They knew fighting a man like this was like fighting a cornered beast. He could do things that some can consider impossible in that condition. One of them had fought such a person in this state, stabbing him more than 15 times without him dying until he took a katana and chopped his head off.

”BANG! ”

Another gunshot rang out and a bullet hit Arkan on the shoulder.

There was no pain. All he could fill at that moment was rage.

”BANG! ”

Another bullet hit him in the chest. Arkan kept on walking forward like the wounds met nothing to him.

The guard that had seen this before was the first to step back. The others followed as they could see that logic had packed its suitcase and left Arkans mind at that moment in time.

”What is with this kid? ”

Danny asked as his son Fred had already taken dozens of steps back and was now about two meters away from where he was standing. Drops of rain started to fall as a thunderstorm came out of nowhere.

Another shot rang out, landing in Arkans stomach. That was when he stopped and his scarred eye completely red at that time.


He roared at Danny and then up to the heavens as he looked up. The deaths of his sister and Alax making his soul cry.

Then he started running like a caged beast finally having been let loose as he sprinted at Danny, wanting to take the head of the man who was the source of all his despair.

For some reason the guards sprinted the hell out of there, not knowing when the fear had grabbed hold of their hearts.

A flurry of shots rang out as Danny shot rapidly in panic, his hands trembling.

7 more bullets pierced Arkan as he still ran but only started to stop when he was just two matters away from Danny. One of the bullets had hit his heart.

He took more steps, trying to get to Danny still with his katana raised, but he was losing too much blood. Just a meter away from him, he finally fell down.


He thought to himself as his senses finally returned back to him.


He thought again as his face finally hit the now wet ground.

I have to stand up!

He thought as he gritted his teeth trying to stand but the energy living him.

”Well, that was a show. ”

Danny said, acting cool again like he was not about to shit himself seconds ago. At that moment it was only the two of them left in the alleyway.

”No….. I have to die while on my feet. ”

Arkan tried to say but only a whisper escaped his lips.

”Say hi to your sister for me. ”

Danny said.

”I can believe it took me 7 years to get rid of this trash. ”

Those were the last words he heard as an instant later his world went dark…..

”Ahhh! ”

Arkan creamed again as the last of the memories of the days events played out in his head. He was breathing abnormally like a fish out of the water as he tried to take a breath after the shock of realizing he had just died.

It had only been a second since the giant of a man pointed his finger at him and when Arkan noticed him again, he had cleaned some of the golden blood he had coughed up and was at that moment walking to his throne that was at the back of the room.

As he was about to sit down, Arkan regained his composure again, well, at least he tried to.

”Such misfortune, Arkan, child of despair and sorrow. ”

The giant man said as he set down and then looked at Arkan again, warmly smiling at him.

”We do not have much time. ”

He said as he looked at Arkans eyes and then took a serious tone with his next words.

”We need to talk. ”

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