Alpha’s Tormented Slave Mate

Chapter Three- Alpha Chase Carter

He had me suffering in pain in his room for hours having a lot of sex in front of me and not caring. I had never realized how cruel he was until that day. I used to think of him handsome and even had a crush on him. Even though he sat there while the others in the pack would beat me as he watched. He never touched me.

The woman Stella only smirked at me and cruelly said on her way out the door after getting dressed, ”The best sex I ever had. Too bad you can experience it? ” Then she laughed.

I was still laying on the rug next to the fireplace and couldn move from all that pain I suffered. I hear footsteps and they stop in front of me. I open my eyes to see his bare feet in front of my face. ”Get up. ” He orders and as he is my alpha no matter how I feel I have to obey.

I slowly raise myself up and stand. He is wearing a robe now, but I only look down at my feet. He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me close to him and sniffs my neck. ”So sweet. Honey and roses, and so alluring. Too bad it is wasted on you. But… oh well. ” He chuckled. ”I intend to have so much fun with you. ” He sighed, ”Now I want you to stay in this room with me from now on. I want your scent here. And you will sleep every night in my bed next to me. Your scent calms my wolf. ”

I close my eyes. I want to say no, but he is my alpha. I am only an omega. I used to be of a higher rank along with my parents. My father was Jacobs fathers Beta and close friend. He and my mother were killed in a traffic accident while visiting another pack The Sacred Moon Pack. I heard the Alpha of that pack has yet to find his Luna. Of course, he just took over from his father two years ago. I heard he is a fair and just alpha and nothing like Jacob and his cruel ways. I wish the Moon Goddess had not mated me to this cruel man. I have no idea what horrors wait for me. If today was an example I shudder at what more I will have to endure. I wish he would just reject me so I can accept and no longer be under the bond and pain.

”Why? ” I whisper.

”Why, what? ”

”Why are you doing this? Why not just reject me? Why make me suffer? ”

”Because your scent calms my beast and I need him calm. If I reject you, he will go crazy, and besides, ” He smirks at me, ”You
e not too bad looking and I am having too much fun. ” He sneers. It was then I realized he is not as handsome as I once thought he was. He is cruel. ”Now get naked and when I come back you best be in that bed. ”

I looked at him in horror. ”You heard me. That is an order. ”

”But ” His look along with his growl stops me. ”Y-yes, Alpha, ” I whisper looking down at my feet.

”Good girl. ” He sniffs me one more time. ”Mmm, so sweet. ” Then he walks into the bathroom, and I hear the shower.

I slowly undress and climb onto the bed where he wants me. The bed still has the stinking smell of sex, and its making me feel sick. I climb under the covers as I face the wall and put my face into the pillow so I wouldn have to smell the scent of my mate and that she-wolf whore.

The memory of their moans echoes in my head as with watching his thrusting into her playing over and over in my mind. I didn know that it could cause such physical pain. I heard it hurts when a mate sleeps with someone other than their mate, but I thought it an emotional hurt, not a real physical pain. I am so traumatized over the whole ordeal.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts of horror that I jumped when the bed dipped, and he pulls me against his damp body. I stiffen when I realize he too was naked. ”Mmm, so good. ” He says sniffing my hair. ”I may not desire you as my mate, and I will not leave my mark on you, but I will have my way with you because you are mine. ” He says in my ear as his hand begins to grope my breast and tweak my nipples. ”Mmm, Nice tits. ”

He pushes his groin against my backside, and I feel he is hard with desire and this time for me. Hasn he had enough with that she-whore? I feel his lips kissing my neck and I shiver. The worse thing is because of the bond it makes it difficult to resist. He is my mate and refuses to reject me, so he can use the bond to make me submit. I gasp as his hand lowers and cups my sex. He moans against my neck as he begins to suck on it.

My body begins to respond even as I try not to. I don want to. He is a cruel mate, yet my body is betraying me as I push my sex into his hand as he rubs me. He slides his finger between the folds and pinches my clit before rubbing on it. ”Oh, Goddess, ” I breathe out as I close my eyes.

Being a virgin, I never knew the pleasures of sex before. I never even touched myself nor gave myself an orgasm. His touch is foreign to me. So is the pleasure he is granting me. ”This is your reward for being a good girl today and doing as you were told. ” He whispers in my ear as he nibbles my ear lobe.

He turns my body towards him as his lips find mine. This happens to be my first kiss. I feel his tongue lick at my seam, and I gasp as his finger enters my core and his tongue slide into my mouth. His finger thrusts in and out much like I saw his cock do with that whore. He takes his finger out and places his hand behind my knee lifting it up and over his hip. I feel his large erection against my sex, and I stiffen up. ”Relax, you will enjoy this. ” He says against my lips.

Then I feel the tip at my entrance and begin to push in. My fingers begin to claw his back as I brace for him to fully enter me. He pushes in and stops at the barrier of my hymen. He looks at me and frowns. ”You
e a virgin. ” He stated, ”Everyone believed you a whore sleeping around with others. ” He laughs, ”Boy were they wrong. ” He kisses me again as he shoves his dick fully into me causing me a different kind of pain as I cry out in his mouth.

Once he was hip to hip with me, he stopped and rested there as the pain inside begins to ease away. I was breathing heavily as he held me tight. He then slowly pulls back and thrusts back in making me groan. He smiles at me and does it again and again until he has a rhythm going. Oh, my Goddess, it felt so good as I clung to him and moved my body in time with his. Then I begin to feel a strong sensation coming from deep inside to my core as I screamed and stiffened and my inner walls around Jacobs cock pulsed and quivered. My nails claw his back as I cling to him.

His thrusts begin to slow as he tightens his grip on me and I feel his cum pouring inside of me filling me. Even though I felt pleasure, unlike anything I ever felt. I hated him and my body for betraying me. I curse this bond that I had no control over because Jacob refuses to reject me to free me. After he pulls out, he turns me on my side, my back against his front, and holds me. ”That was better than I thought it would be. ” He whispers in my ear kissing my neck. ”Yeah, this is going to be fun. You continue to be a good girl you will get more rewards like that one. ”

Tears begin to fall as I suddenly feel ashamed. I need this bond broken and I need to escape. I know he plans to continue more torcher and pain. He has so many women flaunting themselves at him and he always has women coming and going out of this room I have witnessed it so many times coming down from my room in the attic.

My body won be able to take more of that pain. I have to leave. I just have to somehow break this bond.

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