Chapter 5: A 6-year secret

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On the highway, an eye-catching Land Rover turned slowly toward a castle-like mansion located halfway up a mountain. Poplar trees lined the road like two rows of bodyguards.

The mansion was on a mountain, and it looked eerie and mysterious under the moonlight at night. As the luxurious car approached, the iron bar at the entrance rose slowly, letting the car in.

Wu Hao held onto the steering wheel as he wondered what was wrong with his master tonight.

“Brother Chen! Im confused. Can you explain it to me?” He couldnt remain silent any longer.

“Huh?” Moh Yanchen looked up.

“You just married a strange woman. If the Old Master learns about this, youll be in trouble. Also, what if she is a spy? Wouldnt it be trouble for us?” Wu Hao lamented with a troubled look.

“There are no what ifs in my dictionary.” Moh Yanchens black pupils contracted instantly as his voice turned as cold and hard as an icicle. “Besides, I dont think its wrong to end my bachelor status.”

He lifted his hand and touched his cold lips with an index finger; her warmth was still on them.

He had always disliked having intimate contact with women, but the accidental kiss with her was the only exception. He made the decision in one short second.

“Ahem! What if she doesnt agree?” Wu Hao remembered that the girl had been dragged by Moh Yanchen into the Bureau of Civil Affairs, and the chief of the bureau was driven to the office by Moh Yanchens subordinate to do the paperwork.

He had never seen such an aggressive attitude in the marriage registration office.

“She has no right to say no.” Besides, she offered to marry him in the first place.

Wu Hao touched his forehead and made a dashing turn before stepping on the brakes.

“Sir, we got him,” a man stepped up from the darkness and reported deferentially.

“What did you find?” Moh Yanchen got out of the car, lit a cigar, and took a deep drag on it. Then, he asked the question as he blew out rings of smoke slowly.

“Its not related to criminal gangs. He said he did it for revenge for what happened six years ago.”

Moh Yanchen frowned in displeasure as complex emotions appeared in his eyes.

Six years ago, he was in the army, and many things happened in that year. Six years had passed, and she had…

“Sir, should we continue the investigation?”

“Let it be. End it,” Moh Yanchen said in a deep voice as he strode toward the mansion.

Mo Wen stood there in bewilderment while looking at his back.

“Yes, sir.”

“Wu Hao, dont you feel like the Boss is acting odd today?” Mo Wen was puzzled. The man who had never shown mercy to anyone told him to stop the investigation?

“Dont ask too many questions.” Wu Hao shrugged and made a dashing hand gesture. Then, he grabbed his jacket and followed Moh Yanshen.

Moh Yanchen thought of something and ordered without looking back, “Find all the information about her in one hour. I need to know everything about her.”

“Huh? Yes, sir.” Wu Hao tossed the keys in his hand, holding back the many questions swirling in his head.

In his dark bedroom, Moh Yanchen smoked the cigar as his thoughts returned to six years ago.

“Marry me. Lets get the marriage certificate immediately. Ill make it worthwhile for you.” The cute figure and the playful words flashed across his mind.

He opened his eyes abruptly and saw nothing but darkness.

“Im married,” he said in a deep voice and took out a pocket watch from his pocket. He lightly opened the lid, and there was a black-and-white photo embedded in it.

At this thought, he drew another deep pull on the cigar. It choked him a little, and he began to cough.

At this moment, his cell phone vibrated, and he picked it up.

“Brother Chen, the information is in your email.”

He hung up without a word, clicked open his email, and found the personal information that Wu Hao sent over. A long slim finger slid down the screen…

“Shes from the Shen Family?” He was surprised that she came from that Shen Family.

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