spectacular, crazilly cute,sexy demon monster,Rich and Number one too bachelor? ” Avery asked her with a are you crazy look

”Look I don care if he is dashing or a bachelor whatsoever I came back to this city for three reasons and I won waste my time on something unrelevamt ” Reina said with an expressionless face which made Avery sigh

This woman would be the death of me Avery taught to herself

”Can we not talk about that topic ” Reina asked

while Avery nodded

”Now since youve decided to drop the topic why don you tell me about the three reasons why you decided to come back ” Avery asked with folded hands demandingly

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