Thomas sat behind his desk, looking extremely infuriated. His desk had many files on it and there was a plate that had ”CEO THOMAS RYDER ” etched on it. A magazine was wide open in front of him.

”What is it this time, Dad? ” the handsome, young man asked, walking into his Dads office.

e on the New York Magazine again. You are always on the magazines, newspapers and tabloids. Aren you ashamed of yourself? ” his Dad replied, glaring at him and handing over the magazine to him.

Seth took the magazine from his Dad and read what it said about him. His face was on the cover of the magazine with the title, ”Who is the new lady? ” His name made the headline of the magazine as usual. He opened the magazine. The page of the magazine had a picture of him and the woman he was with the previous night.

He was wearing a white shirt and blue suit pants while the woman he was caught with was putting on a slutty red dress that revealed her full chest area. Her laps and long legs were visible under the revealing gown. They could be seen exiting a hotel. From the picture, you could see that even though his escorts tried to shield him from the paparazzi people, the cameras were able to take a picture of both of them from a great angle.

Seth Ryder was a very attractive 28 years old man and the dream of every young woman in New York. He had blue eyes just like the sea. His olive skin glowed in the sun, his brown shoulder-length hair was always in a man bun and his white teeth sparkled whenever he gave a smile to the women. He was a beauty to behold. Ladies just could not get enough of him so they swarm around him like bees horde round a honeycomb.

Seth Ryder was not just blessed with good looks but was also from an influential family. His family was extremely wealthy and quite well known. They were so popular that their littlest deeds were publicized by the Media.

His Dad, CEO Thomas Ryder had an automobile company which was one of the biggest automobile companies in the state. He got married to his wife, Riana, by an arranged marriage when they were young. They neither met nor loved each other before the marriage but after living as a married couple for a few months, love began to build up between the two and they had their first and only baby, Seth. They wanted to have another baby but the doctors said if they tried, Riana could die. Her ovaries were not strong enough to produce more eggs.

Seth became the only child his parents had but the problem with him was the same with almost every billionaire men that were blessed with good looks. He was a Casanova, a total skirt-chaser. He was always caught on the news with different girls on different occasions. He was on the cover of almost all the magazines, newspapers, tabloids and even the internet.

His name always made the headline of every Newspaper, tabloids, and news and entertainment TV channels. Most times, he was caught on cameras walking out of hotels, restaurants, or walking on the streets with beautiful, model-like women. His parents, Thomas and Riana, were tired of seeing their sons pictures on the news almost every time. They had always wished they could get a good woman with whom he could settle down.

”Dad, those Paparazzi guys are always trying to dig up dirt about me. That young woman with me in the picture is just my friend from college. She called me saying she was in New York for a business meeting and I went over to meet her at a restaurant. There is nothing going on between Chloe and me. Sorry, thats Prissy… I mean Charlotte ”, Seth replied, setting the magazine aside.

”You can even remember the name of the woman you were with last night, Seth. When will you stop all these: the philandering and all, huh? You are supposed to be married by now but you
e not bringing any woman home. Your mother and I are fed up with your lifestyle and we are telling you as your parents to stop this kind of lifestyle you are living. You
e the only child we have and the future successor of Ryder automobiles. I can have you drag my name and everything Ive worked hard to build into the mud. Besides, you
e managing the company for the time being and you must act responsibly at all times. I don want to ever see or hear this kind of news about you anymore. If I must see you on the newspaper or magazines, it must be that you are doing well in the business world. Have I made myself clear? ” Thomas asked.

”Yes Dad ”, Seth grumbled, not looking too happy.

Seth hated it whenever he was been scolded but on the other hand, his parents were just looking out for him. They wanted him to find a woman that he loved but they didn know that their son actually had his eyes fixed on someone already.

Emily Sewell. Emily was an exceptionally elegant woman that lived in the mansion next to the Ryders mansion. She had big green eyes, a fair skin, brown wavy hair and a beautiful smile. The 25 year old woman had been their neighbor for the past 5 years and he had had a crush on her ever since but he never had the courage to walk over to her and tell her. He felt that if he did, shed reject him and he hated been rejected.

Regardless of the fact that theyd been neighbors for years, theyd never had a long chat or sat down to have a talk. They would only wave at each other whenever they saw each other and Emily would always greet him with a beautiful smile but it all ended there; nothing more, nothing less.

”You should find a wife, son ”, his Dad finally said, with seriousness etched on his face and his eyebrows creased.

”Dad, good women are hard to come by. I would have brought home a woman but I didn want to bring home the wrong woman. Besides its better to marry late than marry wrong ”, Seth replied.

”That is why your mother and I are going to help. Well try to set you up with the daughters of our business associates. I hear Williams has an extremely beautiful, innocent daughter. She just finished from Harvard. She studied Medicine, and she has been given an appointment at one of the best hospitals here in New York. I would talk to Williams about that. What do you say, son? ” Thomas asked his uninterested son.

”Fine dad, whatever seems best with you. Could I be excused please? ” Seth excused himself.

He walked out of his Dads office, furious about the whole issue. He couldn understand how the Paparazzo always knew how to find him.

”I know my family is extremely popular but can I live a private life without any paparazzi drama? ” he thought aloud to himself.

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