Chapter 1

”Anastasia Snow!!! Where the hell are you?! ” Clare screamed into the phone. My phone had been buzzing endlessly and the moment I heard Clares voice, I knew I was in deep shit.

”Hi Clare, good morning please try stalling her on, Im almost there! ” I begged as I jumped out of bed. Shit! I had slept in again and I would get late for work at the palace.

”Anastasia there is absolutely nothing good about the morning. I know you spent the night watching that annoying doctor and ending it by reading novels? ”

”Ehhh something like that but its– ” she cut me off.

”Save what ever you have to say for yourself later. Now will you get your ass down here or you will get me in trouble! ” And on that note she ended the call. I huge grin stretched across my face as I thanked the heavens for giving me such a friend like her. She had been my friend for a long as I can remember, although get parents forbade her our friendship. It seemed like the harder they Tried to break us apart. The stronger our friendship was.

I flung my phone immediately but held my breath, when I didn know where it would land. Then I saw it land on a heap of clothes I was meant to wash. I sighed in relief. Thanks to laziness and leaving heaps of clothes around, I would not have to suffer a broken phone screen too.

With that I jumped into the shower and had quickest bath. Wore the very first clothes I set my eyes on. I managed to tidy up my room to make it look less slobby and was about heading out when I remembered that I had to not applied my specially made hand cream.

Weird isn it? I am not make up crazy because no one, I am not a head turner, I mean not beautiful and number two no body will spare me a second glance. Well let me give you a run down of my story.

As you would have guessed I am not a very important person to anyone. Not even important. So I am the Omega of the Omega in my pack and I am from the Decalon pack. The Decalon pack are one of the most spectacular pack in the history of Lycanthropy. We have basically the greatest number of healers/ doctors in the werewolf kingdom. We know our worth and we are really proud of our works. Then the only problem which seems to be the biggest of all is that I am the Omega of the pack. I am the lowest in the caste system. If we are been chosen 5 for a task, I wouldn even be picked as a sixth. In my pack Im like a dirt on a black shirt. Always ignored and left alone. Now you get the idea of who I am. And to top it on, I was orphaned at a very young age, so that makes me more alone. And to top that all, I was born with no skills. No freaking healing or anything skills. I am as bland as a boring color. So this is my life. Did I also forget to say where I lived? In my pack the housing system was done in such a way you would know our ranks by just asking for our address. In my pack, the Alphas were the ones that lived in the most luxurious houses. They lived inside the city and the most beautiful locations. The next was the Betas. They followed suit. This time a little less luxurious than the Alphas. And the Gammas were next and then Lastly the Omegas. We Omegas lived at the outskirts of the city. We didn get the fine housing and all. When had small houses that had some roofs, in when you had to bend to enter if you were tall. It was hut like in height. Though that was not my problem because I was 5 ft. My case was slightly different, since I was the Omega of Omegas, my house was the last before the boundaries. I closed my Windows more often than the others. I went to bed earlier than the others ( more like not come out). And when I left for work, I ran all the way in. Fear was something I was used to. Living there, kept me on high alert.

I though find a little excitement in my life only when I read novels and watch a healers house from across. Though he closes his window when ever he sees me. I also have a job at the palace as one of the basement cleaners. That is another part of my life that sucks. I hate it with all my heart but last I checked, beggars and Omegas were put on the Same pedestal. They were not choosers.

I still remember when I went to get that job. The lady in charge looked me from here to toe and asked if I was here to collect thrash. I replied no. She told me that there was no job opening for my kind of person. I was at the brink of tears when an Alpha guard Interfered. He took the mean looking lady aside and then I got the job. Then I was disappointed I was to work in the basement. Well these were the reasons I had a dwindling self esteem but I did not let that define me.

I applied my cream on my arms and slung my bag on my shoulders. I rushed to the door and just as I was about to leave, I tripped on something. I stood up angry that these children might be playing pranks on me but I was taken aback by what I discovered. Right on my doorstep was a body.

Alarmed, I was about calling Clare, when I saw his chest rise.

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