You can see a 19 year old girl strolling down the street absent minded. After finding out that her boyfriend never loved her and only wanted to bed her she didn know what to do again…


19 year old Reina just woke up from her sleep with a big smile on her face, Knowing that today is her lovers birthday (boyfriend) Sammy Adam. She got up and started preparing for the surprise visit she wanted to give him. After taking her bath she wore a red off shoulder gown which had a slit at the side to go with a black jacket, then she wore her sneakers. she didn have enough money to buy shoe because she spent her years salary on the cloths she was wearing and her sweethearts birthday ”He is worth it ” she would say to her self. She for the first time dolled herself up for her boyfriend and was planning to give him the best birthday gift he has been asking for but she didn know that she would be the one receiving a beautiful package. she picked up her hand bag with her phone and went out of her apartment.

she came across her neighbors who were known as Mr and Mrs Jones, the oldest people in that building.

”Good morning papa jones, Good morning mama jones ” she greeted

”Good morning my child ” they replied

”Its like your going on a date? ”Mama jones asked while she shaked her head and blushed

”Its not like that, its actually my boyfriends birthday so am deciding to give him a surprise visiting ” she said to them while they smiled

”How taughtful of you my child, thats a great idea, your boyfriend is lucky to have you ” papa jones said

”But remember, if you are one day tired if him there is always my grandson ”papa jones said and winked at her which made her laugh a little. Papa jones has been trying to hook her up with his grandson ever since she moved to her apartment so it wasn new that he was teasing her today

”I would keep that in mind ” she said as I

she looked at the time and saw that she was almost late. Them seeing her anxious face greeted her goodbye and gave her some of their farewell blessings.

After leaving the apartment, she hailed a taxi and headed straight for her boyfriends house.

This was going to be the first time going to his house cause for some reasons since they started dating he never took her there, they always used hers. And every time she asked he would always say its not the right time. Even Avery began to suspect him but I didn take it to heart knowing that she hated him right from the start.

The taxi stopped infront of my boyfriends house. yes it was, And how she knew was that she recently got a mail from someone sending her her boyfriends address with the picture of his house. Her being to naive didn think much. She got down and paid the taxi man and headed inside.

she stood infront of his house door holding a cake and gift bag, then rang the bell but nobody answered. She rang the bell up to 5 times but it wasn still answered she would have believed he wasn inside but his scooter was in the yard wish meant he was inside, As she wanted to ring the bell again the door opened a little, it was actually opened so she helped her self in. When she went in she was greeted with a sight …

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