Chapter 1: Planning for Her Downfall

The night engulfed the land, and bright lights just lit up.

In the dark night, it felt like a conspiracy was going on within the Shen Familys mansion in the luxurious residential community located at the second golden zone of A City.

Shen Chengjing walked into the house with light steps; she was in a good mood.

The house was eerily quiet and empty, but she didnt think much of it. In the darkness, she groped her way into her room.

“Auch!” She felt a force coming toward her, and she got pushed down.

“Qiang? Is it you?”

Mo Yongqian didnt speak as he looked at her with chilly eyes. He grabbed her pale wrist and dragged her up.

“Of course its me. I have waited for you for a long time,” he sounded weird, and his eyes looked terrifyingly vicious.

“You are strange today. What is going on? Let me go.” Shen Chengjing was astonished by his rudeness and couldnt react right away.

She had been going out with Mo Yongqian for one year, and they were very polite with each other. The most intimate thing they had done was holding hands, but his actions tonight surprised her.

“Let you go? Do you think I will do that?” After saying that, he grabbed her arm and tossed her to one side.

“Mo Yongqiang, you b*stard! What do you want to do? Let me go, or else! Dont make me hate you.” She clenched her teeth and looked at this man resentfully.

Mo Yongqian gazed at her with squinted eyes. He said with a wicked and evil smile, “What do I want to do? Dont you know? Since it is your dream to enter the entertainment industry, why cant I be the one instead of letting someone else take advantage of you?”

After saying that, he lowered his head and grabbed her chin forcefully.

Bam! Alarmed, Shen Chengjing stared at him while her entire body tensed up. His words struck her hard like an iron bar. He thought of her this way!

“Go to hell!” She kicked him hard.


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