A Shadow Knows no Bundary

My Future, Our Past

~~~~Edwards POV~~~~

Once I exited the forest, I noticed my siblings looking around searching for me. I checked my watch and was surprised as I have been gone for over two hours. I ran to the nearest sibling, Llana, she slapped me as she was worried as to where I have been; I explained without exposing too much of what actually happened like what happened within the temple and the birds. She then proceeded to call upon the rest of the siblings and to my surprise, they all arrived after a few minutes of waiting; she told the others what I told her and they all had an individual thought of my idiotic actions but shrugged it off and laughed. Damien spoke out and mentioned that the car is out at the front and is currently waiting for us to go home.

We all ran to the limo and apologised to the driver for taking a while to get here, he laughed and told us not to worry. We all got in and talked about how the entire school day was. The driver then spoke out saying that we have now reached the entrance to the Imperian Manor; which was first built after the great war. The past royalties maintained the building as a symbol that they have achieved the impossible and we wouldn be here if it weren for them. I went inside manor to go to my room and put my stuff down so I can go to the kitchen, I usually like to cook for the family; While I was walking down the hallway, I noticed my siblings doing their own things in their rooms. There was Damien looking at all the plans of the future of the city, Xavier looking at all the possible medicine that can be useful for hospitals, Christian looking at designs for some things, Llana listening to music and doing some work and Morgan playing some games.

I pondered to myself as to where mother and father were but shrugged it off as they
e most likely doing their royal duties, I finally reached kitchen and tied an apron on to prepare cooking. I asked the chefs as to what we are cooking to which was Tindoria Steak and rice with vegetables, along with many other delicacies; after cooking for a bit, Llana came done and helped a bit with cooking and it lasted for a total of an hour and a half to prepare all the dishes. Just as when we did the finishing touches on the food, mother and father returned from their duties to be greeted by everyone and getting ready for food.

After dinner, we all returned to our duties and Xavier and Christian went to help clean up everything. I then went to my room and did a bit of work to pass the time and then nightfall came. Considering it was quite late now and I had school tomorrow, I cleaned my self up and went to bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. About 30 minutes later, It started to feel like the moment in that room in the forest, I looked around the place and it started to shift into an outdoor place. compared to the room, Im experiencing where the world wasn engulfed in war and destruction; from what I gathered after observing the surrounding, it feels like about ten years before the war began.

After looking around, especially checking all of the people around mes identities, I noticed one them was very similar to me. Taranis Eternal. He was also walking with someone, I followed them so I can hear what was going on.

”So how is Alcatrania, Cromwell. I heard the country is prospering well, crown prince. ” said Taranis

Cromwell replied, ”Yes it has, ever since we became the royalty that controls the region, we have been trying to cut down the crime and mischief going on in the country, So far we have been ver successful, thanks to the aid Imperia has provided as well ”.

Taranis smiled and retorted back, ”We only provided financial and medical aid to the country, you and your family have doe the rest, that moment of victory is yours and your family alone ”.

They both shared a few jokes here and there and were walking back to the castle. As time passed by, their friendship developed a lot from acquaintances to friends to a sort of brotherhood. They meet more friends along the way: Karina, Malak, Thordo, and Zenaida. From what I see, every time Taranis and Zenaida look at each other, it feels like there is no one else other than them together. They give a smile to each other and went back to look at the rest of the friends group. As I was watching them having fun together, I slowly started to awake myself from this vision of the past to my reality. Unlike last time, I wasn forced out but gently awoken; I woke up from the dazzling shine from the sun glimmering through my room. I opened my curtain blinds to let the sunlight through and light up my room, cleaned myself up and got changed to my outdoor clothing.

~~~~Time Skip to School Arrival~~~~

I went with Christian to the first class of the day, just as we were about to head to class; I noticed a boy standing just outside the classroom. I told Christian that Ill meet him inside the class, I went up to him but for some reason; he looked very familiar.

I asked, ”Are you in this class? Nice to meet you, Im Edward ”.

He looked back and replied, ”Hi, yes I am in this class. My name is Dmitri. We have met before, I was one of the people that played with you and your siblings yesterday ”.

With a look of surprise, I thought back and realised that he was the one and retorted, ”Oh, apologies for not realising it sooner. Wanna head in? class starts in a bit. Wanna sit with me and my brother? ”

He gave a smile and nodded, we headed in and sat with Christian. He looked over and gave a confused look and explained that its the guy who played rounders with us. He understood and started to introduce himself to Dmitri. Once they finished introducing themselves to each other, the teacher arrived.

The teacher went to the front and said, ”Good Morning everyone, I am Markus. I will be teaching you today about Attribution, the infrastructure of mystical arts that have been existing for millennia upon this planet.

For the next 45 minutes, he explained that there are twelve attributes that compose this world and differentiate people, there are also some attributes lost as there is no one to have the ability. These include, the ability of Time, Space, Gravity and Light. Any recorded users of those legendary attributes dated about 2,100 years ago; the latest. In addition, he further explained the duty of the Imperial Royal Family and how important they are to the country.

After the lesson, I split off from Christian and Dmitri as I have a different class compared to them. I saw Valkyrie and Llana walking down the hallway, I linked up with them and started to ask how their first class was. When we entered the class and sat down, another girl entered the class. She looked up after smiling with another person, for a moment, we locked eyes. After a few seconds of staring at each other, my right eye started to react to something and a surge of excruciating pain surged. I closed my eyes tightly but the moment I woke up, the world around me changed into a beautiful outdoor setting; I looked behind me and saw Taranis. He was sitting there, humming a tune while looking at the night sky, someone then appeared and crept up behind him. He noticed something lurking and decided to apprehend them, what he didn notice, was that the person he apprehended was a beautiful girl…

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