Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 10 - Sinux Magic Tower

Two figures could be seen moving through the forest. They were so fast that they reached an incredible speed of 2 kilometers per minute, and even then, you could see that it was not even close to their maximum speed since they had relaxed expressions on their faces.

Of course, they were Zatiel and Ezequiel that were going to the Shadow Wolf ’s lair.

Zatiel has always been someone that returns every single grievance a thousand times more. Of course, if the creature is too powerful, he would just wait and take revenge on it when the time was right. After all, there is nothing wrong in seeking revenge. But if you do it when you are too weak, then you are just stupid.

As Zatiel was running, he could see that Ezequiel was keeping up with his speed with no problems.

Neo-Demons are not all the same. The Chaotic Core improves the body according to their previous aptitudes before the transformation, and this is just the beginning. As they grow stronger, the changes are more and more pronounced.

’So speed is one of his main attributes. Interesting… A. I Chip, scan him ’

[Bip… scanning

Name: Ezequiel

Race: Neo-Demon

Strength: 3.5

Physique: 3.6

Speed: 4.2

Abyss Aura: 5.2]

’Not bad, not bad at all. His attributes are inferior to mine but that is to be expected. After all, before the transformation, I was already as strong as a warrior and little EZ was just a normal human, and his Abyss Aura is pretty strong already so it won ’t be long before he reaches the 7 points to make him equal to a Rank 3 apprentice magus. ’

As Zatiel was running, he started to look through the Rank 0 spells that were in the first layer of memories.

Normally, someone will choose a spell according to their affinity to natural energy. Like flame or darkness. But Neo-Demons don ’t need to worry about that. They can use their Abyss Aura to create any type of spell.

Of course, it is better to reduce the range of types of energies you use to make it easier to improve your proficiency in a particular type of magic.

As Zatiel was looking at the spells, 4 of them attracted his attention.

[Shadow form: Uses darkness energy to cover the user in a shadow mantle that enhances his agility by 30%, and it also reduces the possibility of the opponent detecting him. Consumption: Abyss Aura -1 every minute]

[Corrosive Fireball: Produce a fireball which generates flames when it comes in contact with air, and attach themselves to the enemy and start to expand themself. Damage 10 degrees. Effective distance 15 meters. Consumption: Abyss Aura -3.]

[Somber spear: Create a spear made of dark energy that generates itself from the target ’s shadow and throw it at him. Damage 8 degrees. Effective distance- 10 meters. Consumption: Abyss Aura -2]

[Death Enchantment: Can temporarily enhance a weapon with negative energy and adding 3 degrees of magical damage with each blow, and also infect the wound with death energy. Consumption: Abyss Aura -1 every minute]

As Zatiel was looking at the spells, he started to search for the information about the classification of the strength of spells that he got in the magic tower.

’The damage in this world is calculated according to magical crystals.. They are the basic currency that Magus use and also the source of power for most types of magical machines and magic towers. Every magical crystal can release about 1 degree of energy when they explode. ’

Although he has even more powerful spells, these were the most battle effective spells at this moment with his current Abyss Aura, and besides they were pretty powerful themselves.

After all, the maximum damage a rank 3 apprentice can hope to do is between 15 and 20 degrees of damage and that is only when they have reached the peak of rank 3 and are considered Pseudo-Magus.

But Zatiel was barely beginning his path as Neo-Demon, and he is already capable of doing such damage. There is also a long path before he would reach the peak of the infant stage of a Neo-Demons.

’I will start with Shadow Form and Death Enchantment. They will be useful all the way upto to rank 1. As for ranged attacks, although Corrosive Fireball is powerful, the innate spell that all Neo-Demons have should be even stronger, ’ while Zatiel was thinking about the innate spell, he could not help but get excited. After all, it is very simple yet so powerful that even when he becomes stronger, it will still be effective.

Now with his spell already decided, Zatiel started to think about a useful spell for Ezequiel.

’His main way of combat is being fast and deadly, in that case, this spell should be an excellent choice for him. ’

As Ezequiel was running through the forest, a voice was heard in his head.

”Little EZ, I will send you a spell. Practice it and if you have any doubt, ask me. ”

Before he even had the time to wonder what was happening, information about a spell and the method of practicing it was sent directly into his consciousness.

”Lightning armor: Uses lightning energy to coat the user, enhancing his speed and strength, and the lightning also offers protection against attacks. During this state, the user can ’t use any other spell due to the constant transformation of the Abyss Aura into lightning natural energy. Enhances Strength and Speed by 30% and offers protection of 8 degrees of magical and physical damage. Consumption: Abyss Aura -1 every minute. ”

Ezequiel was shocked, not only because he could communicate directly with Zatiel, but an immense amount of information was directly imprinted in his brain and he could feel like he knew it all this time.

Zatiel almost laughs at the face that Ezequiel made when he heard his voice in his mind.

To supernatural beings at or above rank 1, communicating with their consciousness is very easy, but being able to transmit knowledge will take time, and even then it will not be as clear as Ezequiel felt it in his mind.

Zatiel was able to do it thanks to the Chaotic Core. All the Cores can establish communication between them as long as they are in the same plane and transfer knowledge if they are in close distance.

After Zatiel explained how he performed this type of communication, both of them began to practice their spells.

Neo-Demons don ’t need to inscribe spell runes into their consciousness, they just need to manipulate the Abyss Aura and activate the spell, gain proficiency in them and the more they use the spell, the better the body can perform it, and not only does the consumption of Abyss Aura diminish, but the strength of the spell also grows. This is thanks to the Chaotic Core familiarizing with the way the spell works and making it easier for the Abyss Aura to activate them.

