Adopted By The Duchess (coming soon)

Chapter 1 | The Diamond Eyes

I stared at the mirror thinking if this was all a dream or reality.

White like snow hair, pink diamond eyes, long thick eyelashes, pink rosy cheeks, pale white skin, and a beautiful face that resembles a doll with no emotions.

I have reincarnated into a beautiful little noble girls body. I wasn sure, but the pink diamond eyes made me suspect that I had entered Lilys body from that novel.

”How old am I this year? ” I asked the maid who was standing right behind me. Shocked by my question, the maid replied rudely.

”Have you already forgotten? How dumb can you be to forget that you
e 4-years old? You will turn 5 this year. ”

I kept staring at myself in the mirror while looking at Lilys beautiful face. I was so focused that I had completely forgotten to answer the maids question.

She asked if I wanted to have breakfast with my father, the Marquis.

I turned my head away from the mirror to look at the maids eyes, but her eyes were filled with contempt. I could tell she was looking down on me.

”Whats your name? ” I asked the maid.

The maid wondered to herself about Lilys question. Knowing her, she wouldn even care about her surroundings, because Lily lost interest in everything. Lily was like a living doll, with no emotion or ambitions, just waiting for the day she would be used until she gets thrown away.

The maid took Lilys question lightly and answered it as if it wasn something serious and that she was overthinking.

”Have you forgotten my name? Its Maria. How dumb can you be to forget not only your age but my name too? Do you have no shame at all? ”

The maid stared at me as she said those words with confidence. She was not only looking down on me but was also disrespecting me. Knowing that the Marquis won care about the maids behavior towards me. She decided to treat me as if I was something lower than her while forgetting her own place.

Thankfully, when I entered this body lilys memories flowed in my head. To think this character not only didn learn what emotions are but was also looked down on and disrespected by the ones who were under her.

Its a miracle that she already knows how to speak. Thats why I decided I won live my life as someone who can be used or disrespected by others until the day I die. Not like how I was treated in my past life..

Shall we teach this maid her place?

I glared at the maid who was looking down on me and said. ”Can you remind me of my name? ”

The maid was confused at the little girls question. It was weird for a 4-years old child to ask a maid all of a sudden for their own name. She thought the little girl had finally become dumb yet her glare felt like it was piercing her.

”Lily. Lily Forestier. ” Said the maid.

I had little suspicion whether I was Lily from that novel or another person. But thanks to the maids reply, I managed to confirm that I was reincarnated inside that novel and became the first villainess. Lily Forestier.

”If you already know, shouldn you be already treating me with respect? Or are you perhaps looking down on the Forestier family?. ”

The maid was stunned at my reply. To think the girl who was like a broken doll waiting for it to be used and thrown away after would start showing her claws.

The maid started to panic as I kept glaring at her harder with empty facial expressions.

”No! How could I do such a thing? ”

”If you know that then know your place and get me ready, I will be eating breakfast with my father. ”

The impudent maid was shocked at Lilys sudden change of behavior. Not long ago, Lily was just a doll who couldn defend herself, she would give in to peoples words and start apologizing as if her existence was troublesome.

The maid turned around and left the room without a word, almost slamming the door after her.

”Did she just ignore me? ” I said in a low voice.

I didn really care that much since it will be giving me time to think and reorganize my thoughts after confirming that I have reincarnated in a novel I read before I died.

Even if my father, Marquis Forestier, doesn care about me. That doesn mean he won punish anyone that looks down on the Forestier family.

Where I used to live, there was a novel called ”The hidden white flower. ” The novel became popular as soon as it ended. It was the talk of the country.

It talked about a prince falling in love with a beautiful Dukes daughter, so common. Yet it became famous..

Everyone loved that novel because the male lead was obsessed with the female lead. But the ending made everyone go berserk.

The novel was known as a beautiful romantic story with a sad tragic ending with a total of 4 villains in it.

The first villain was the Marquis hidden daughter, Lily Forestier. The Marquis didn hide his only daughter because he loved her, but rather because she had pink diamond eyes. It was proof of having the power to create infinite mana stones at will.

As soon as he knew that, he hid his daughter and never bothered to teach her anything hoping she would only live to create mana stones for him. But luckily, Lily managed to learn how to talk instinctively, but she never managed to understand what emotions are and doesn recognize them.

At the age of 6, her father the Marquis passed away leaving her in the orphanage. Thats when the workers discovered that her eyes were proof of her abilities and started to abuse her in hopes she would awaken.

But she never did until the age of 8. As soon as she awakened, Lily went berserk and started to destroy the empire.

For a person who could only create infinite mana stones, she was far more powerful than the male lead of the web novel, the crown prince.

The only option to defeat her was to seal her power by destroying the crystal core inside

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