m Fauzi…the Boss of them. And you don need to explain anything because anyone dares to be impudent by going against my men… means he has dared to underestimate me. ” With jumawa, the leader answered without even looking at the teenager, who had no authority.

”But… ah, I want to apologize if there has been a misunderstanding here. ”

”No need to apologize. Because there is no apology for all of you, who are here. Wheres your Boss, Ochai? He must be held responsible for your courage to persecute my men. ”

”Oh, sorry… Im not his underling. Here I just eat and play instead of being bored at home. ”

”Do not lie! You must be Ochais men! ”

”Whos lying? Just getting to know it because every day I play here. ”

e a liar! You are a timer and also a substitute angkot assistant. ”

”It is true. Sometimes I help out as a broker so I can get rice wrap. Every now and then, transportation drivers also feel sorry for me and invite me to be a kernet so that I can earn extra money, ” politely answered the girl.

”Is that true? ”

”Sure, ” Joni answered firmly.

”But whether its true or not, you still have to be beaten so that you know its customary to respect your parents. And rightly or wrongly, Ochai and company must leave this place. ” while saying so, the person walked up to Joni with a threatening attitude.

”Whatever you say. Oh… are your men so you will fight with me? Hehe… Boss Fauzi forgot, or want to play gang? ” nosy, Joni diverts the conversation, leading to the struggle for the place to find the fortune.

”Watch your mouth! You dare to fight him? ”

”Don ask me that. Just ask the one who had run away in fear when I slammed onto the wooden bench… hi hi hi … ” it was unbearable. Dini Nastitis original naughtiness had just appeared because she was so annoyed with the thugs who were only good at acting by selling talk.

”Fool! You insulted me. Hey… here, fight him again so I can see him clearly now. Im curious, who is the tougher meat among you. ” Infuriated, the man immediately pushed the holder of the short-handled ax to face the nosy-mouthed young man.

”W-w-well, Boss… ” even though he complied, the losers pale face had suddenly turned pale.

Seeing this, Joni even seemed to smile mockingly. Even though it was the first time she felt how to fight directly, she became even more confident when she saw that the scary man in front of her had been able to take him down quickly in the previous fight.

Especially when she saw the look in the eyes of the short-handled ax-wielder who now seemed to be trembling, her fear had instantly disappeared completely. In fact, it has now been replaced with a ticklish feeling that tickled her heart.

How come? Such a hideous-looking man with such a large body clearly looked terrified when he faced a tall skinny girl with no flesh.

And its like getting a valuable piece of advice that she just realized. Joni remembers Ki Bawuks helpful advice when galvanizing her. At that time, the teacher said,

”Never once did you feel afraid when dealing with an opponent. Because if you feel discouraged and insecure, thats when you first lost before the fight started. ”

Digesting the words again, Joni suddenly got an idea to mentally bring down the rioters. It was not only limited to bringing down the courage of the longish and her thugs who were there but also to give a message to people above the level of the lowly thugs in front of him.

”Hi, what is your name? ” asked Joni casually to the man who had been slamming him onto a wooden bench.


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