Silver, white, and purple.

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Those colors made up Evelyn.
It was hard to find any of them in this kind of town.

“It must be a monster.”
“You will be cursed if you get too close.”

Sera and Jack often heard what the adults said.
They said it was the first time they had seen a human with silver hair, not gray.

(Note: Changing Sarah to Sera, because the name of the Bakery is Sera’s Bakery.)

It was never meant to be a positive thing.

Even in a , where all kinds of people were gathered, Evelyn was a child who stood out without doing anything.

That too was the bad meaning of standing out.

“It may be a mixed-race.
His Majesty the Emperor has commanded to exterminate those ominous beings.
Did she come all the way here to avoid dying?”
“She may be the devil’s child.”
“No matter how you look at it, it’s clear that the girl ate the old lady.
No one here is really sure if she was her real granddaughter, right?”

Although it was rare for people to come forward and speak directly, children, like adults, also rejected Evelyn in such cruel ways.

Today was also just one of those days.
Just slightly different.

“You have to aim for a time when that dark boy isn’t there.”

When Sera spoke, Jack nodded a couple of times and asked back.

“How do we lure her away? What if the boy comes too?”

“No problem.
I’ve been watching them for days.”

One thing that was different from before is that Evelyn now had a boy called Ray by her side.
But Sarah was more concerned about other things rather than the new kid in town.

First of all the boy didn’t seem to be as close to Evelyn as Sarah thought.
But, something in Evelyn herself had changed.

“You know my mom is a baker, but when she was young, she was a shrewd thief.
I have been using what I learned from her…”

I observed them.

To plan on how to mess with her.

Sera is amazing.”

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Sera, who proudly scratched her nose with her thumb, said to Jack.

“So what I’m saying is that if we don’t make noise near him and don’t touch him, that monstrous boy is going to stand still, all right?”

Contrary to his rugged appearance, Jack was on the gentle side as the youngest son of a florist who deals with poison weeds.
Although he is often misunderstood because of his rugged appearance, if only Sera who always stay by his side doesn’t go away, he didn’t care much for others.

As wonderful Sera was getting ready to scold the weird girl, Jack looked at her with innocent eyes mismatched with his grumpy face.

Soon after, Sera, having finished her plan, stood up while clenching her fists.

Jack stood up as well.

Let’s go.”

First of all, we try simple things.
Dragging Evelyn to a place where Raven was not present and fighting back and forth.

Starting with that, it was the beginning of the plan to find out why Evelyn changed.


Meanwhile, Evelyn was going crazy because the grass soup she ate for the past week had no taste.

“I wasn’t expecting much, but it’s too bland.”

I was on my way back from spying on the potion manufacturer’s house once again. 

In the midst of agonizing, I’d like to ask Jade a question, but he wasn’t even listening to my proposal.

‘He did let me in today, though.’

I remembered the conversation that was more like a part-time job interview we had.

“You don’t even know the shape of the grass.”
“I know!”
“Really? Then tell them apart.”

So I did it.

The original Evelyn was very interested in herbs, but I also put a lot of effort into setting up herbs as the creator… well, I was not the author, but I did make almost all of the setting by myself.

It was also interesting

Anyway, I did it and I heard something that I really did not expect.

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“…How merciful I am to have given you a chance to try.
I checked it, so it’s done.
Now get lost.” 

Bad guy.

‘Still, I did run errands outside the window today.’

As expected, I should give up looking for a job in this town. 

I was on my way to the potion maker’s house because I thought I would be helpful, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll accept me no matter how much I try.

‘But, to find another job…….’

I’m so ostracized by the people around here.

After sighing, I finally made up my mind.


Now there was really no answer but recipes. 

‘I have to think of other recipes and organize them.’

Come to think of it, even if it wasn’t a potion there were many things I could squeeze out.

For example, edible flowers.

For now, let’s keep working like this. 

‘Before that, how should I solve the problem with ?’

had a slightly grassy taste, and nothing else.

When I had it as a drink, it was just like herbal tea, but when I tried to boil it and eat it as a meal replacement, it was not easy.

‘Because I have to boil it all the way until the light green juice runs out and I have to drink it all.’

That would make it very, very thick, but it was still inside of the boundaries of liquid food. 

I can’t believe I have to make it my staple food. 

Gosh, nothing is easy.

‘I want to add salt, but I don’t know if I can.’

I was contemplating how to cook it because all I had to do was eat it hot, but I was poor and had no ingredients.

No, in the first place.

“The quantity of grass itself is slowly disappearing.”

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This also meant that the time for the slave traders to come was approaching.

What to do.

It was when I was looking at the forest of shadows again while thinking about this and that. 



It was Sera and Jack.

As I was contemplating whether to go there alone, the two approached me and started running at once.

My hair was caught and when I checked it was Sera!

“Wha-what, argh!”

“Hahaha! You monster wench! Serves you right! Kyaa!”


Puck, puck!


Really, these kids!

As Sera was openly wrestling with me, I was startled and grabbed her head.

Just like Evelyn, I will be one insistent villain.

“Hey! let it go! You, Evelyn was right!”


I paused because I heard something that I couldn’t ignore, and Sera didn’t miss the gap and kicked my waist with her foot.

“No wonder.
You were pretending to be a cool person until now, right? Damn wench, did you think I wouldn’t know! I won’t let you off the hook this time.
I’ll show once and for all!”

She was a diligent child not only in her hands and feet but also in her mouth.

I glanced at Jack as I confronted Sera.

It looks like he won’t get in the way of our fight.

What’s wrong with him? Is he on the lookout?

‘Is he covering his ears…?’

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It’s like he doesn’t like to hear fights.


However, Sera’s grip on my ear was too strong to connect my thoughts further.


After I barely escaped, I rushed in and bit Sera’s squishy ears.


I caught a glimpse of Jack’s confusion.

After a while, I spat it out and followed Evelyn’s technique to beat Sera up.

* * *

Evelyn, who was a little friendly and unfamiliar since some time ago, seemed helpless at the beginning but she quickly counterattacked.

And after everything was over.


Evelyn was sternly staring at Sera.

Sera thought she was just going to be angry, but she just stared at her without saying a word, so Sera began to fidget.

“Wh-why? What?”


Sera tried not to make it obvious, but her emotions were as clear as day. 

At that moment, Evelyn, who was glaring at Sera, opened her mouth.

“Sera, are you biting your nails?”


Sera looked at Evelyn in bewilderment.

“W-What about it?”

Do you know that if you keep doing that, you will die?”


Sera forgot she was on her knees, jumped up, and shouted.

“What are you talking about!”

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