(The episode opens with A girl riding in a hover car)

(This girl has fuzzy black hair, wearing a white jumpsuit with rainbows on it and white boots named Alula looking at the sky, while eating a turkey sandwich)

Alula: How beautiful, hey Big Dipper.

(A shadow appears behind Alula)

Alula: Hey Orion.

(Orion is a boy who has silver hair, wearing a red jumpsuit and boots)

Orion (looks at Alula): How did you know it was me?

Alula: Your dang squeaky boots.

Orion: I knew there was something wrong with these boots.

Alula (holding her hand out): Let me see them, I can fix it.

Orion: Alright.

(Alula looks inside the boot and smiles)

Orion (curiously): What?

Alula (takes rubber boots out of Orions boots): This.

Orion (looking confused): How did that get in my boots?

(Alula walks away)

(An engine starts)

Orion (by the hover car): Are you about to go on another adventure already?

Alula: Well, first I have to get my duffle bag (pats Orion on the head) then yes. I will be going.

(Alula gets into her hover car)

Orion (looking sad): Can you stay a bit longer?

Alula: Orion, you know I never stay in the same place long.

Orion: Well, you better at least say goodbye to Capella, you know how she hates being left out.

Alula: Of course (looks at Orion) do you need to be dropped off somewhere?

Orion: Nah, my hovercycle is over (pointed to the right) There.

(Orion whistles.)

(A flying motorcycle appears and Orion gets into it)

(Orion puts on his helmet)

Orion (smiles): You want to have a race?

Alula (smirks):Bring it on

Orion: Ready.

Alula: Get set

(Orion and Alula look at each other with determination)

Alula and Orion: Go!

(Orion and Alula fly off in a blur)

(The screen shows a cave)

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