When she opened the door to his apartment, she was shocked at the sight.

The living room was a total mess, there was cloths everywhere and what was even surprising her was that some of them where a females own.

Did Sammy have a sisters she taught to her self because he never mentioned of having one now she taught back at it she doesn really know much about her boyfriend but she didn mind but was curious as to why their cloths were on the floor.

So after paundering on the thoughts she decided to help them tidy up, but as she was on it she started hearing sounds from the stairs direction.She thinking that there was an intruder went to the kitchen and grabbed a base ball bat she suprisenly found there, then headed upstairs on her way there she was so anxious that u could hear her shaky breath but knowing that someone was after her beloved made her have courage to stand tall.

She continued to follow the direction of the sound till she came towards a door. There were two rooms in the apartment one was down stairs and it was for visitors so this one was probably for her boyfriend she taught.

She put her head towards the door and was still hearing noises but this time it was the thief talking

”uhm ahh come on baby be quick ” she heard a girl voice say

”Don worry am coming ”she heard a guys voice say and it really looked familiar

”Then hurry up, I don think I can hold on uhm ahh ” she said while moaning in pain? #sync#

Reina haven heard enough opened the door on them and to her greatest surprise the thieves were no other than Her boyfriend and a lady who were **ing their heads out.

Out of shock she dropped the bat on the floor, the sound was so loud that it was heard by the two of them.

They both turned their heads to the door and looks of surprise were visible on their faces

at least on her boyfriend face because the girl gave a I don care look. Sammy seeing that his act has been discovered quickly got down from the bed and wore his boxers then he faced his shocked girlfriend who hasn said anything since she entered

”Reina what are you doing here ” he asked her knowing that he didn give her his home address. she then scoffed

” Is that the question u should be asking me? ” she asked him while folding her hands

”your right that is not the question we should be asking you but why you would enter someones room without permission ” the girl said like she was the owner of the room which made Reina to eye her and throw a harsh glare at her

”I wasn talking to you bimbo ” she said to the girl rudely and faced get boyfriend.

”I didn know that my boyfriend was doing this shit behind my back but the question is why? ” she asked him. Sam was still uncomfortable as to why she was silent because a normal person would have thrown a tantrum over this issue. He gulped out of nervousness then he looked at the woman beside him which mouthed that everything would be ok which gave him confidence, then he looked at his girlfriend and pointed out accusingly

”why? your seriously asking me why!, why don you ask your self then ” he replied her with a displeased face. she was confused as to what her idiot of a boyfriend was saying

”what do you mean that I should ask my self, instead of apologizing cheating on your girlfriends back you are here saying gabberage ” she said angrilly at him

”I can believe u would do this to me after our 7 months of dating, I even came here because it was your birthday so I decided to come give you a surprise but what did I know that I was the one receiving a surprise instead ” she shouted angrilly at him pointing at the whore who was shamelessly still on the bed masturbating.

”what do you expect, you didn see it coming, ooh gush you make me laugh ”he said and chuckled

”All of this won have happened if you had given your self to me but every time I ask you would say your not ready or run away for goodness sake woman, am a man. I have sexual needs and desires which you as my girlfriend was meant to fulfill but what did you do NOTHING ”He screamed at her

”so its my fault? ” she asked with a quivering voice

”yes knuckle head its your fault such a shame, people might look at me and call me a bitch but your the true bitch, your so heartless and selfish, you only care about your self so what did you expect. Don be suprise because my brother is very generous that is why he is with you if not I bet you wouldn be here ” The bimbo girl said then turned to Sammy

”Hey babe since she is here why not end everything ” she whispered softly to him and seeing him hesitating made her furious so she leaked his ear and softly bit on it although Reina was there. Then he moaned as he quickly forgot that Reina was there. But their little act was cut short by a clapping sound

”clap clap clap, Ive never seen anyone so shameless as you. After been caught by your girlfriend cheating you still have the gods to do this in her presence for shame. well I won do anything to you guys and I don have much to say but you shall rip the fruit that you sow I curse both of you to eternity life of bitterness you will never be happy that I promise you guys this. I would make sure you guys will regret it mark my words ” she said to them with shaky breaths

” are you fine? if so the door is that way as you can see we are in the middle of something ” she said gesturing at their bodies

”ooh am true and do you know what am also true about, its our relationship its over just so you know it I broke up with you useless thing. Ever since I met you my life has been incomplete and it looks like I was carrying a burden on my shoulder but now am free, free from you and I wish both of you a happy relationship in hell ” she said and stormed off

”who does she think she is to curse us how dare she is it because I dated her pathetic self let me reach her a lesson ” Sammy said as he wanted to go after his girlfriend but Vera didn allow him

” Don waste your time on her she is just running her mouth what can she do and besides I go to church so nothing can harm us ” she said as she pacified him with soft soft kisses in his face then took his hand to fundle her breasts.

”wow I haven even left and you guys can keep away from each other ” Reina said as she was holding a box. seeing Reina here and remembering what she had said earlier made sam angry and he wanted to hit her but was stopped

” Sammy don do that I told you, besides it would only make your hands dirty ” she said indicating that Reina was filthy but Reina didn care then she faced Reina

” what are you doing her, I didn know a dog use to go back to their own vomit ” she asked as she was still naked

” Nope am no bitch and I don go back to second used product like you but as a good ex girlfriend I wanted to give him a breakup present and plus its his birthday ” Reina said as she approached them although Veras sight is so unruly to see she still approached them

” ok make it snappy because we don ….. ” Vera was about saying when she felt liquid all over her face and body

”what the **? she exclaimed as she looked at her self covered in wine. Sam seeing this got mad that instant and angrilly approached Reina

”you bitch what do you think your doing… ” He too went silent as a cake was thrown at him.

”That is for cheating on me ” she said as she walked towards vera

”And that is for sleeping with him ” she said before slapping her hard

”And this is a little gift from me for you calling me a bitch and a whore… ooh wait they are two words which means two slaps ” Reina said as she slapped her again

”aaah… ” Vera screamed as she held her cheeks

”Nice this is better ” she said as she turned out to walk

” ooh need I forget Happy birthday to you my EX boyfriend with your new found whore of a SISTER ” she said as she walked out leaving them at daze. she quickly left her apartment without looking back and headed towards a night club instead. she actually taught of hitting their heads with the bat but decided against it. she didn want to spent her time in prison. so she settled for slaps instead.

And while she was going to the living room she saw the cakes and the gift she bought for that bastard and decided to throw it away when a thought came to her

why not give the cake to the birthday boy and his slut a gift as a congratulations to them on their betrayal relationship And that is what she did. When she did it she was feeling slightly better but who was she kidding, she might have acted strong but she was still weak and what they did really tore her heart into pieces so she went to a bar to hide her feelings and that is when the unexpected happened…..

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