Thandy pov

When I open my eyes I realize that I was in an unfamiliar room .where am I.I thoughts

then I realize that this is a hotel room and I start remembering what happen when I lost consciousness I was so terrified.when I was to move I here the most amazing voice I ever heard

Hey you are awake.I was in a daze and He continued

My name is David Whitman and Im from country X Im here on business I met you in the mall and you fainted what happened are you okay

I was still on daze for a minute when He realize that He said hey did you here what Im saying and I came back to

and I replied Hey are you a psycho why the hell will you bring me to a hotel when I was unconscious not to a hospital and what am I suppose to say to my boss when I return late

ohh my god!! How long has I been out

David replied about two and a half hours

ohh no no no this is not happening as I jump off the bed my shoe were near I put on my shoes I was about to leave when David said

will stop for a minute and listen I have to talk to you

I replied, nop theres no time to wait Im leaving and see if I still have a job or not

If I promise that you have your job after we done talking will you stay David retorted I froze for a moment and after a short while I turn around and ask

is that even possible he said

yeah but I need to hear me first and its going to be long because there are many thing I have to explain to you

I thought for few second and I was reluctant but I have to agree if I was to have a job after today

then He told me to sit down and ask me what will I like drink I said water after that he asked

what do you know about werewolfs I said

its a myth in novels and Ive read a few then He continued will you belive me if I say I am a werewolf I answered by replied no by moving my head He said okay then may I tell you a short version of why you are here

I was starting to get agitated is this man really a psycho why will He speak about werewolfs and I finally answered you said you need to talk just get to the point when I look a him I found out He is I deep thought more like He was debating with him self I was really thinking that Maybe I should have left when I had a chance because this man may be good looking his figure like a male model from fashion magazines in short his structure was similar to a God I can wait to touch those arbs behind that shirt I slap my mind as soon as I thought of touching him why am I so attracted to this man

I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I will never fall inlove ever or let a man touch me why is it when I am with him I feel I like getting naked in a minute and why on hell did I listen to him when he said that he needs to talk to me. Why in the hell will I have to talk to a male stranger at his hotel room

then I hear mhhh mhhh as he clear his throat I look at his face losing my thoughts

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