After I finished chunking a glass of water I finally faced my best friend who has been eager to hear my reasons why I suddenly came back…..


Ceo Steve Black is seen signing alot of documents that he missed track of time not only did he miss that, he also had nothing to eat through out the day aside drinking coffee now or then. Some people ask how he managed to survive not eating at all but still have a lot of energy fibe and one of them was his PA

Elvis came into his bosss office after hearing the word come in to see him still working on some few documents, He went closer and was surprised to see him working on the papers for the meeting rescheduled next month which made him look at his boss in awe

”Are you going to keep standing there if yes leave you are distracting me ” Ceo Steve said noticing his PAs gaze at him

Elvis held him self from scoffing and immediately apologized

”I apologize for my rudeness ” He said and bowed a Little

” why are you here? ”Ceo Steve went straight to the point not bothering to acknowledge his apology

”Ooh Ceo Steve Black I didn mean to interrupt you but its already 6:30 and you promised Ysabelle you would be home by 7 to join her for dinner ”He said

Ceo Steve looked at his watch and saw that his PA was actually right so he decided to carry the rest of his work home. He nodded at Elvis and walked out of the room

A normal person would have been confused as to why he nodded but not Elvis, After being the PA to this heartless beast for 5 years he has come to know what that simple nod was.

He quickly arranged his CEOs files into his suitcase and called for the chaffeur Ben to pick them up.


After Steve Black left his company,

He reached his home in less than 20 minutes and he was welcomed with a warm hug from his daughter

”Daddy your home, you kept your promise ” she said as she hugged her father tightly. she was scared that he would come up with an excuse not to accompany her and leave her with the butler and cook but to her surprise he showed up. Steve Black hugged his cute little angel back. When it comes to his Angel, he can never get mad at her. He wants to spoil her till the end because he loves her so much.

He never once taught about settling down not to talk of having a child but I guess you can never blame karma.

He was just wondering the person who gave birth to this wonderful creature and was likely curious to meet her but yet hesitated for some reason.

”Yes daddy is back and he kept his promise, How was your day my angel ” He asked as he picked her up heading upstairs after greating his butler and chef

” It was great, Aunt meila Read me a Novel, I played hide and seek with uncle joel and chef kate made me lots of cookies.She said cookies are only made for princesses ” Then she looked at her father and asked ” am I a princess ”? She asked with her glistering eyes

”Of course my angel is a princess,

the most beautiful one at fact ” He replied her kissing her cheeks which made her giggle

”But daddy Aunt meila also said a princess needs a handsome prince ” she said which made Steve Black nod

” Then would you be my prince ” She asked her dad then he smiled

”Anything for my cutie angel ”He said drawing her cheeks as he reached his room. Then he out her on his bed and went to take a bath. Few minutes later he came out with a bathrobe on him then he looked towards his bed to see his daughter playing with his phone he smiled gently for a second then went to his dressing room. He only smiles when he was alone with his daughter because he believes only her have the right to see him smile and when he was with people he only raised the corners of his lip, right now his daughter was already used to it.

After getting dressed he his daughter to see her already asleep, he didn want to wake her but he had to since she hadn eaten dinner yet

”Hey angel wake up you have to eat dinner ” He said barely waking her up but hearing her fathers sweet melodious voice woke her up and he carried her downstairs to the dinning room where the food was already served. He gently put her on the chair next to him as they began eating with him mostly feeding her.

Half way through the food, his daughter said something which made him choke on the beef he was eating

”Daddy I don want you to be my Prince any more instead you would be the king while mom the queen ” she said not knowing how the words stabbed him greatly

hmph what a mean angel she is He silently taught as she looked at him anticipating his answer…

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