(The episode opens with Alula driving the hover car through space with Orion, Lemon, and Capella)

Capella: That was the most awkward conversation ever

Orion: You are lucky, after you left she gave me speech about sex and condoms

Lemon: (gulps) I think I am going to barf

Alula (her tail gives the dufflebag to Lemon): I have a barf bag in my duffle bag

Lemon (smiles): Thanks, but im (opens the duffle bag)

(Lemon grab a barf bag and barfs)

Alula: I also have medicine and napkins.

Lemon: What did you go through to make you pack all this?

Alula: Everything, I travel to all kinds of places.

Orion: Same

Capella: I travel alot too

Lemon (looks at Alula): So, how long did you stay on that planet where you met them?

Alula: Uh, a month, no two months, wasn it?

Capella: Yeah, it was

Orion: Two months, they were wonderful

Lemon: You seem yall knew each other longer

Alula: We just connect with each other

Orion: Yup

Capella: Its crazy how true it is

(The screen shows the hover car Landing)

(Alula, Orion, Capella, and Lemon walk out of the hover car and see a bunch of people using powers by houses)

(The people look at Alula)

Alula: Did I do something?

Capella: How could you?

Lemon: Yeah, we just got here

(An alien with antennas on her head, lightbulb-shaped head, wearing a red jumpsuit with gloves, and shoes. Her name is Lydia appears)

Lydia (looks at Alula): You don know where you are, do you?

Alula: Billion 1F, a home for immortal beings.

Lydia: Also the protectors of planets and force of justice. Duh

Alula: Okay, so why is everybody looking at me?

Orion: Wait, Alula do you know all your powers from the mutated snake?

Alula: Flying, super speed, super strength, teleportation, controlling nature, telekinesis

Capella (puts her hand over Alulas mouth): Lets cut it, do you have immortality?

(Alula nodded and her eyes widened)

Capella: Thats why they are staring at you (puts her hand away from Alulas mouth)

Alula: I totally forgot that I have that

Lydia: You are a beginner.

Alula: Yeah

Lydia (takes Alulas hand): Come with me

Capella: What about us?

(A 16-year-old girl who has curly brown hair, brown skin, wearing a green dress and heels appears)

The girl: I can show you around, we have all kinds of places

Capella (smiles): I guess we could, Orion? Lemon?

Orion: Sure, I don mind taking a tour

Lemon: Okay

Capella: Alright, we are in.

(The screen switches to Lydia taking to Alula to a palace)

(Once they enter the palace, gargoyles on top of the palace plays horns)

Alula: Uhmmm, is that a welcome?

Lydia: It is

Alula: Oh, how nice

(Lydia leads Alula to a room)

Alula: So, what you want me to demonstrate my immortality

(Lydia reveals a gun and shoots Alula in her chest)

(Alula fell over on the floor, breathing slowly)

Lydia (looks at Alula): You are definitely a newbie

(Lydia sees Alulas wound is healed)

(Alula gets up)

Lydia: It seems you aren a fake

(A gunshot is heard)

(Lydia fell down to the ground)

Alula: I don appreciate getting shot at

(Lydias shot wound is healed)

Lydia: Fair enough

(The screen switches to the girl walking with Capella, Lemon, and Orion)

The girl:This way, youll like it

(They see a fountain)

Lemon: A fountain, oh a secret entrance

The girl: You catch on fast

(The girl walks to the fountain and presses a red button)

(The ground opens up and They sees a garden with a castle)

(Lemon, Capella, and Orion looked amazed)

The girl: I haven introduced myself, I am Hazel and this is my castle, follow me.

Lemon: Wait, this castle is yours?

Hazel: Yup

Capella: Nice

Orion: I would like to check the inside

Hazel: Then, by all means follow me

(Orion, Capella, and Lemon enter the castle)

(The screen shows Alula and Lydia walking together)

Lydia: I deserved that

Alula: Yeah, but I should apologize. I mightve overdid it.

