Getting to the place was not a problem for me.

But when I begin my walk to the direction in which Amelia were taking, they all looked at me visibly livid. My impulse is to look away but I don . I proceed forward and Within a short time I have gotten towards the exit of the room. They could have too… But they were taking slow steps and showing off their pretty gowns.

I shut the door calmly after getting in and look ahead. There were so many doors in the pathway and for a minute I was bewildered.

Am I in the wrong place?

I wondered.

I let go of the door knob and ventured inside.

The hall way was dark but the glimmer on the doors, helped radiate enough light to get one through the hallway.

I snapped to attention remembering why I had come here in the first place. I clutch and un clutch my hands that were straight to my side. And I tried to keep my focus trained on the other side of the hallway… Before taking hastily steps forward.

Halfway through the hallway, I heard a bang from the door.

Someone just came in.

I move to the corner side of the door striding away from the main path I had previously walked, and embrace the darkness at the end.

I tried to steady my rapid beating heart so I could listen for the footsteps.

It was no doubt the Amelia siblings.

”Amelia mentioned nothing of Athelinda following us. If she had, we would have bullied her and stopped her from not going . ” I heard one of them say.

”And why didn you do anything when you saw her? ” A voice I recognize as that of Juliet questions.

”I would have personally done that, but her clothes and makeup gave me another idea. ”

”Which was? ”

”Well, she wasn properly dressed like any of us nor did she wear makeup. I thought she was just striding about till she came through this door. ”

Juliet huffs loudly… and at the same time her heels grew louder indicating she was close.

”What if Amelia is not aware of this? ” One of the girls suddenly questions.

Juliet stops just where I stood and I almost panicked,

did she sense my presence? I wondered

But when she Turns to face the opposite direction of where she was headed, I bite my tongue hard to stop me from sighing in my relief moment.

”Who cares if she isn ? ” She fumed in anger

”I mean, if Amelia was to find her there. She would feel betrayed. ”

Juliet turns in frustration now facing my direction and I quickly shut my eyes to avoid her sighting my marbles and recognizing me.

”What are you getting at? ”

The other girl who was speaking cleared her throat. ”We all know if Arthelinda was to attend this meeting naturally, we would all lose to her, Amelia inclusive. ” She says and the rest (I had no idea how many they were) snickered at that.

”Lets face it sisters. ” She continued. ”Not only is Arthelinda pretty, she is very clever. But if she comes behind Amelia back; she would be punished. Not just by Amelia but by the queen herself. Amelia would feel betrayed and would ensure she doesn get her place and by doing that… ”

”I would rid her off… ” Juliet finished. She lets out an evill chuckle before continuing her walk forward.

e very clever sissy, I was beginning to think of how to get her off. But this is like killing two birds with one stone. ” Juliets voice dims as she moves further away from me, her sisters right behind her.

I turned to the side they were taking but I was not swift in doing so.

Two doors appeared on the other end, and I had no idea which they had taken.

Hiding was not because I was afraid of them.

I had chosen to divert the insult they would pour on me.I wasn ready for exchanging words today.

I moved out of my hiding place and strolled to the other end of the hallway and I stood before the hefty doors.

One was slightly open and the other was wide open. What I couldn comprehend was why it was dark on the inside.

Was it a good idea coming here? I wondered

I don want to put myself in a position where I get to be Amelias enemy.

She might not even care to listen to my explanation. Its better I stay in her room and wait for her.

Yes, thats what Ill do.

I turned on my heels and started to walk back to her room when I heard an audible voice from one of the doors. I stoped on my heels and kept mute, listening again. And I realized, It was Amelia.

I stare at both doors wondering where and which among the doors the voice I had heard came from.

”I believe I am the perfect person for this… ”

My neck snapped to the door that was slightly open.

I pushed it open a little and peeked inside. The room was dark, but Amelia stood six feets away from the door where I was peeping from. I gaze around the room from my peeping position to be sure no one was around.

It was dark and I couldn tell.

”I know everything about humans, for I have been studying this and more in the library… so trust me to be the very best for this. ” Silence followed for a brief second before she continued …its was more like her questioning herself.

”Harry Potter? Uhm… he was a wizard… and the girls Favourite. ”

What is happening? I wondered

Was she rehearsing questions they might likely ask her?

Since there is no one here I could do this real quick.

I pulled one of the door open enough for me to walk through.

”Amelia. ” I called

She turns to face me.

The mascara in her face seems to be wearing off by her sweats. She was distressed.

But that distress expression soon turned to her usual horrid face.

Oh boy! She isn pleased to see me!

I quickly rush to her side not wanting to invoke Amelias Wrath.

”Here, ” I say bringing her ring from the piece of cloth I had neatly tuck it in. ”You forgot this. ”

Her gAze settles on my palm and she sighed with a little relief. I internally sighed too.

She doesn seem displeased.

I made my way towards the door after handing her, the ring but I stopped midway.

”You should know; Harry potter was never known to be the girls favorite. Rather, he was known for is that he could put his life down for people he loves. One thing you should also know is, he isn the strongest wizard. He is far from the most powerful wizard in the wizarding world. Sure, he does eventually go on to take down the greatest dark wizard of all time, but his success comes more as a result of his mothers sacrifice and the support of his friends than it does his own brilliance. ”

I tried my best to avoid her gaze… but my gaze matches has.She has this somewhat stunned expression on. I don know if it was a bad thing or not.

Maybe she is just surprised I spoke to her?

I turn to leave when I remember something. Vital.

”One more thing; the story is a reference on whatever you have been asked to do. If you
e asked to explain in details … why you
e being asked about Harry Potter, you could pick out some points from what I stated earlier. Ill be in my room rooting for you. You can do this! ”

I raise my thumbs up and gave her my best smiling face.

Knowing Amelia so well, she would cause a fuss about me coming to meet her… and why i have to lecture her on today of all times. So I have to show her I had no ulterior motives.

I bowed my head a little in respect before turning my back on her and I took two steps away from her and clutched the door knob. I had to pull it out when a voice made me halt and shiver.

”Stay. ”

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