Amazing Journey

The Riot Continues

umber and put the object to his ear, and soon he was seen speaking with an angry expression on his face.

A few seconds after turning off the phone, a figure emerged from behind a building on the other side. The man who came later was seen walking in a hurry while his face looked around quickly several times.

Arriving in front of the motorcyclists, Karjonos former subordinate, who is now helping Ochai, is approaching one of the people and starting to talk to each other seriously. Two pairs of eyes watching from a distance finally understand the truth about who is the real traitor between them.

”Hmm… Mamat. Ill beat him! Traitor! Surely he also knows what really happened with Mas Jono. ” So muttered Ochai beside Joni.

Instantly, the teenager understood that what was meant as a traitor had been unmasked. It seemed that the man named Mamat had been deliberately waiting for the gang of attackers to arrive while the rest of his friends went to find safety.

”Calm down, Uncle. Just pretend you don know about this. Be patient and don show up. Let me go to them to explain. Well lose an important witness who will run away if uncle comes out because hes been caught as a traitor. ” Wisely, the girl just came to her conclusion.

”Don go there. We should just go. You hide while waiting for it to be safe again. ” Feeling increasingly impatient, Ochai immediately returned to prevent the teenage girls recklessness.

”Too late, Uncle. They wouldn have given up this place for control if they hadn found me. Its useless for me to hide because that will actually be an excuse for them to pressure you and the rest of your friends. ”

The girls answer made a lot of sense because Jonis disappearance would be a solid reason to accuse Ochai of deliberately protecting the child. Thus, the commotion will no longer be avoided until Ochai, and his friends are harmed in the end.

”Are you sure you can handle them? ” finally, Ochai asked in a slightly sad tone.

Before Joni had time to answer, loud screams were heard again from several members of the gang who seemed to have received information from the traitor regarding the name of the young man who had a fight with the pickpocket group earlier.

”Joni, get out! Do not hide. I know you
e still here. Don be a coward like Ochai, who is only good at running away. ”

The scream was loud and full of contempt for a man accustomed to living in a world of violence. Ochais face immediately turned red, and again he intended to set foot to go to the rioters who were looking for trouble.

Seeing the bad behavior, Joni immediately prevented him from holding the arm of the man who was slightly taller than him.

”Uncle Ochai… please keep your emotions in check. Don be provoked. Let me go out to meet them. I only ordered one; whatever happens later, don ever appear to you as long as Im still safe and fine. Agree? ” said Joni to his uncles friend.

”Are you serious? ”

”Yeah, and I promise to stay fine. ”

”Alright… as long as you
e still okay and safe with nothing less, Ill just keep an eye on it from here on out. ” In the end, the man gave in.

”Sure, Uncle. Don forget, we already know who the traitor is. That could mean if Mamat knew about the cause of Uncle Jonos death. ”

”Hmm… yeah. Ill take care of Mamat when weve finished this one. ”

”Okay, thats later. Im out now. ”

”Be careful. ”


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