Alpha’s Tormented Slave Mate

Chapter Four- Amethyst

I am hot and sweaty, and it feels good. I love training with my men. I am the alpha of the Sacred Moon pack, and we have to keep ready. The rogue attacks keep happening near our borders and we have to be ready to protect the pack. We get back to the packhouse and I go up to my room on the fifth floor. That whole floor is dedicated to me and my future mate. I open my bedroom door to find Christine my fathers betas daughter lying naked on my bed. ”What are you doing in my room? ”

”Oh, come now Chase? What do you think? You know its been a while since we had sex and I am horny for you. ” She cooed at me.

I sighed, ”You know I gave that up to save myself for my mate. ” I said tossing her the robe she came in with from the floor. ”I want you out, Christine. ”

”Party pooper. What if you don find your mate? Then what? ”

”Then I go without, ” I said grabbing a clean towel from the closet for a shower. ”I am heading in to take a shower now. You best be gone by the time I come out. ”

I step into my bathroom and close the door. Turning on my shower I adjust the temperature then take off my clothes and step in under the spray. Now don get me wrong, Christine is a beautiful woman with a body to die for. Only she is not my mate. But she can be a pain in my ass. Before I became alpha, yes, I did have my fun and sleep with her and many others as well. I was young and dumb back then, and I didn have any thoughts for my future mate and Luna. As alpha, I grew up and am excited to find my mate. I know she will be beautiful, strong, and perfect for me.

I take my shampoo and wash my hair and rinse. Then I soap up my body and daydream about my future mate and smile. After my shower I turn off the water, towel dries myself off and wrap my towel around my waist and walk out into my room. I look over at my bed and notice Christine has left. I grab a pair of briefs and put them on along with my sweatpants and tee shirt and go out and head towards the kitchen downstairs.

I pass a few pack members along the way, and they bow in greeting to me. I walk into the kitchen and find my beta Kyle making out with an omega kitchen help. I clear my throat and they jump away from each other looking guilty. ”Chase, ” Kyle says as he looks down at…Now, what is her name? Oh yeah, Milley. I raise my eyebrow at them and smirk.

Kyle sighs and places his arm around Milley, ”I should have told you sooner. ”

”Told me what? That you found your mate? ” I had my suspicion as Kyle was acting differently these past couple of weeks.

”How… ” He paused, ”did you know? ”

”Your actions the last couple of weeks said it all. I was wondering when you planned to tell me? ”

”You mean it doesn upset you that she is an omega? ”

”Why should it? It is fate, a gift from the Moon Goddess herself. Why should I interfere with fate? ” I asked.

He and Milley looked at each other and smiled. ”Go, ” I said. ”Get your mate moved in and settled. You deserve your happiness. ”

”Yes, Alpha. ” They both said and left me alone in the kitchen. I sure am happy for my beta for finding his true love and mate. I can wait for my happiness to come with my mate. I wonder where she is and if she belongs to another pack or not. Whoever she is will be treated like a queen. My queen. For some reason, a set of soft brown eyes and auburn red hair comes to mind.

When I was younger, I remember we had visited a neighboring pack and I was captivated at watching a beautiful young girl of seven playing outside while my parents were in a meeting with their alpha and Luna.

I was twelve at the time and couldn take my eyes off her. She had long auburn hair and large soft brown eyes that twinkled when she smiled at me. For some reason, that day was embedded in my mind, and I thought of that girl often. I never even knew her name. Sighing I walk to the refrigerator and open it. Grabbing a water bottle and some fruit I went back up to my room. I sat down near the window with a book and began to read. My mind kept wandering off and I couldn concentrate so I put the book on the table and looked out the window instead.

Again, my thoughts went to that day so long ago. Her beautiful smile and those dimples on her cheeks. For such a young thing she was stunning. In the sun her hair looked like a fiery waterfall. Her lovely eyes and full lips. She would be about eighteen now. I bet she is even more beautiful as a woman. I also hope whoever became her mate treats her like a queen. I wonder if I will ever see her again. But in all this time our paths have never crossed again. I highly doubt I will see her. So, why is it I cannot get her out of my mind?

I give up looking outside in the dark and decide to go to bed. I climb onto my bed and turn off the lights and stare up at the ceiling hands behind my head. My eyes grow heavy, and I drift to sleep.

I see her and she is in pain. A lot of pain and screaming. I know it is her by the red in her hair and soft brown eyes. I try to reach out to her, but she can see me. I am here for you. I will save you. I cry as she grabs her chest in pain. She is laying on a rug writhing in pain and agony. I hear moans and groans than laughter. Amethyst, stand up and come closer. I hear a male voice order. Amethyst. That must be her name.

Slowly gets up and walk over to a bed where I see a man and another woman in a sexual position. On this bed now mate. He orders the beautiful woman. She slowly climbs up and he grabs her neck and says in her pained face, Watch us this close. I want to see how the bond can cause you pain.

She is panting from the pain as she nods, Yes, Alpha. She whispers. As the Man, the alpha continues to thrusts his member inside the blonde as the blonde laughs then moan in pleasure as my mate. My mate? Watches and screams in pain.

I wake up with a start panting and sweaty. What the hell was that? If I am being shown my mate, she is bonded to a cruel man that revels in her pain. ”Amethyst, ” I say. ”Wherever you are, I will find you and rescue you. ”

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