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It was training day for Lisa and Pochie,normally Sean would train Lisa in both martial arts and swordsmanship,this was done in preparation of enrolling her into Ester Academy,it was an academy where young boys and girls who wishes to learn the way of the blade attends,I wasn that interested in it.

What caught my eye was what Pochie was doing,she seemed to be trying to increase the tier of her spells. Tiers of spells are like grades given to a particular spell one casts,its like a level – ranking with first tier being the lowest ranking and seventh….the highest ranking,if ones spell is at the second tier, two magic circles will be transcribed, if it is at the third tier, three magic circles would be transcribed.

And from the looks of it, it seemed her spells were mostly at the first or second tier.

After several swinging of wooden swords and casting of spells, the two finally called it a day and decided to rest.

I then decide to read one of the books I borrowed from the library, it was titled ”Manipulation Of Mana ”, it talked about how mana is not only meant to produce elemental attributes but also how mana when applied or implanted around or into substances enables such substance to be manipulated. It even gave an example of when mana is used to create water and when it is used to manipulate natural water. Most people or mage won find liking to this but I did, I wanted to try something out, I practiced till I ran out of MP(the mana within living things), I had finally created a form of spell.

The next day, Sean was called to the adventurer guild, it seemed there was high price quest with a low rank requirement, it was a quest to slay the goblins in the forest close to a village, it seemed like an easy quest so he accepted it.

I was asked to buy ingredients for todays dinner together with Lisa and Pochie but I couldn wait to try out

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