There are three main ways to heal people in this world.

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The first is divine power.

The second is a doctor who heals people with abundant mana and magical knowledge.
These are from the Wizard’s Tower.

And the third was a potion.

‘Everything in this world needs mana to reveal its true power, and because of that there are limits to using pure medicine for treatment.’

The same goes for dealing with herbs.

People without money gathered herbs and used them to imitate the combinations of potions on their own, but for the herbs to have real magical-like effects, mana was essential.

In particular, to become a potion maker, you need the magic of the earth attribute.

‘This wizard’s earth attribute magic was weak.’

Still, potions were properly made only by their hands, so if they had that attribute they did not have to worry about making a living no matter how weak it was.

I’m jealous.


The man now had a sleepy face.

He was not an intermediate, but a low-level potion maker.

Lesser potions were more popular, but they had little effect to be called a real potion.
So, if you are an intermediate-level maker, you will be treated well wherever you go, but a low-level maker is……

“Aren’t you… playing strange pranks?”

He looked down at me with a vicious expression that couldn’t be compared to before.
The foot that came half a step out of the door gave me an idea of ​​how he felt.

‘He must be desperate.’

Recipes for potions was nothing special, but it was kept secret nonetheless.

Well, if you develop a special recipe or something alike, you will be recognized as an intermediate level at once.

Therefore, my words are tempting to that low-ranking maker. 

“Of course, teacher.
Why would I play such a prank?”

I silently looked up at him and said without being afraid at all.
When I beckoned, he came out one more step and squatted down. 

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“What’s the recipe? No, how did you find out in the first place?”

“Oh, my.
You have to listen to my request first.” 

“I’ll decide after hearing the effects of your recipe.” 

The face with no signs of sleepiness was a remnant of a sharp handsome young man that seemed to have been blown away by age, now he’s a man with deep dark circles.

“You know that my grandmother was very interested in herbal medicine, right?”

He nodded.
He did something else with a hand gesture, but it seemed to be soundproof magic.

“There was one very strange friend of grandma’s who lived away from people.”

“Living in seclusion? Ohh.”

“He told me that he would provide me with something to make a living on.”

In terms of setting, high-quality potions were also common staple goods in ancient times.

‘Now, if it’s a high-end potion, it was a major rare item, and if it is good quality, it was difficult to see.’

Since it’s me, I can easily get that high-quality potion to cure my illness.
Anyway, I have to solve the [Bard] grass problem first, before getting the potion.

So I gladly decided to reveal the most useless potion I know of, but that I thought would be groundbreaking in here.

After taking enough time, I whispered to him who was at the same eye level.



“It is a potion that dyes hair in rainbow colors.”


The light went out from his eyes as he quietly listened.

Why he’s not happy?

“You are such a mean girl.
Why are you fooling me like this? Sigh.”


“If you weren’t joking, you were tricked by some old man.”

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He looked at me and clicked his tongue, and started going inside, saying I was just wasting his time.

“Why, what? No way.
This is not a trick!”

There’s no doubt about this. 

Even though the ingredients are a little rare in this world, I definitely wrote that potion on the setting!

As we entered, the maker answered.

“There are only two ways in this world to have a color other than your own color on your eyes or hair, the Paul Limov magic and the high-end dying potion that existed in ancient times.
Even a three-year-old child knows that!”


Did I set it up like that?

“What is ‘huh’? Now that I see it, you weren’t mean, you were stupid.
There is nothing more to do.
Go away.”

I had no choice but to turn back with a feeling of shame and despair.

But I can’t just go back like this, because I wasn’t here just for [Bard] in the first place.

“Let’s see, let’s see.” (Evelyn)

The Maker must have gone back to sleep, so I had to do whatever I can in the meantime.

I sneaked into the back of the maker’s house and found a collection of things he had failed in research and that he threw away.

“Found it.”

These are failures that have been collected separately because they should not be thrown away recklessly. 

These are the drugs that will cure our Ray.

Even if it’s not as much as a potion, if I follow the recipe to combine the ingredients, even a normal person can see some of the medicinal properties in the results, so I had to take it.

I carefully searched and retrieved medicines for trauma, medicines for internal injury, and ingredients to combine with nutritional supplements. 

That man is quite rich in this town.

Perhaps that’s why, even though they were still very useful, things that were thrown away were noticeable. 

“Thank you.
Mister Night Owl.
I will use it often in the future.”

After humming and carefully packing the things I preciously picked out, I took them in my arms and sneaked back towards my house.

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I was so excited that I didn’t even notice at the time.

The fact that the Maker was watching me with a surprised expression as I was digging through the trash with shining eyes.

Fortunately, the Maker’s personality wasn’t that shabby, so I was able to find useful medicine materials after that.

It wasn’t long before that when I started working as an errand runner rather than his assistant.


On the way home with herbs in my arms.

I leisurely walked while contemplating how to examine Raven’s wounds.

To make things worse, I was hungry because I ran earlier.

“I need to save bread, I can’t eat it like this.”

Yes, let’s be strong.

The herbs in my arms were ordinary grasses such as Engil, Rutia, and Gegena.
These are grasses that are commonly found in other places, unlike the [Bard] I have to eat.

The manufacturer did not discard any of them raw.

“Is he more talented than what I thought?”

I could tell even if I didn’t have the memory of my grandmother who explained the herbs little by little.
All were in clean condition, and they were in a state that could be ground and used immediately!

“He’s someone who doesn’t know what ‘waste of money’ means.”


It was then.

“Why are you talking to yourself on the street?”


I stopped walking at the sound of someone calling and turned around.
Unfamiliar faces came into my eyes as if I was familiar with them.


“Who? Ha!”

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One was a girl the age of Evelyn with brown hair and brown eyes.
She was a child who appeared to be like pepper.
Her freckles were lovely, and her expression was pouty.

And next to her.

She must be out of her mind? Why are you asking who we are?” (Girl)

“Well, from the beginning… you were stupid.” (Boy)

The child who slowly spoke next to Sarah was a large boy.

The boy had a very haughty face, so I thought he was an old man at first, but when I saw Sarah’s attitude, I didn’t think so anymore.

‘I made a mistake.’

I was obsessed with the medicinal herbs and asked who they were.

These are the kids I know because of Evelyn.

As soon as I asked who she was a moment ago, a memory of Evelyn came to mind.

Sarah and Jack.

These children were nothing short of a symbol that everyone in this town ostracized Evelyn.
The majority of this village often treated this all-white little girl as a disease, a monster, or an invisible person.

‘Or straight out bullied her.’

When grandmother was with her, there was no more bullying from the adults, and even after that, she avoided going out very often.

But even Evelyn couldn’t avoid these two.


“Hum, did you remember? Really incredible….
Are you deliberately pretending not to know? Beggar wimp.”

Sarah talked as if chewing on each word.
Jack silently stood next to Sarah and stared at me as he always did in my memory. 

“I mean.
Are you really even talking to a ghost now?”

Sarah said with a disgusted expression.

I blinked and replied, sneaking the herbs deep into my arms.

“What if I’m really talking with one?”


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