Ch-2(The day of the bail)

Aegirs(Moon of Saturn),

People with heightened senses of smell, touch, hearing, are able to sense an unknown energy present in the world, though this energy is not visible with naked eye, but when it is refined and controlled by aegirs it is visible and also holds a massive amount of strength.

In 1672, first aegir was born in china, though very few people knew about his ability but they too saw that as magic. Later in 1745 second aegir was given birth to in India, due to Indias being a very religious country at that time he was considered an altar of god amongst his tribe members, time went by and such cases came into light but they soon disappeared.

These people started living in hiding and named the energy the can sense ”zeal ”. There was no particular name though, some called this ”chi ”, according to Chinese martial arts manual and some called this ”life force ”.

They found way to absorb and utilise this energy and to their imagination the old scriptures of different martial arts and fighting style were able to increase the impact force of zeal.

These people generally didn participate in any kind of war but the situation changed as generations moved forward, greed took over their minds and they participated in World War II,

By that time they understood that even though they can reveal their abilities, they can use their abilities to takeover the political and economical powers of the world.

As such 16 masters of martial arts came together and formed 16 most powerful and difficult fighting styles which only aegir with intense amount of zeal could use.

Because of the huge amount of massacre caused by those 16 masters many aegirs considered this brutal, and decided to stop them, they fought long, they created 16 counter techniques for those masters but they were not as strong they were a little helpful and finally the war ended with the death of 16 masters and their martial arts.

As the masters died their martial arts were not passed on but the counter techniques were still taught in the clans and families.

Now aegirs hold a massive amount of economical, political, and military strength and have made temples which act as schools or sects to teach their kids about the norms and fights.

All these temples work under one single Sect or government of aegirs known as CALLISTO.

CALLISTO is made of five powerful families, Ares, Woden, Donar, Odin and the most powerful Hashirae Family.

Every master of a family have three to four sons and daughters so that they can chose heirs amongst them, but this time hashirae family had only one son, Kael Hashirae.

Kael Hashirae was a unique child even amongst aegirs, because he was the first aegir that was able to manipulate zeal in the womb his mother. Usually aegirs develop heightened senses and intelligence to control zeal when they reach the age of 10, but kael could do it before he even came to this world. But this fact was kept secret by hashirae family so that kael could grow without having unwanted attention and vigorous intents pointed at him.

## ….

January 8,2017/Sunday

”According to the CALLISTO law, part IV, chapter 265, and section 2, Kael Hashirae is sentenced 18 years of imprisonment and Hashirae family is to compensate families of the victims with 20 million USD ” said the old man with white hairs which showed how old he had become and his lose skin and keen eyes showed the amount of life experience he accumulated .

He was the directer of CALLISTO and the supreme judge for crime related cases for aegirs, his name was Wanka Odin.

Standing in the trial area was a thirteen year old expressionless kid, he had fine features, and the most beautiful face one could ever see, even though he was a kid, but the density of zeal he had could only be possessed by a master who trained over 50 years.

”…. ”, Kael didn say anything, even though he was being sentenced for something he never did, he didn utter a word.

”This is absurd, you sons of a bitches, how can you expect a thirteen year old kid to do such a thing ”, shouted Kaels grandfather.

”But your family itself participated in the investigation Mr.Kyler, are you saying that after investigating the case yourself ”, Judge responded to to kyler in a calm tone.

”But you can destroy future of a child on the basis of few evidence, this can also be planned for eliminating the only heir of hashirae fami- ”

”You cannot expect me to decrease the sentence of a hideous criminal on the basis of unjust assumptions either Mr.kyler ”

”… ”,

After judge interrupted kyler, both of them didn say a word and looked in their eyes, though kyler had a murderous intent in his eyes he suppressed it with all his might.

Then Kael moved and walked towards the guard who was supposed to take him to his cell and have a last conversation with his family.

More than anyone Kael was the one in most despair because in the incident of mass murder he lost both of his parents too.

He only have his grandfather now who is unable to see the lifeless expression of kael.

That was the last time they saw each other back then.

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