Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 21 - Aerial Walk

tarts to take the materials to craft the second rune that he picked.

The rune was called Aerial Walk; it was a peak Rank 0 Rune. it allows you to walk in the air as if there is a solid surface.

Although there are spells that allow you to fly, the dexterity that you can display using them is very limited, making yourself a stationary target in most cases. But this rune allows you to display all of your movements with the same abilities you can display being on the ground.

Two of the core materials of this rune were the claws of the harpies and the heart of the rat-men.

The first one has a connection to the wind ’s natural energy and the second with the earth ’s natural energy. Using a combination of these two is how the rune is made.

Although to craft Rank 0 Runes, it ’s not needed to learn the principles of how it works. As you go up in the ranks it becomes essential to understand them. So starting from the bottom helps to create a solid foundation and is something that all true runemasters do.

In his laboratory, Ezequiel was practicing his magical crafting. There were a lot of broken weapons, armors, and jewelry lying on the floor.

Although this amount of failure can break even some greater spirits, especially when you are just starting. The boy ’s eyes were lit and his will was like a sun that didn ’t stop burning.

Ezequiel was so focused that he didn ’t realize that he was not alone in the room. A black-haired man was looking at him with warm eyes, of course, the person was Zatiel.

The houses were made to be impossible to break in with normal methods so the apprentices can focus on their activities without having to worry for their surroundings.

The reason he was able to enter so easily was that Ezequiel ’s house was programmed to allow Zatiel enter whenever he wanted.

Although all the houses have this option, almost no one uses it, after all, that level of trust is something almost impossible for the other apprentices.

As Zatiel saw the number of mistakes the boy had done; he was not disappointed at all. He was actually feeling even more proud. After all, reaching for success when you know you can do it is easy, but doing it when the results tells you otherwise, is one of the hardest things you can do.

Seeing how Ezequiel hadn ’t still realized he was here, Zatiel made a smile before he shouted with all his strength.


Ezequiel was startled and in less than a second, all of his body was covered in lightning, with tentacles made of the same energy starting to grow out of his back as he prepared to attack the intruder.

Just when he was ready to throw himself to the enemy and face the threat, he saw the person that shouted at him.

Ezequiel felt awkward for having fallen into such a juvenile prank, especially when he saw how Zatiel was starting to laugh.

Seeing the expression of the boy and having enough fun, Zatiel stopped bothering him and changed the subject.

”I see you are bent in pursuing magical crafting ”

”Yes master, but I must admit that is proving extremely difficult to me. ”

Although Ezequiel wasn ’t feeling let down for his mistakes, disappointing Zatiel was something he didn ’t want to do

Seeing the expression of the boy, Zatiel was able to understand his feelings.

”Remember little EZ, success is not final; failure is not fata, it is the courage to continue that counts. It doesn ’t matter if you fail a million times, as long as you don ’t give up, you will never disappoint me. ”

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