Bliss POV

My name is bliss I am a wolf there is a great war between werewolfs, vampires and witches so the Moon Goddess chose a human the most humble and forgiving hard working human ever known to be my host. She has a pure heart and had her fair share of problems but no matter what life throws at her. She has stay true to herself. She is still a virgin which I am most proud of because we can save ourself for my mate

Yeah you heard right she does not have a mate

She is a human after all and must fall inlove the normal way.Human have their creator not the Moon Goddess so it have to be their choice to to change into the Moon Goddess child.I am the youngest daughter of the Moon Goddess Im here to try to bring peace and stop the war but My problem is that I am very far from the clan most them resides on the united States, London Australia

My host Thandy is from Africa and poor I wonder how the heck am I going to get there and I hope my mate is also the love of my host life so this can be easy I have trying to talk to Thandy but every time I do that she freaks out and I must find a way to explain to her about everything but I think I will wait for my mate but what if he reject us because she is just a human with a wolf and I can bond with her so that any of the creatures of the Moon Goddess can feel our power.

Thandy POV

Yesterday our manager came and announced that some big short from USA is coming and the management of the mall is changing hands so The new boss will be hear to check things out so he needs us be on our best behavior

I woke up early help my brothers to get ready for school and I got ready too after that my brothers left for school it just a walking distance and after that I took a taxi to work

never knowing that my life is gonna take a 360

degrees turn

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