1. Prologue

Space, Time, Creation, Destruction, Fate, Primus, Chaos;

All living beings have a lifespan. No matter how long they live for, everything has to come to an end. Even for a being like Avol, who looked to be in his mid-fifties. He knew that he was nearing the end of his lifespan. He needed to find successors for himself and his fallen comrades. People who would take up the mantle to protect the countless lives that they had fought for, for eons.

”Haah… ”

An exasperated sigh which seemed to contain power enough to freeze multiple worlds could be heard from somewhere in the void.

Avol sat on what seemed to be a lackluster throne and looked as though he was just starring off into nothingness. For weaker beings, that was all they could see, but for those who knew the truths of the multiverse, for a person to survive in the gap between the universes, one must have utmost strength and understanding of the concepts or at least have control over one to stay here, not to mention this being who seemed to have made this place his residence.

If one where to look at his eyes, that is even if they could, they would feel like they were staring into the abyss, and some of the weaker ones would lose their minds.

As Avol sighed, he began to reminisce about how long he had spent watching over all of the numerous lives who had been living in ignorance, not knowing once when they were in danger. This being was a guardian of some sort. He had received acknowledgment from the Will of the multiverse, formally making him its guardian, as it was nothing but a will. It was the accumulation of several thoughts, wishes and desires of the numerous lifeforms that existed in it, without necessarily taking up their bad habits, as it was something of which could be said to be almost perfect. To some extent, it showed fairness by ”almost ” equally blessing each race that existed, thereby making them unique from each other. Apart from blessing the races, there was only so much it could do, as there where existences that threatened it. These were beings that could shatter multiple universes with their mere presence. To all who had encountered them, they were known as the Devourers. They were a sort of hive existence that travelled through different realities, devouring the cores of the multiverse located there before they would leave said multiverse to slowly deteriorate and die only for another cataclysm like the ”Big Bang ” to start another cycle of creating life, only for it to be devoured again in an unending cycle. Therefore, the Will of the multiverse needed someone to protect it and all living beings from such existences.

At first there were seven of them including Avol, who were acknowledged by the Will, but after continuous battles, they either died leaving only him and Drifter, who had betrayed them and became an envoy of the devourers, but not before he stabbed his hand into his chest and taking out his source which was blessed and enhanced by the Will, before he was snatched by the spawn of the devourers.

Avol waved his hand and took out six cores of which five were entrusted to him by his fallen comrades, and the last one which belonged to Drifter, but had been purified so as to avoid the successor being corrupted in case, he sneakily left his divine sense or a wisp of his consciousness. He looked at the cores before stabbing his hand into his chest to take out his own source. Sighing once more when he looked at the sources, he prepared to send them to random places to leave the successors of sources up to fate just before he did though, the Will suddenly appeared with its avatar and said,

”Avol, my chosen, are you sure about this? You do know that after you do this there is no turning back. ” Avol, however looked at the Will and was quiet for some time before answering,

”I have watched over the multiverse for eons, won you allow me rest? ”

The Will was quiet for sometime before it spoke up again,

”Why do you not directly search for proper successors instead of living it up to fate? It was such action that led to me choosing a wrong person among your comrades, the same person that betrayed you. ”

Avol then answered, ”I leave it up to fate because I believe that out there, in the multiple universes that we have protected there is someone who will be able to put an end to the devourers once and for all. ” He paused for sometime before he continued, ”You know that when it comes to premonitions and instincts, I am hardly ever wrong and they both tell me that this batch of guardians will be different. I do not know how much different they will be but I still want to believe in them. ”

The Will however was not convinced and said,

”You could be wrong and then another tragedy could happen to the multiverse. ” Avol just smiled and replied

”You know in the universe I was born, there was a saying that went like this
o matter what happens, in the end good always prevails over evil. ”

The Will could only look at him and shake its head before it said,

”I hope you do not make the same mistake I did by choosing the wrong person. ” The Wills gaze lingered on Avol in melancholy as he was the first it had chosen and also the leader of the Seven Guardians. It then disappeared.

Avol released a breath before gritting his teeth and muttering, ”it wasn your fault that we were betrayed, but he was too greedy for more power. ” Avol then looked at the sources one last time before saying,

”I hope you find the right successors so that they can bri

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