‘And that’s because she was suspicious.’

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It was suspicious.

He’s the one indebted to her, but, strangely, Evelyn is the one reading his countenance when it’s not enough to call him arrogant. 

‘You say it’s a favor, but you can’t just trust it easily.’

Still, unlike the first time I saw her, I didn’t see any conspiracy from Evelyn, who said she had lost her memory.

So, he even put the food in his mouth.

As I was thinking about it, Evelyn’s voice I heard earlier echoed in my ear.

“I was lonely.”

There was only one word, but somehow he couldn’t ask anything more or be inquisitive.

I was annoyed, but as soon as I heard those words, something in my heart melted.

What the hell is that?

To give such a foolish, emotional, and meaningless reason… I felt bad for some reason, so I jumped up and sat down, then fell to my side again.

“But… I don’t believe it.”

While drowsy, I scolded my mind.

‘Sleep, I should just lie down for a little bit and then get up.’

The white kid won’t get a good night’s sleep before going to bed.
But the heaviest thing in the world was his eyelids.

Raven stopped thinking and closed his eyes without realizing it.
It was not long before a little short breath leaked from his slightly open lips.

* * *


When Raven opened his eyes in surprise, it was already in the middle of the night.

I slept only a short amount of time, but I was still a little tired.
It’s a fortunate thing, though.

He never thought of going back to sleep.

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He had a nightmare.

A dream of the day when a man praised his talent as a child.
It was a peaceful dream, but it turned into a nightmare.


Because that person was a traitor.

Farrell, the traitor who did not have enough from putting the Duke and his son in critical condition, even had to sell the information of the North family to the Imperial family.

He had been dedicated to Raven as the state’s primary physician from an early age.
He was bound to be close to the young Raven.
Sometimes he felt closer to Raven than his father, who was not friendly.

Moreover, he was not just close to Raven. 

Years of being ostracized by everyone under the nickname of a villain due to the rejection and conspiracy of the Imperial Family.
The people of the North family, who were united through those years, were not people who opened their hearts easily.

Farrell was a close friend of all of them.

Because of that, he was also able to succeed in mutiny.


Raven stared blankly at the ceiling, then slowly got up and sat down.

…… Raven couldn’t let go of any lingering feelings until the moment he was captured and sold to slavery.

There must have been some misunderstanding, that’s what he thought.
Even though his temperament was cold and rogue, Raven was still a child.
The betrayal of a loved one had no other results but to leave a deep scar on the child.

He accepts it now, but only after being stamped with a slave tag by magic did Raven accept his betrayal.

Only then was he able to escape.

If he had waited for more, he would have been engraved with a real, indelible seal of slavery.

‘I promised myself that I would not trust anyone anymore.’

Can I trust a girl with who I only had a conversation for a day or so?

Again, he was thinking about Evelyn.

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It’s probably because I’m not sure. 

‘…Did you really just call me in because you were lonely?’

Can a person be so lax?

Raven rested his chin between his arms, sighing through his sunken eyes.

His resolution is shaking.
In just one day.

The boy closed his eyes and whispered softly.

“I don’t trust anyone.”

Especially if it’s from the same < End village > as the person who killed his mother.

‘…That’s how you can survive.’

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes with his hands.

‘I feel tired.’

Even a short sleep did not relieve the fatigue properly.
In fact, his body had already reached its limits.
The bleeding stopped, but the wound was still open, and the magic slave tag, stamped just before his escape, was sometimes suffocating.

Even though the food went in and he warmed up a little, his stomach was not good.
Above all else, his spirit desperately wanted a rest.

“Because that kid is weak… I wonder if it’s okay if I close my eyes.”

Just going to bed and waking up very early to check the poor kid’s behavior.
Raven eventually buried his small body on the bed, with his eyes half-closed.

This time, he secretly covered himself with the blanket.
It was rough to the touch, but it was strangely warm.

Because of the scent.

The scent of grass from Evelyn also permeated the bed.
Raven unconsciously rubbed his cheeks as soon as the frizzy duvet touched his cheeks.

Before long, fatigue struck him like a tidal wave, so he quietly closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep.

Raven opened his eyes wide to a fact that had suddenly come to mind. 

“……Uh, hold…on.”

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Blink blink.

Shocked eyes stared at the bed.
It was a single bed large enough for two skinny children to lie down on.

‘Did she say that she would sleep separately?’

I don’t think she did.

Raven muttered as if possessed without realizing it.

“No way….you didn’t mean to go and sleep with me, did you?”

The nobles of this world do not even dream of sleeping with the opposite sex in their own rooms, even when they are eight years old.

Even if he was from a villainous family, that part was no different.

Raven was also a noble.

But she’s not one.
Since she is a commoner, she may have just asked to sleep together without such consciousness. 

She’s not even a newborn baby.”

She couldn’t have said she would sleep with me at an age of over 10. 


However, at that moment, what suddenly came to mind was the figure of Evelyn, who acted quite freely toward him.

She seemed to be reading the mood, but she also used a playful tone.

“You need to wash thoroughly!”

“Is it worth living?”

Besides, those violet eyes filled with purple…

“Yes, good boy.”

There is also a sign that she seems to think something about him was cute.

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The sleepiness in his golden eyes suddenly disappeared.

* * *

“Um? Are you awake?”

While trying to lift the pen to write, I glanced towards the room.
This house had nothing related to soundproofing, so I could feel the small signs in every nook and cranny of the small house.

“I should hurry up and sleep.”

I don’t think I can sleep deeply.
There was, however, something that had to be addressed before I just continued writing.

I have to take out these records from time to time, but there is no place to hide them.

‘I’m poor, so there’s nothing much.’

So, after thinking about it, I came up with a trick.

 “Oh, I am a genius.”

With joy and sorrow, I first began to write down the memories of this body step by step with the words from this world.
Because I bought ten loaves of bread, the bag was very large.

It seemed that there would be space left even after all the memories of the body were all used up.

‘Because I only need to write down what’s important.’

And the end came quickly.

Next, on the backside…….

‘Let’s make it look like grandma’s face.’

I drew my grandmother’s face with a line.
It was only the outlines.


After looking at the picture for a while, I started writing the original knowledge in the blank space of the picture in a very small Hangul-like coloring.

Like filling in color.

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