Eloises POV:

”So, you
e the one who hurt her and stood here to marry me in her place. Am I right? ” Atticus sneered at me. From my spot, he looked like he wanted to tear me into pieces.

”Lisa was injured in an accident. ” I was so flustered that I almost stepped on my wedding dress.

”She can be here today. ”

The priest who presided over the wedding stood in front and read the oath. We should be holding hands as we walk down the red carpet. However, Atticus only took one step forward.

”Don expect me to hold your hand. If you want to complete the ceremony, walk the aisle yourself. ” His voice was filled with anger.

Everyone was talking about it, and I became the target of criticism. All those dirty words flowed into my ears.

Why did it have to be like this? I covered my ears in pain.

The scene before me seemed to turn into an abstract oil painting, including him. It turned into a hole in which I kept falling.

I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the bed. No matter how expensive and soft the mattress was, it couldn relieve my sense of powerlessness. I couldn stop coughing, which made my joints, already in so much pain, feel like they were broken.

There was no way to make dinner like this.

”Is it worth it? ” That unfamiliar female voice rang in my mind again. ”You should fight for what you want, not just accept things you don want. ”

I swallowed the medicine and lay quietly on the bed, waiting for the medicine to take effect so that the voice in my mind would stop.

My sister, Lisa, was involved in a serious car accident a few hours before the wedding, which rendered her unable to attend the wedding. But this was a marriage between two packs, so no matter what, one of our packs Alphas daughters must marry Atticus today.

When my uncle-cum-foster father told me that I would marry him in place of my sister, my rationality told me that I should refuse, but my emotions won.

I was a hybrid werewolf-human living in a pack, so the probability of me being able to transform into a wolf was very low. I know that I couldn help Atticus much, and he probably didn like me. So, even though Id had a crush on him for many years, Id always kept my feelings to myself.

This incident gave me a chance to marry Atticus. However, a year had passed, and he rarely appeared in the residence I lived in.

It wasn just him. The other people in this pack too. It wasn just that no one treated me as their Luna. Even to them, I

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