Lydia: Well, I did shot you 10 times

Alula: Yeah, well I shot you twelve times in the eye

Lydia: Yeah, that was overkill

Alula: You are right

Lydia: What do you want to do?

Alula: Did you have something in mind?

(Lydia leads Alula to a bedroom)

Alula (backing up): Wait

Lydia: Whats wrong?

Alula: I have only kissed and date once

Lydia: You really are a newbie, don worry worry I won force you

Alula: Just one kiss

Lydia: Fine, I don expect a long one, we just met

Alula: Fair enough

(Alula and Lydia kiss)

(The screen shows Lemon, Orion, and Capella following Hazel)

(Lemon sees a vending machine)

(Hazel gives Lemon a bag)

(Lemon smiles)

(Orion sees a gun display)

(Hazel gives Orion a key)

(Orion has sparkles in his eyes)

(Capella is seeing ancient scrolls)

Hazel: You don happen to want to look because I have (shows a key)

Capella (Backs up): No, no, no

Hazel: Why not? Your friends are enjoying this place, why aren you?

Capella: Its perfect, too perfect

Hazel: You don like perfect, that definitely might be hard

Capella (Concerned): Why?

Hazel: Since we are immortal, we have working on years to make this place perfect

Capella: Seriously, I am going to find Alula or a cave, unless you don have a cave

Hazel: I could give a map that can teleport to where you want to go

Capella: Fine, that will work

(Hazel gives Capella a map)

(The screen shows Capella appearing in a cave)

(In the cave, Capella sees cavepeople frozen)

Capella: Cavepeople, how come they are here?

A voice: Because the museum people haven come to collect them, all of the other caves have been cleared

(Capella turns around to see a woman who has long purple hair, white skin, wearing a white dress and heels)

The woman: My name is Noen.

Capella: Hi

Neon: So, what brings you here?

Capella: My friend is an immortal

Neon: Interesting, but you are a regular mortal

Capella: Yes, a normal mortal that travels place to place.

Neon: Have any other friends?

Capella: If you want it out of me, give me a tour

(Neon looks at the cave, then looks at Capella, and smiles)

Neon: Fine

Capella: Good

(Neon and Capella

(The screen switches to Alula and Lydia sitting on the bed)

(Alula blushing)

Lydia: You aren a bad kisser for a newbie

Alula (blushing): Thank you, you aren a bad kisser either

Lydia (smirks): Want another kiss?

Alula (blushing): No thanks, I should find my friends

Lydia: You don want to explore more around here

Alula (turns to Lydia): What do you have in mind?

(The screen shows Orion shooting a bunch of targets)

Orion: Man, these bullets pack a punch

(Lemon getting feed cake by Hazel)

Hazel (feeding Lemon): You like the cake

Lemon (smiles): Its so fluffy

Hazel (wipes Lemons mouth): Im glad, you like it, I baked it myself

Lemon (smiles): I have a question

Hazel (feeding Lemon): Yes

Lemon (eating): Do you have a significant other?

Hazel (feeding Lemon): We don date here, we have sex and kiss, but no long relationship

Lemon (swallows): You mean you don ever date or think about getting married

Hazel: Yeah, too much trouble, plus we mostly want to date or marry mortals and thats too much trouble. Want more cake?

(Lemon nods)

(Hazel continues feeding Lemon)

(The screen shows Neon and Capella seeing glowing crystals)

Capella: Okay, I am impressed

Neon: That isn all

(Neon taps a crystal and a bunch of flowers are revealed)

Neon: They are edible flowers, try them

(Capella smells the flowers and eats the flower)

Neon: You like it, I grew it

Capella: Its delicious

(The screen shows Alula and Lydia are looking at statues)

Alula: So, who are these people?

Lydia: The mortals we trained in the sense of justice

Alula: Wait, so you all trained the superheroes of today

Lydia: That is correct

Alula: Wow


(Episode ends with everybody having fun)

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