Abomination Incarnate

Chapter 4. Infancy and growing up II

As Avol began to grow up, the movements in the shadows began to become apparent to Adrian. This could be evidently seen as assassinations began to happen after Avol crossed the age of six months. The main house of the Lancaster Family received assassination attempts on either Avol or Annabeths lives al least once every two months and although Adrian had evidence to capture the culprits, he was bidding his time and waiting for the right time to capture them in one fell swoop.

Avol continued to grow and as was predicted, he was a natural born genius. He could walk at nine months and had unusually dense bones. When the family doctor was called to run tests, it was discovered that his bones were as dense as a child in their mid-teens and would slowly continue to become denser until it reached peak human density.

At eleven months old, he could understand most of what was spoken to him but when asked a question, he could only answer in baby sounds that only had a trace of what he was trying to convey in them.

One his one-year birthday, a party was thrown to celebrate and several large and small families and businessmen were invited. It was also on that day that he spoke his first word. This occurred when his mother was dressing him up. As she squatted down to comb his silky light blue hair, he grabbed her nose and happily said ”Mama ” before letting it go in a fit of infantile giggles.

At first, she froze because she couldn believe her ears at that moment. When she heard his giggles though, she came back to reality. Then she did something comical. She first went to the table and then took some earwax cleaner before going ahead to clean her ears. When she was done she came back to him and said

”Sweetie, can you repeat what you just said? ”

Avol tilted his head slightly which increased his cuteness from 100% to 101.9% in his mothers books and then answered while pointing at her,

”Mama, mama! ”

His mother immediately grabbed him and twirled him around in her arms with a smile while screaming in her mind

”Im going to brag about this to Adrian for forever~ ”

She was then brought out of her internal musing by Avols cute giggles before hugging him and then hurrying to dress him up for his birthday party.

The birthday party was quite high-class and lasted for about two hours before the guests began to leave but not before dropping their gifts and well wishes, be they genuine or not.

Before the Lancaster Elders left though, their leader threw one last glare at Adrian before saying

”We will discuss the heirs training and education another time, after all, he is the future of the Lancaster Family whether we like it or not. Be sure not to teach him your foolhardy ways. ”

After the birthday, another assassination attempt occurred the next morning but was stopped and it was found out that the assassin was hired by one of the former employees of Lancaster Holdings who thought he was dismissed wrongly, but when taken to the court, evidence was brought showing that he was involved in quite a number of embezzlement cases and was then sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and multiple cases of embezzlement.

At the age of 2, Avols mother began to teach him proper languages such as English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

At the age of 3, Avol could speak most known languages including German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and so many others. He could also write properly and even wrote few essays as an assignment from his mother.

At the age of 5, he was already done with elementary school work and would begin his self defense and combat classes with the Hidden Corps of the Lancaster Family. This was a training that all heirs of the family underwent so as to train their senses and combat ability so that they wouldn be caught off-guard in a situation were they were about to be assassinated.

When he was dropped off at the compound of the Hidden Corps, his father only said a few words of encouragement to him before getting back into his car and driving off. Before he could understand what was going on, his surroundings began to blur as he began to fall but was caught by an arm before reaching the ground. If he was still conscious, he would see that the person holding him was wearing a black skin-tight fabric which hid lean but explosive muscles. This person is the Captain of the Hidden Corps, Gerard.

Gerard then took Avol to the underground training area before throwing him on the ground, causing him to groan. As Avol began to stir back to consciousness, Gerard then spoke,

”Hello young master. From today we will commence your training for the next seven years. You will only be allowed to go home on weekends to meet your father while the rest of the time will be spent with us for training. ”

He then turn to look at a corner of the training field were someone was standing quietly.

”That person over there is Amanda. She will be in charge of your training regime for the next two years which will involve stealth, information gathering and assassination. ”

As he was speaking to Avol, Amanda walked over towards them before commenting

”I see that the young master is as cute as the rumors say ” while giggling. Avol was a bit stunned seeing a beautiful big sister that he almost failed to notice how quickly she crossed the distance between them.

Gerard replied with a snort, ”What are you saying? Aren you the person who has been in charge of his safety every for the last five years? ”

Amanda replied with a pout ”Come on Captain. At least allow me to tease young master just a little bit. ” Avol just continued to watch their interaction quietly because he tends to be shy around new people.

Gerard noticing that they had gone off topic, cleared his throat before saying ”As I was saying, she will be in charge of your training regime for the next two years. Tomorrow you will be briefed by her and begin your training. ”

As the necessity of the training had already been explained to him by his father, even though he couldn understand everything, he didn ask any questions and any questions he had were pushed to the back of his mind to be asked tomorrow.

Gerard then told another of his subordinates who appeared out of nowhere to take Avol to his room. This caused Avol to thought

”Im beginning to see that I will have to get used to them appearing and disappearing quite randomly. ”

While Avol was being taken to his room, Gerard and Amanda began to discuss what they had observed from they
e young master during their interaction.

”I see that the young master has the making of a stealth master and information collector as he didn question anything while also being very observant of his surroundings ” Amanda commented.

Gerard just hummed and replied, ”Hm. I noticed that his eyes could follow your speed, albeit barely, which is a great start and goes to show that he has good dynamic visual acuity for his age. ” He then added, ”Ill be leaving the young boss in your able hands and please don corrupt him you damn shotacon. I could see you almost squirming while he was here. And although I would like to give this task to someone else, you are the best in this area. ”

Amanda just pouted and turned her face away while replying,

”At least you know my greatness. And Captain, stop with the kink shaming. Ive seen al the magazines in your collection. I wonder the looks you would get when everyone here knows you have a foot fetish. ”

Gerard snorted lightly at the first part of her statement but then, he almost tripped when he heard the latter part of it.

The rest of the night was filled with a certain captain begging his second-in-command for forgiveness.

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