A Shadow Knows no Bundary

What Happened 5000 years ago too

Ayldrad is a planet that was peaceful and content, the people on the planet were kind and caring for each other. The planet is 4x the size of planet Earth, they are part of the Jedorian Galaxy and have 730 days of the year. The technology of the planet is highly advanced as they are able to work together as a planet and achieve many things, especially space travel. Although with this, like every rose has thorns, there is a part of the world that was far more sinister than you can ever imagine. One kingdom was known as the Imperial Empire, this kingdom was the kindest of the two as the royalty who control the kingdom listen to their citizens, attend any public events and just interact with them nicely. On the other hand, the Apocalyptic Kingdoms royalty watch their citizens suffer in pain and agony on their high horses and drinking rich wine. The royalty in the Apocalyptic Kingdom had a princess who was very rebellious and often sneak out into the night with her 2 friends, this princess was known as Princess Blossom. everyday she goes out to her kingdom every night with her 2 friends, Sabine and Layla, to deliver food to their civilians and any other basic necessities. The reason as to why they do this is because they know how horrible the upper-ranking members of society treat them and wanted to do something about it, Princess Blossom also knew that this Kingdom has fallen and that it is only a matter of time until people will riot and start a coup.

While Princess Blossom was delivering the basic necessities to the people, she noticed a hooded person at the corner of her eye. Sabine and Layla noticed the shadowy figure as well and looked at the princess, the princess tells them both to stay here and continue delivering the necessities, she then decided to run after the hooded figure through the destroyed streets of the Apocalyptic Kingdom. The hooded figure and Princess Blossom ran through the streets then climbed to the top of the buildings and continued to chase there, there were many close cases where Blossom almost managed to catch the figure but the person continuously manages to get a way one after the other. This went on for 15 minutes and soon there wasn going to be anymore buildings to run on top of, so the figure took the initiative and jumped down to a field where he can run and hide. Blossom quickly notice this and did the same. they were running through a field of wheat when suddenly, Blossom managed to find the hooded figure and catch him. She removed the mask covering his face and noticed a boy who had black hair with dark red tips, the guy was also wearing what seems to be a leather jacket, a shirt and jeans. They are looking directly at each other with only a few inches away from one another, this lasted for a few minutes until Blossom got off him.

Blossom asked the mysterious person, ”Who are you? Why were you watching me and my friends at the street? ”.

The mysterious figure replied, ”My name is Quantum, I am the Emperor of Imperial Empire. I was looking through Darcolia Capital to see the state of the Apocalyptic Kingdom ”.

Blossom stared in complete shock as she just experienced not only chased after the Emperor of the Imperial Empire, she was shocked as how honest he is. She then recollected herself and stared at the young Emperor that is just right in front of her, she started to blush as she just now witnessed what he looked like. She thought to herself, ” ”hes pretty handsome….wait ,what am I thinking?! ” ”; Quantum looked at Blossom with large amounts of confusion and asked

”who are you? ”

Blossom looked at Quantum and replied, ”My name is Blossom, I am the crown princess of the Apocalyptic Kingdom ”.

Quantum looked in disbelief as he was actually talking to the crown princess of the enemy kingdom. He decided to ask Blossom to just talk and watch the sky, they chatted about their entire life to each other as though they were best friends their entire life. The sun was going down and they both started to take notice of this, they decided to shake hands with each other and go their separate ways. Quantum returned back to the Imperial Empires capital, Zydon, and Blossom returned back to her palace.

It was now the next morning, 4:30, Quantum started to walk to his siblings rooms and try to wake them up. He went to the second eldests room, Helios, he opened the door and what he saw first was Helios fully prepared for the day and his hair fully combed with tips of green on his black hair. Quantum then went up to the third eldest room, Solaris, he knocked then opened the door and saw Solaris on his computer searching up something for his project and just left him alone. He then went to the youngest brothers room and saw his brother still asleep so he decided to leave him alone as he doesn need to wake up for another hour, Quantum went to the kitchen where he meets the chefs and maids and helps them prepare the meals. Although they tell Quantum that he doesn have to help them with cooking, he still insists to help out around the palace wherever he can. As the food is about to be prepared, the rest of the brothers decided to help out in the kitchen and preparing the plates for the family, servants and maids. It was now 5:45 in the morning, the rest of the family started to come downstairs.

