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The abuser will say if you tell anyone I will kill you. However, abuse only survives in silence. You must expose the abuser. He can hurt you from jail.

He will tell you his secrets and act like your number one fan, and protector at the onset of the relationship. They will charm you and after he have your trust he will then start isolating you and abusing you and when all your friends are gone he will blame you and say all your friends are gone. See no one likes you but me.

He will then say you
e the reason they are gone. However, behind your back he will threaten or insult them to make them all go away. If he ever hit you because he say he is stressed out. Then don marry him because every time he is stressed out he will use you as a point of release of his anger using you as a punching bag.

If he truly loved you, why would he even use you as a punching bag at all? If you know what love is, you know that it isn hitting or abuse.

Love compels you to help the one you love. You would never ever think about harming the one you love.

If he ever hits you, you HAVE to leave him. Once they hit you, it never stops.

You don know if the next time will kill you, so you can give him another chance. Its really dangerous giving him another chance. You have to love YOU more than anybody on the face of the Earth.

Domestic violence happens to everyone, all races, believers, all income and educational levels.

Something may tell you that you don deserve a good life or a good man, but do not believe that lie. God made you and put you here, and said He loves you.

You deserve more than abuse. You have purpose and meaning. Its a reason for you being here. God blessed you with life. No one should be making you suffer and you accept the sufferings as if thats what you deserve when God says you are a gift to humanity.

Don let anyone mistreat you. You are a gift from God to human life. How do you think a gift from God is meant to be treated? Think about that. Thats the way you are supposed to be treated and do not settle for less.

You did well without the abuser before you met him, of course you can do well after you leave him. He only makes your life worse. LEAVE HIM. Get help from the websites that we listed. You can also go to and get financial aid loans and housing on campus.

Educate yourself, use the school counselor to help you get a job. They will help you. Make a change. Sometimes change seems scary, but its better than an abusive situation.

Once you enter a good change in life, you feel good. Its not hard. Living with the abuser is harder.

Every act of violence is a choice, and you are not responsible for his choice of actions.

Abusers always make you feel like its your fault and you are the crazy one when you are not, the abuser is obviously the crazy one here.

They can appear to be someone who is sweet, smart, sensitive, and who have overcome a history of abuse, to gradually acting abusive and violent toward you. Many people from the outside whove never been victims of domestic violence often judge victims by assuming they are weak or were stupid to choose a partner who would treat them so poorly. Little do they realize, the signs of an abuser are not always apparent for quite a while. And, abusive relationships are complicated because the abuser can behave nicely, lovingly, or generously part of the time, too. Plus, when you could lose financial control, child custody, or your life, its harder to leave, change your name, hide your kids, and relocate.

You don have a steady job or income outside of him because he has isolated you. I knew a lady who got married to a seemingly wonderful man. But when he got her to marry him. He changed. He began to put trash in her house to the effect that no one wanted to come over. And every time her sister and daughter would help clear it out he would pile the trash back in their house again. He would isolate her from family and friends and when she would get a job he would go up there and cause an argument on her job intentionally to get her fired. He would also sabotage the vehicle so she would be trapped. He then moved her to a place where no buses ran so she would have to walk a long ways to get any where she would need to go. She was well respected in her community and he himself would cause bad rumors to be spread about her because he didn want any other man to like her. The abusers have already planned how they will trap you even before they have dated you.

One abuser said if you treat your woman like trash in front of a man, that man will not want her because he will see her as a person even her husband does not want and he will think the woman did something to merit it. He said, ”No one wants a cast away. ” He said thats why he made fun of her and disrespected her in front of people. So no one will take her away from him.

This is a proven failure of a method. Abusers are dumb because of their ideology but they are very deceptive.

What this method does is cause the woman to become angry at her boyfriend break up with him because of the way he disrespects her and embarrass her in public.

Then the man that he is trying to steer away from her may actually feel that ”She isn being treated like she should be, and thus, I deserve her more than him. ”

He may try to rescue her because he feels sorry for her.

This is how the abusers method will backfire and cause him to lose his girlfriend.

Any normal man will feel compassion for a woman that is being abused and try to rescue her from the abuser. The only way a man won feel sorry for her is if hes an abuser himself.

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