I zone out from the conversation I was having with my Beta and Gamma; my chief warrior. An unfamiliar invisible but vivid gaseous substance surrounded the atmosphere that differs from air.

I raise my hands, Making my gamma pause from the report he was handing out to me.

I tilt my head as I try to determine the scent.

”Do you smell that? ” I questioned no one in particular but those present knew best not to ignore me.

”No, ” My gamma, Marcellus answered first.

I squinted my nose as I felt the Aura thicken in the air.

”Lord Tyson, is there something we should know? ” My beta Gael inquired.

I stifled a growl and my eyes started to change color.

”That scent… ” I muttered loud enough for the room to hear.

I couldn forget that scent even on my deathbed. I have searched for the carrier for decades and to no avail. Anytime I get closer… the more the person seems farther away.

I can forget the scent- My mothers murderer

I sprang up from my seat in rhythm with the beast that lingers in me.

”Lord Tyson, Ill contact the warriors assigned to guard the borders- ”

”Do it quick ” I growled and snapped at him. I watched as his face cowered and he shifted uncomfortably. My beta, on the other hand, was relaxed.

Marcellus exhaled before focusing his eyes in one direction, he was mind linking the others. I had zero patients as it stands, I infiltrated his thoughts and joined the conversation.

Perks of being an Alpha.

Not just any Alpha, The king.

I could feel the apprehensiveness of the other warriors through the mind link. They were all anxious as to why and what I had to say.

”Alpha! ” They all said at once in salute.

”Did you spot any creature near the border? ” I asked in response, dismissing their greeting.

”No. ”

It still did not relieve the tension that was building up inside me. The scent has grown thicker and it made me worried.

”Stay on alert! ” I heard Marcellus order.

”Yes, Bo- ”

He didn complete his sentence as a scream made him halt. The fear he was feeling… Was felt through the link.

”What is that? Tell me, what do you see? ” I growled

”Its unlike – anything Ive seen before… Its a- its… ”

His sudden screams were the last thing that was heard from the link before they were disconnected.

A harsh growl ripped out from my throat at the thought of me not being competent to protect one of my members, yet again.

I growled again, my hazel eyes veering around and my wolf eyes came into view, A mixture of emerald and gold.

My wolf was in control.

”Send the best Warriors to go and inspect what has taken place and give me an immediate report! ” My wolf enunciates, using the Alpha command.

My gamma gives a quick bow before rushing out through the exit.

”Gael! ”

”Lord Tyson, ” he responded

”Mind link all of the pack and ask them to stay indoors, its an order! ”

With that, he turns in another direction as he does what I have command.

A guard suddenly burst into the room and I snapped my teeth at him at the disrespect.

He didn notice because he was trying to catch his breath.

In the mood I was in, I would have snapped his neck at the disrespect. I will do that still if he doesn give me a valid explanation why he couldn knock.

”Speak! ” I growled

”Your sister- your highness… She… ”

I did not wait for him to finish his sentence. I bolted out from my chair and I stood up in apprehension.

Just when I made to ask him what happened to her, I was disrupted by a scream.

That voice- that voice belongs to my sister.

With bolting speed, I rushed out of my office room where all meetings are held with my second and third in command.

The blood that lingers in the air gave me no doubt that it was my sister truly.

I can let anything happen to her! I can let something bad happen to my only surviving family and… My TWIN.

I traced her scent to her current location, and in no time I located her.

She was in her room in the same hallway as mine, while my office was two stairs away.

I badge into her room just to find her on the floor with a man on top of her, strangling her.

I surged to her side, grabbing the man by his neck and sending him flying mid air before crashing to the ground.

Immediately it landed on the ground, I rushed to his side in the blink of an eye. I raised my leg up and made to step on its face when my sisters voice made me halt.

”Don brother! Thats my cat! ” She scolded.

I turned to look at her a bit muddled.

She got up from the ground and walked towards me, I noticed the wounds had started to close up.

I shifted my gaze from her and it settled on the man beneath me, only that it wasn a man anymore its My sister Cat.

”Meow! ” He cools as it tries to get on all toes but just wavered and fell back on the floor.

I picked it from the ground with my palm and patted its Fur, and it nibbled its neck on my palm. I look at my sister, my eyes narrowed and a scowl settles on my face giving way for my usual expression.

Cold and dangerous.

”You have 30 seconds, sister. ”

”Before you get upset, let me explain… ”

”28.. ”

She frowns before cracking her neck.

”It all happened this morning… ”

”15 ” I continue counting as I start to tickle the cats neck.

”I did a spell from my mothers spell book and turned my cat into a man. I wanted him to inflict pain on me… ”

”2… ”

”And feel something … ”

”1 ”

”You interrupted an important meeting for childish gain. ” I briefed her

”I didn ask you to come… ” came her response

”There was an unknown attack and few warriors died.A guard rushed in and I heard you screamed accompanied by your blood lingering in the air. ” I interrupted her with the information.

She opens her mouth to say something but she shuts it back as the realization of my sudden outburst inside her room dwells on her.

Her emotions shift and guilt settles in her marbles.

”I didn know… ” she confessed

In a blink of an eye, my wolf surfaced and the aura in the room darkened.

I squashed the cats head with my palm.

”Brother! ” She screamed.

I drop the corpse on the ground before moving to her room exit.

I stopped on my track and tilted my head to look at her from the corner.

”Hows that for pain? ”

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