As they were running, you could see shadows forming around Zatiel and lightning covering Ezequiel enhancing his speed.

It didn ’t take long before they arrived at the magical creature ’s lair.

As soon as they arrived, a howl could be heard, and the Shadow Wolf appeared before them. Last time Zatiel was too busy to take a good look but now he could see the almost 3-meter wolf with a powerful body and furious expression.

Zatiel looked at the beast and started to walk towards him as he activated his Shadow Form.

”Do you remember me, little doggy? ” said Zatiel as he looked at the wolf as if it was dead meat already.

The Shadow wolf could not communicate with words, but as a magical creature, he can understand the human language, and although the person before him looks familiar, the moment he heard the insult, anger showed on his face as he threw himself towards Zatiel with his jaw open to bite his head off.

Zatiel dodges the attack with ease, and before the wolf could land, he grabs it ’s hind leg, raises it over his head and smashes it against the ground making rocks fly.

Before the wolf could even howl in pain, a heavy kick landed right in it ’s ribs throwing it 7 meters in the air.

Without waiting for the wolf to land, he jumped and punched it right on the head, throwing it through the air and making it crash against a tree.

Zatiel looked at the badly wounded wolf without any joy or excitement, after all for him this beast was nothing more than an insignificant event in his life.

”Things are in constant change. Once you are the hunter and the next moment, you are the prey. The moment you become complacent with your strength is the moment you sealed your fate. It ’s time to end this. ”

As Zatiel was about to give the finishing blow, shadows started to cover the wolf as he stood up and released a monstrous howl.

His eyes were red and blood was falling through his mouth as his body was growing in size.

”A last desperate attempt. Ok, you will be the first to experience the might of the first innate spell of a Neo-Demon! ”

Zatiel ’s eyes became serious for the first time in the fight as he commanded the A.I. Chip to analyze the might of the spell he was about to use.

An Innate Spell is a technique that can ’t be taught. They are usually the signature moves of a species, like a dragon ’s breath or the petrifying gaze of gorgons, they are engraved in the mind of the species and they know it since the moment they are born.

Zatiel seriousness was normal, after all, he is the first Neo-Demon so this attack was only theoretical and this will be the first time it is used.

The now berserker Shadow Wolf attacked without any regard for anything with a speed almost twice as compared to before.

Zatiel did not move or try to dodge, he just stood there, and as the beast was closing in, he raised his hands. When the beast was barely 5 meters from him, he activated the spell.

”Abyssal Blast! ”

A concentrated beam of pure Abyssal Aura was released from his hand with a diameter of 2.5 meters, the attack was so fast and potent, that the wolf didn ’t have the time to react before he was swallowed by the attack and disintegrated, and even then, the blast travel for another 20 meters and destroy a couple of trees before stopping.

Zatiel couldn ’t help but make a surprised face as he saw the damage the attack made. After all, he wasn ’t even close to becoming a Rank 1 Neo-Demon, but this attack was almost as powerful as an attack from a newly ascended Rank 1 Magus.

”Hahaha, Neo-Demons are truly the strongest race that exists, ” Zatiel could not help but laugh from the excitement and pride that he felt for being able to create such a powerful life-form.

”But of course, there is no way I can truly fight a rank 1 Magi at this moment. Even if they just stand still, and do nothing, their defensive spell will be enough to at least block the first attack, and this spell has an obvious restriction. ”

The Abyssal Blast was certainly powerful. One of the reasons it is powerful is that it doesn ’t use the Abyssal Aura that Zatiel has in his body, but the one that is concentrated inside the Chaotic Core and it is boosted with the chaotic mental impact that is being filtered from the Abyss Aura in the body.

So not only does it generate immense magic damage but also affects the consciousness of the enemy. Due to this, it is only able to be released once a day hence making it not very practical in a prolonged fight.

’As my Chaotic Core grows, the number of times I will be able to release this attack will grow and so will its power, speaking of that, A.I. Chip show me the result. ’


Abyssal Blast: User fires a potent beam made of pure and concentrated Abyss Aura that is generated in the Chaotic Core, along with a mental impact on the target if the attack reaches. The number of times it can be used per day: 1. As long as the Chaotic Core grows, the ability to store energy will grow as well. The quality of it will also increase, making the attack more strong and it will be able to be released more number of times. Current damage: 28 degrees]

”Nice! Too bad that there is nothing left from the wolf, it would have made a good meal. ”

As Zatiel was thinking of eating, 5 meters away, Ezequiel was stunned.

Since the beginning of the fight, Ezequiel never intended to help, after all, he was certain that the fight with this beast was nothing but a little game for his master, and seeing how the wolf was so badly hurt at the beginning of the fight, proved him right.

What shocked him was the Abyssal Blast that Zatiel used, after all, the attack was so powerful that it disintegrated a beast twice the size of a bull, and what shocked him, even more, was that he knows that he can use that spell too. Since the moment he became a Neo-Demon, the method to use the spell was already implanted in his brain.

’Can I be that powerful? ’ Ezequiel thought as he looked at his hands.

”Hey little brat, stop dreaming. It is time to leave this boring place, ” Zatiel spoke as he started to leave the area.

Zatiel could not help but make fun of Ezequiel as he saw him looking at his hand but said nothing more, after all, seeing someone release an attack so powerful and knowing that you can do it too can distract anyone.

Ezequiel got a little embarrassed being found out that he was daydreaming, so he just nodded and didn ’t say much as he started to follow Zatiel. Soon they left the Grey Swamp and started their journey towards their next destination.

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