After bidding Avery good bye we parted ways as I headed for home. As I walk through the side walk all I could think about was our conversation in the cafe….


”Am waiting Ray ” Avery said to me

”Can we not just…. ” I was saying when she cut short my words

”Don even think about asking me that, I want to know the reasons why my best friend came back to the city and didn inform me, what other thing is more important than your best friend? ” She asked with a sad look

” You know you are a very important person in my life ” I said as I held her hands

” Then why didn you tell me? ” she asked

” And you better tell me the three reasons too ” she added . I sighed softly and looked away from her

”You really wanna know? ” I asked while she nodded

”ok here goes nothing ” I said


”Are you kidding me? ” Avery screamed at me

”That was the reason,

*You were missing me*

*And the mission*. Are you kidding me ” she asked for the upteenth time while I nodded

”Then why were you acting like it was a big thing* She asked me

”well….. ” I was about to say but as usual was cut off by her *majesty*.

”Wait let leave that, what of the last reason ”? she asked the question I was avoiding. Thank God she received a phone call emergency of not I would have taught of another lie to tell her.

I got to my apartment, changed to my slippers and went to shower. After that I went to serve my self dinner with the remains of the morning.

As I was eating I couldn help but think about the past……

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