A Silver Sage In His Saga Days

I Don\'t Want ...To Loose You Too

. . . . .

The next morning,I packed some survival tools along with some snacks into my satchel and prepared to go to the forest, I couldn wait to see things unfold, I wanted to save Sean if I could.

We had breakfast and I was ready to go, I picked my satchel and told Lisa and Pochie that I was going out and Ill be back by noon. Their reaction was how I expected it to be, they seemed worried.

I could understand their father had been gone for a day now and Im leaving as well.

”Are you going to return? ”, Pochie said in a worried tone.

I couldn think of what to say to them.

” You should all have a good rest,Ill be back before you wake up ”.

Im not stupid, I know they won be able to rest with whats going on. They looked even more worried than before.

I then walked up to them and touched their heads,

”Didn you hear Ill be back before you know it ”.

I had placed a spell on them, a spell that will soothen their pains and worries till they fell into a deep sleep. It didn work well on children, due to the sexual soothing aspect of the spell, this spell literally relaxes every single function of the body, but I was surprised to see Pochie sound asleep, Lisa was non the floor trying to fight the power of the spell but alas to no avail.

I safely went out of the house and walked straight ahead, after I walked a few metres from the house, I heard a voice.

” Please, . . . .don leave ”.

I turned back to see who it was . . . ., it was Lisa, her face were all red, the effects of the spell were still active but she managed to fight it, surely she had a strong and firm will.

e going to Sean . . . .aren you? ”, she said.

Tears began to flow from her eyes.

The spell was meant to soothe her pains and worries but somehow, she managed to shed tears, I began to fear who she really was, a benevolent girl who can shed tears for anybody.

” Please . . .don go . . ., I don want . . .to loose you too ”.

At that moment, I remembered, those were the exact words my mother said to me when the battle was about to begin on the island.

There was only one thing to do, I walked up to Lisa and whispered these words to her.

”Im sorry ”.

In an instant, I raised my left knee and hit her directly at her gut, hard enough to knock her out. As she began to fall to the ground unconscious, I placed one of my hand at the back of her head and the other at the back of her knee and raised her up.

I carried her into her room and placed her on the bed. As I was about walking out of the room, Lisa said,

” Thank . . .you ”, as she went unconscious.

It seemed she was eased that I was sable to make stop worrying.

* * * * *

Later on, I went to town, I wanted to board a horse drawn carriage to the forest entrance, I had only one large copper and two small coppers with me, it wasn enough to go to the site of the quest and also rumors about the missing adventurers in the forest had spread, no carriage owner would like to go near the forest areas.

I walked for an hour until I found someone willing to take me to the forest entrance, luckily it costed one large copper only.

On our way to the forest, past the towns gates, the carriage owner told me about how risky it was to go to the forest and how he only accepted me because of the money he get paid. Though, he acted greedy deep down, he was worried about a ten years old kid going to the forest alone.

Three hours later, we arrived at the forest entrance, I had learnt from the carriage owner that this forest is called Kailes Forest. He dropped me off and took his leave.

Just before he was out of sight, he shouted.

e not as many brave kids like you, just don die.

”Thank you ”, I shouted back making sure my voice reached him.

And so, I faced the forest once again, I was prepared to go in, I couldn say for sure that Ill come back alive but I had no choice, I wouldn watch and do nothing as I loose a precious member of my family.

”Just wait for me, Sean ”, I said as I walked into the forest.

This section is not part of the main story, this is to enlighten the readers of the currency of this novel. The currencies are small copper, large copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, once one have obtained a total life asset of platinums, you will be considered very rich.

1 Small Copper

10 Small Copper=1 Large Copper

100 Small Copper=1 Bronze

50,000 Small Copper=1 Silver

10,000,000 Small Copper=1 Gold

1,000,000,000 Small Copper=1 Platinum

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