”Why is my int so high I know I was not the brightest so it should not be this high also WTF why is my luck stat why so dam low!!! ”

”Whats wrong dear, why are you shocked, did dad spook you ” ” hay… I did nothing wrong, Im just being myself. ” ” anyway, we decided when are child is of age, she will be training for self defence with a sword from me and from you she will learn magic, if she can use it that is… well Lets go and see, I will get the magic stone, be back in as second the mo second most cutest thing in the world. ”

Softly ”Well mum thinks you will be an amazing magic user and a great swordswoman, and you will be able to bring great honour to this village ” mum says softly.

After a couple of seconds dad comes back in with a pebble in one hand and a baby bottle in the other with a white liquid within it, he comes up and puts it into sapphires small baby hands waiting in anticipation to see the reaction dad ” man I hope she has no magical affinity this means I can spend more time with her ” he thought after a couple of second the pebble starts to glow a strong white colour and a a faint black and a grey colour surround the black. ” It seems like our daughter has both are elements dear and it seems she taker after her mother. ” Snickering the last part. ” Hay you don know that, it could change in the future, she might take a liking to my magic affinities instead of your ice ” ” like my precious daughter would take your barbaric gravity and special magic instead of my elegant and profound ice magic ” this goes on for the next half an hour.

sapphire ” this has gone on for too long, but I can do anything as I am a baby… well, unless I forsaken my pride and cry ”… … …. She then proceeded to cry, mum ” oh, I guess are daughter is hungry do you want to do the honour of feeding her first as you are holding the bottle dear ” sapphire ” I hope I am not allergic to milk like I was before ” (´∀`*)

A couple of months later

”So it seem like I am able to crawl pretty fast for my age as I am now zooming around the house pretty well… well I say zoom but well its fast for me ok… anyway it seems like I might be an anomaly as I am better at crawling then others babys and was doing it before the other ones as well so that somehow makes me a genus baby for some reason oh and the reason why I know this is because my parents for some reason like to compare me with other babys and also brag about how much better I am then others, this has also gotten my dad who is called skannon(I think this is a reference to something) to start trying to tell my mum, who is called Kira, that I should focus on learning how to fight so I can become a knight or adventure because I am so strong, he is hoping knight but my mum keeps on saying that they agreed to have equal training time and has tried to get me to read books, can you believe that, book, at like 3 months old… what does she think of me as, a monster,… never mind, but still that a bit far even for the genies baby that I am ” sapphire nose grew for a couple second after that comment thankfully it goes back to normal ” well as you can see both my parents are bazaar but honestly Im not to worried, I actually like it, its quite funny to see them argue about stuff like that, oh and I met a fellow baby not to long ago and apparently we hit it off according to my dad so it seems like I have a new friend. He is called jack, and is also a winter fox , well, I am assuming as he has white eyes like me but has blue hair !? So I don really know why they ”dyed ” his hair blue but it does fit him I have to say.

”I have to say thought I ain doing all this zooming for nothing, the reason I am doing this is to get my con and Dex stat up as I always liked the tank class, my goal/build I would really like to try and achieve will be a fast tank like build with high attack as i alway feel like in most of the novels I read all the protagonist are glass cannons and I don want to end up like that, and I have to say it has actually gone up as well as my dex stat so thankfully it not the type of system were you are limited by stat points sadly it see,s like my Dex is higher then my con at the moment but when Im older I will hopefully fox it . ” ^ – ^

{ status}

{Name – sapphire volpus}

{race – beast kin winter fox – locked}

Age 3 months

HP 10/10

MP 100/100


DEX 10


INT 50




”So it seems like for every 5 con you get 5 hp but for every 10 int you get 20 mp also as I stated earlier I am zooming around so my speed and my reaction time seem to of gone up a tiny bit so thats something.

”Oh another thing I am no longer allergic to milk so that a bonus, oh and I was taken outside a couple times with my parents a couple times, the village is well, village size and all the houses are build similarly for what I can tell but everyone is friendly so far, and from what I can tell is that this place does some tool making/trading, hunting and agriculture/ farming, oh and from the small conversations I have been able to ease drop into is that their is a dungeon that has appeared not to far away and that they might use that as an income source if its not to hard. I could use that as a grinding spot when I am older and able to fight a bit, another thing is that when my dad say I will do swordsmanship I get it, I do, but honestly I kinda prefer hand to hand as I have always like the melee fighting characters like tifa and Yang so my plan is to try and convince my dad when he trains me to first train in hand to hand as, what will happen if I lose my sword, in the cutest way possible and hope it convinces him. ”

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