my new mana technique.

I got home early and did all my chores, I waited patiently for Sean to return while I watched Pochie and Lisa train some more,I got tired of waiting and went in to have a good rest before I knew it, I had already slept off.

Later on, I woke up with a sudden shock,it was late in the evening and Sean still hadn come back, I wasn worried about that what I was worried about was the terrible dream I had, it was about Sean.

I couldn stop thinking about the nightmare,every adventurer who went on the mission to the forest were all killed, of course, goblins were weak compared to them but there was another threat,a powerful creature I recognised well, it was a … ”horned beast ”.

Normally,monsters that possesses animal structures and attributes may possess horns and tails but the horned beast had no animal traits what so ever, they were simply covered in black rough scales and had a human figure, they looked like shadows with human shape, it was simply a ”demon ”.

I couldn sleep throughout the night, what if the dream was real?,was it fake?, why did I have i such a dream?, was Sean dead?, all this thought flowed throughout my mind. I was scared, I didn want to loose any part of my family again, ” No, No ….. ”,I shouted when I felt warm hands crossed along my shoulders, a voice then whispered to me ”If you had a second chance, what will you do? ”, It was my mothers voice, I thought I was hallucinating or hearing things but I was sure of one thing, ”If I had a second chance,Ill protect my family,no matter what!! ”, June said to himself.

Pochie was eavesdropping from the other side of the door,she then said to Lisa who was wondering why she was placing her ears on Junes room door.

”I think brother June has gone mad, hes talking to himself ”.

Lisa couldn help but to worry, ” I hope hes alright ”, she murmured to herself.

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