Considering we have many members of staff we hired to help work around the palace, we have 2 long tables that are shared between the workers and the royal family. When the meal finished, we all started to clear up and tend to our regular duties; The royal father, Arganon, and his wife, Katerina, are sitting on their thrones and listening to all of their citizens problems. While the parents are inside the palace, the brothers decided to go out into the city and check up on their beautiful kingdom, they decided to walk around the streets and meet all sorts of people. While the brothers were busy walking around the city, an escort drove past them and entered the palace so they quickly sprinted all the way back to the throne room. When they arrived to the room, the Imperial Dynasty and the Apocalyptic Kingdoms King were arguing about power and how The Apocalyptic Kingdom wanted more. This led on for an hour and to the point, a war is declared between both sides, this shocked the brothers and the Dynasty as they didn want a war but the Kingdom did….

~~~~~Time Skip and Quantums POV~~~~~~

The Imperial Empire had a massive foothold against the Apocalyptic Empire, they had a much more advanced and better military than them. The war was already into the third year and doesn seem like it will end anytime soon.

I hear screams, running, explosions and crying. I was separated from my family and decided to lead all of the civilians to the underground bunkers that were built to prepare for situations like these. As I was escorting every civilian in the street, I heard a massive sound and stomping from a far distance. It was then I realised, the Apocalyptic Kingdom sent out a massive robotic weapon, they called it the Kronion. The robot had massive destructive power with lasers and missiles that had the capacity to destroy capitals in mere hours. The only downfall of the massive mech was that it takes a few hours to activate those powerful systems. While I was going inside the bunker but making sure everyone else gets inside first, he was dragged to the side by a scientist who looked he was in his mid 40s.

Scientist 1 said, ”my name is James and your parents asked me to go find you, your siblings are also there with us. Please follow me ”

The scientist flicked a hidden lever and part of the bunkers wall just started opening to a very long hallway to some mysterious place, I was walking down the hallway that lead to a double door. The scientist opened the door and there I saw my family waiting right in front of me, they all rushed in a hugged me as they were glad I am alive.

Helios came up and said, ”We were all separated after the blast of that massive mech that the Apocalyptic Kingdom made, I was in the outskirts with Lucious when we found Imperial guards. We fought along side them and escort the citizens to the various bunkers placed around the kingdom, then like you, a scientist went up to us and escorted us to this large facility underground. The same applies to all of us and we expect an answer from them soon. ”

As we were all talking about what is happening on the surface, the scientist that escorted me earlier brought 68 other individuals from various backgrounds and kingdoms. I was about to go up to the scientist and ask why they brought a very specific number of people when suddenly, a person came up to me and said,

”You are this Kingdoms Emperor right? Its an honour to meet you, your majesty *he bows*. My name is Cromwell and Im from the neighbouring country, Alcatrania. I was here to send a message that Alcatrania has fallen, my father, king Ordon, is dead and along with the rest of my family ”.

My family and I stare in shock as we listen to one of the very few news we wished we never hear, an allied kingdom fallen to the Apocalyptic Kingdom. I watch as Cromwell attempt to hold back his tears as he just mentioned that his kingdom has fallen and quite possibly, his family were among the fallen people. I went up to him and put an arm on his shoulder and said,

”If you want to cry, cry, you want to be strong but crying for a loved one never shows a sign of weakness. It shows you care for your family and that you are human, the people who destroyed the way of life aren . So keep your head right up and make sure no one else will have to go through that pain as you have done ”.

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