A Shadow Knows no Bundary

The Wings of Solace

Once we all entered the cafeteria hall, we can hear the conversations of so many people about what the new school is like, attempting to make new friends, the classes they experienced, what the teachers are like, etc. Edward nudged us to get in line to get the food, we did so and talked about what our classes were like. Just realising now, I looked at the Valkyrie and asked,

”So Valkyrie, do you have any siblings of your own? ”

she replied with, ”I do have one sister but she is in a different year ”

We all gave an oh sound to show that we understand, this then allowed us to be able to get our food and find a spot in the cafeteria. Edward found a table where we can all eat at, while Valkyrie received a call while heading to the table. I offered to take her food to the table while she takes the call, she gave a thankful nod and went out to answer the call; the rest sat down and made other topics for conversations. some examples were, what we had as our classes, what we are going to cook when we get home, etc. Valkyrie came back from the phone but with someone else, it seems that its another girl that she brought along; she had a meal in her hands and put it down in our table. Edward took the initiative of asking the question.

”So Valkyrie, mind telling me who she is? Its nice to meet you by the way ”.

Valkyrie replied, ”This is my sister, Azzy. she wants to seat with us for lunch today ”

Xavier responded with, ”Sure, the more, the merrier. Nice to meet you Azzy, my name is Xavier ”

Azzy then started to talk, ”Its nice to meet you all, hope we all get along ”

Everyone smiled at her comment and individually introduced themselves to her. I took a quick glance at Valkyrie and she was smiling, so I sat next to her and gave a little tap to know Im here and asked,

”You seem like you
e happy that your sister is around us ”

Valkyrie gave a small nod while looking at the others and replied, ”Our family wasn exactly the best and many people bullied us for who we are, so its nice to know shes having fun around you lot ”.

This gave me quite a surprise as I didn expect her to reveal a bit of her past, but I smiled knowing she trusted me a bit to tell that story. I immediately called out to the others and exclaimed,

”Hey, when you finish your food, lets head to the field. I want to try a game with you all ”

Azzy and the others agreed to head to the field, Christian looked at me like he knows the game I want to try. Everyone then finished their foods and started to head to the field, Edward and I went to the sports shed to get the needed supplies for the game we are playing. The items were four bases, a tennis racket, a tennis ball, and a glove; Edward took the bases and a glove, while I grabbed the tennis rackets and a few tennis balls. We then headed to the field and found the others standing in a open field.

I showed the others what we got from the shed and said,

”Okay, the game I want to play with you all is called rounders, its exactly like baseball except instead of a bat; you are using a tennis racket. The rules are basically the same, once you hit the ball, run around the bases. If a ball is caught by the baseman and they touch you with the ball, you are out. The goal is to be able to achieve a homerun before we leave for our next classes ”

Everyone agreed to the rules and made choices on who will field and who will bat. This will divide our group into two, but due to our small numbers, we do have to switch quite frequently. While we were setting up the field for our game, many people saw us and wanted to join the game; this managed to get us a full team for both sides.

Xavier exclaimed, ”Everyone ready? Lets beat them at this game ”.

Xaviers group gave a cry to show they are ready for this. While I told my group, ”Lets show them what it really means to win ”

~~~~40 minutes later~~~~

We all were tired from the game as it involved a lot of running, just as we all managed gather our breath again; the bell rang for the next class. I looked at everyone, everyone was smiling and laughing while walking to class.

A person went up to me and said, ”Thanks for letting us all play, we should play again some time. See you later ”.

Edward wiped off the sweat he gained from the game her played and then proceeded to pick up some of the equipment and bring it back to the sports shed, Christian went to help him out with the task. The bell started to ring to show that our break is over and that we should get to our next class, Xavier grabbed both his and my bag and gave me my bag so that we can walk to our next class. Our next class is Biology class with a teacher named Mrs. Feather, she waited outside of the class so that everyone has entered the class; Mrs Feather entered the class and went to the front of the room and spoke up,

”Good morning class, I am Mrs. Feather and I will be teaching you until the beginning of the tournament. I hope we can both learn from each other during the time ”

Everyone in the room gave an applause to her as they are happy to be under he guide. Xavier nudged me to look at a picture on the wall in the room, It also caught my interest as they seem very familiar to me but I can seem to remember. I put my hand up to ask a question,

”Mrs. Feather, apologies for disturbing your class but, who are those people in that picture? ”

She looked at where I pointed and gave a smile while replying, ”They were the defenders of humanity, the Titan Guardians. They battled against the Abyssmal Army and won but with significant losses. Your history teacher will go into more detail tomorrow ”

I gave a look of understanding and replied back, ”Oh okay, thank you for explaining. Sorry again for disturbing the class ”

She gave a small shake of her head to show that it was alright and that its alright to ask questions if we don understand something. She went to the board and activated a display system known as DBS (Display Board System) so everyone can see.

She asked to us, ”alright, our first lesson will be the attributes, can anyone tell me what are attributes and how many do people can have access to? ”

Someone raised their hand at the back and answered, ”The world is divided into twelve attributes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Attributes are the birthright of one person that they will receive when they reach five years old, it also allows them to learn and adapt with certain abilities correlating to ones attribute. There are some cases where people don have one but have been given access to an external attribute known as Xantor. ”

Mrs. Feather who was surprised at the answer and clapped, ”Excellent explanation, Dmitri. Can anyone else tell me all the attributes that we have? ”

I subconsciously put my hand up and Mrs. Feather chose me, ”The twelve attributes are: Light, Wind, Shadow, Time, Earth, Nature, Moon, Force, Fire, Water, Thunder and Ice. The most powerful ones are: Time, Shadow, Light and Thunder ”

She replied, ”Thank you for that Damien, you managed to even list the 4 most powerful attributes that not many have access to and can be considered lost ”

~~~~After School~~~~

Class ended not long after and we were done for the day, I met up with the others at the front of the school. I went up to Valkyrie and asked,

”Do you both need a life? We can take you back if you want? ”

She shook her head and replied, ”Its fine , our parents are picking us up, its great meeting all of you. See you guys tomorrow ”

While Valkyrie and Azzy left to go inside their car, I took notice of Edward who was looking in the distance of something…

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