as he assessed his performance in the battle.

Actually, Ezequiel wasn ’t aware how amazing what he did was. His current Abyss Aura makes him only as powerful as a newly advanced Rank 3 Apprentice and yet he was able to fight 3 people with energy reserves and battle experience way over his, yet could kill them all and his only injury was a broken arm that will heal in minutes if he could maintain Abyss Regeneration.

”I have finally arrived. ”

In front of Zatiel, there was a small mountain full of the entrance to underground caves, and as he inspected them he went through the information of his mission.

”These are the caves of the rat men, according to the information I got, the aim of this mission is to collect some magical herbs that grow in the nest of these creatures. The rat men are supposed to be weak, with Rank 2 Apprentices being able to kill them in a fight, but they live in packs and their number can reach the thousand making them deadly if they corner you. Although they could be annoying, they are not an actual threat to me with my current power. A. I Chip scan me. ”

[Bip… Analyzing host

Strength: 8.2



Abyss Aura: 10.7]

Zatiel ’s physical prowess could make any apprentice green with envy. His stats are even more powerful than a Rank 3 Body-refinement Apprentice, but unlike them, he was not burning his potential to enhance his body, all the opposite, while his body grew stronger, his talent only increased.

’Good. With my current strength, killing the rat men and getting the herbs will be easy, as for Arthur and his group, they will probably attack me when I leave the cave, ’ As Zatiel was planning, he assessed the mountain, but when he looked at it, he felt that something was off.

After a moment and with the help of the chip, he identifies the reason.

’I am impressed. He knows practically nothing about me, yet he used something really powerful to kill me. Unfortunately for them, these traps are useless against someone like me, ’ shaking his head at their futile attempt to harm him, he enters the caves.

The cave was full of skeletons and waste, the tunnels looked like they were dug into the earth with the claws of some beast, and from time to time, you could hear the noise of something eating with ferocity and things crawling through the ground.

It had an ominous vibe, but to Zatiel, this was like a playground. After all, in the Abyss, there are millions of places much more terrifying.

It didn ’t take long before the noises grew stronger and the rat men appeared; they had bodies filled with gray hair, long claws and a height of one meter. Their faces were full of ferocity as they launched themselves at Zatiel.

Zatiel saw how dozens of rat men charged at him and he started using his Abyss Aura, making Abyssal Chains appear around him.

The chains acted as if they had a mind of their own and attacked the rat men, going through their head or chest killing them instantly.

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