When I woke up, Mom was already gone from the house. I leaped out of bed.

Its… show time.

I took a quick shower dancing out. I hung a towel on my neck and brushed my teeth. I chew a mint chewing gum and ran off to my mom dressing room.

”I know you told me not to dress in front of a mirror because its only a woman who does that but I can help it now, Mom, ” I said to myself and laughed.

Soon I was creaming and styling my hair with a gel. I look at the mirror and smiled. The clothes I wore was a black jacket and denim trouser with a white striped head warmer to crown it all.

I went out of the house and began walking down the road. It had snowed last night and snow was all over the road. I saw Ms. Nessie, an old neighbour and upon how I tried to hide my face, she saw me and called

”Todd son can you help get this off my door steps? ” she requested.

Oh no! Its going to ruin my clothes and waste my time; but at the same time I couldn refuse her.

”Yes ma. ” I found myself saying. I collected the shovel from her and began shoveling away the snow.

”Bless you son, bless you! ” She said as I did and forced on a smile.

Once I was through, I refused the twenty-five pence and quickened my step. I looked at the address again. There were only a few cabs on the road now and I suddenly looked at back and stared in horror. By the right side opposite, I saw crowds of girls running at me, waving their hands.

”No, no, no! ” I exclaimed and began waving my hands to flag down a taxi but none stopped. I began to run now.

”Todd! ” I heard behind me.

I continued to wave my hands as I ran and a cab finally stopped by me. It was an Indian cabbie and while he talked with an unclear accent, I rushed into the cab.

”Get me out of here! ” I panicked locking the door.

”Wheereu arre ya groing? ” he asked.

I didn understand what he said but said, ” Out of here; to Putin Golden Estate… ” I looked at the address. ”Number 206. ”

Just before the girls reached the cab, he swung the car around and zoomed off. I leaned on the seat and heaved a sigh of relief.

As we approached Mr. Monsell Edgecombes house, I began to feel nervous. I hadn stood in front of rich people before. Ive also heard a lot of bad things about them. Of how they were corrupt, greedy and wicked.

”Wre arre herye, ” the indian cabbie said and I looked out. I got out of the cab after paying him and a gate was before me. A black magnificent one. I moved towards it and pressed the gate bell.

The screen there switched on and I heard a voice say, ” Whos that? ”

”Um… Its actually Todd Thomas. I have an appointment, ” I replied staring at the screen.

”May I see your pass? ” the voice asked.

I fished out the ticket I was given by Mr. Edgecombe and showed the screen.

The gate slid open and I walked in. There was a path that led to the house which was surrounded by well kempt grasses.

The house was a gigantic building with high arched windows and velvet draped frames. It was painted with cream and edged with wine-red and before it was a little balcony with marbles steps before it.

I walked up the stairs and seeing ni doorbell, I wanted to knock when the door opened. I moved back suprised and thinking it was a kind of setup and it closed. I moved forward again and it opened.

Gosh, this is automatic!

I walked in and my gaze met a mean looking man with maid beside him. The maid came to me and led me away.

We passed a rococo hall and an anteroom before arriving at the dining room. The maid bowed and left

It was a short haired woman that was there with the blonde.

”I have an appointment with Mr. Edgecombe…, ” I was saying.

”Have a seat, ” the woman said in a friendly way and as I sat, she turned to the blonde and she whispered, ”But Sandra do you think a human can be as this handsome? ”

The blonde chuckled. ” Maybe. I don really know. ”

The woman turned back to me. ” Im Mrs Grace Monsell and the Morgan you saved his my daughter. Its an honour to have a human like you in this life, ” she said.

For a moment, I didn know what to say. ”Im honoured…to be honoured, ” I finally came up with.

”You really got the looks. What about your parents? ” She asked.

I was planning to recite what I had always rehearsed to say when I was asked this question when I heard Mr. Edgecombe voice, ” Is he here already? ”

He was descending the stairs in a casual manner and I stood up to see him.

”Welcome young man, ” he said extending his hand for a shake. I stared at his hand for a while. The thought of shaking the CEO of Putin Global excited my nerves.

”Thank you sir, ” I said accepting his hand.

Then we sat. Empty plates was already on the table.

”Morgan! ” Mr. Edgecombe called out. ”Morgan, come down here. ”

There was no reply.

”Morgan, weve got a guest! ” he called out again and ordered the nearest maid to call her.

Various black-clad servants bustled about the room and began carrying in trays of food and ewers of water. They finished this soon and I heard Mr. Edgecombe say, ” Morgan? Is that really you? ”

I turned to the stairs and saw her.

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