Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 1 - Third Life

In his first life, Zatiel was nothing more than a normal person, with a normal job and a normal life.

His world was one without magic or supernatural beings, but with highly advanced technology that has altered the way of life of every person.

The A.I. Chip is the crystallization of the technological advancement of that civilization, not only capable of analyzing and storing any type of data, it could be used in experimentations with the use of simulations and their computations abilities that can make experiments and show the information that is generated.

Every child at birth gets the implantation of the A.I. Chip that will accompany them for their entire life.

Zatiel lived a mundane life, without great inspirations. His life came to an end due to old age. If you have to define his life in one word, it will be ”simple ”.

In his last moments, Zatiel only thought that he would cease to exist. As an atheist, he never believed in things like the soul and the afterlife. So when he closed his eyes, it was supposed to be the end.

But he opened his eyes again and found out that he was alive. As he looked at his surroundings, he found himself in a decrepit place with burning winds, and in the sky, there was a fiery red sun. The superficies were full of dark pits.

If you look from the sky you could appreciate an immense river that goes through the land with hundreds of screaming silhouettes.

It was the Abyss, the birthplace of demons, a chaotic plane of pure evil that had an immense number of layers.

Scared and shocked, Zatiel tries to move but he feels heavy and weird.

Full of fear he starts looking at his body. His hands were more than 3 sizes bigger than the ones of a normal person, with nail-like claws, a white skin full of scars and deformities. His body was hairless and his mouth has become a hole with hundreds of teeth. He was a ”Mane ”.

A Mane is the lowest level of a demon of the abyss. Usually, they are human souls who transform after arriving at the abyss and being twisted by the aura and natural energies of the plane. Manes are nothing more than cannon fodder to the rest of the demons and sometimes even just a source of food.

Zatiel was terrified and confused due to the events that were happening, but as the minutes passed his thoughts where being assaulted by an extremely violent and savage will.

It is the nature of every demon to become wild killing machines that act on their pure instincts, due to the abyss aura and natural energy that is in their essence, chaotic. This makes the mortality of all demons, especially the weaker ones incredibly high. After all, even if your enemy is weaker than you, if they make you walk into their trap where everything is planned by them, you will probably die.

But there are benefits due to the chaotic nature of the abyss aura. This makes every demon incredibly powerful, not just in their physical bodies but also gives them very high spirit defense, making demons just as powerful as dragons in the same ranks.

Of course, there are special demons that are more intelligent and have better control of their impulses than others, and the stronger the demon, the less the chaotic will of the abyss aura affects them.


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