I looked at my hand on the knobs, goosebumps had started to form on my skin.

I veered around quickly. The first thing my eyes landed on was Amelia. She had her face cowered on the ground… and I wondered what went wrong.

Not that I care, but her sudden posture had me worried. I rushed to her side and held her in her arms.

”What happened? ” I inquired.

”You! You **ing hypocrite! ” She whispered and yelled to my hearing and I withdrew my arm at her sudden outburst. I knew this wouldn end well. I should have stayed behind. But I knew staying behind would have been worse. The ring was precious to her because her mother gave it to her. That was the only time she got to hold her mothers hands in a long time.

So if the queen had not seen her wearing it, she would think of her as a careless one. And knowing Amelia, she would come back and lay the blame on me.

”Of course you can see it, no one had any knowledge of your arrival. ” She mumbles but I heard it.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

Amelia grabbed me by my arms before jamming her palms with mine.

And the room that was once covered in complete darkness, started to glimmer with light.

The first thing that came to view was the seat of the elders. Their throne stood tall and magnificent. I turn to my left, to find Amelia sisters queued up and staring daggers at me. Not wanting to give them a privilege to taunt me, I turn away from there and my eyes fall on something magnificent… a beauty that can be compared to neither of the maidens present… I gulped heavily as my gaze matches with that of the queen.

Instead of bowing, like any normal person would that values their life, I just stare at her.


It has been so long I set eyes on her and she still looked young and effortlessly beautiful.

In a blink of an eye, she was standing in front of me.

Her hands lingers forward and her icy touch lands lightly on my chin, tilting my head upward.

My vision whiffs for a moment. I took a step back to steady myself.

”Your grace, ” Juliets voice made me turn from the queen and I matched her angry eyes. With my sudden shift, the queen pulled her hand down to her side.

”Speak, ” Her voice chimes

The realization of what Ive gotten myself into; made me jolt backward. I did not even realize I had let go of Amelias hand or she let go of mine till this point.

I chuckled nervously as I did a quick run through all the faces present. I did not fail to notice their icy demeanor when they stared at me. Juliets sudden outburst made me divert my gaze back to her.

”Not only did Amelia disrespect your mode of conduct, but she also allowed her personal maid in here! ”

”Personal maid? Where Is she? ” the queen inquired

My eyes catch a glimpse of Amelia, she was now standing on the queue Juliet and her sisters were standing. But Juliet wasn standing behind her like she ought to, she was standing side to side with Amelia.

The glint playing in Juliets eyes had me confused.

”You don know? ” Juliet asked.

Amelia shifted in discomfort.

”Brief me ” The queen responded

”Amelia here, ” Juliet points to her ”Has been using the girl you gave in her care as a maid over decades. ” Juliet informed with a sly smile. ”Not only did she do that, she also made us believe you personally told her she can do whatever she pleases with her. ”

There was silence in the room. As everyone grew anxious of what the Queen had to say about such insolence.

While I stood there confused.

Wasn that the Queens order?

As much as Id like to get out of here and go hide somewhere in the library, I wanted to know.

If Ive been a slave for free with little freedom or not. Even when the look on Amelias face had given me an answer, I still wanted to hear it from the queen.

This was my one chance of getting validation. I might never get to see her ever again.

”Arthelinda. ”

I snapped my head to the direction where I was called. The queen had gone back to sitting on her throne.

How does she move so fast and swiftly?

Out of all times, this was all that I could question myself about her.

”Arthelinda… Did Amelia take you as her personal maid? ” The Queen questions me.

And once again I felt everyones eyes on me, Amelia included.

Okay this was not how I had planned things to go out when I came across the Queen. I had intended to ask her a series of questions. One; why does everyone have a special ability and I don ? Two; How come, everyones hair is silly black and I have ginger? The third question I had carried for ages ought to be the last (but not the least) question I wanted to ask her was; how come my name is different from the rest?

But Amelia had disclosed what transpired that led to my name. She told me that when I was found in my crib by the Queen, She cradled me in her arms and asked what my name was… Jokingly. But to her surprise, I said Arthlinda.

After that day I never said a word.

She thought I had grown dumb so she handed me to Amelia as her personal maid.

At least, so I was informed.

The only time I get to speak to Amelia willingly, was when she tells me stories before my birth. Or historical norms of Ferra.

What do I say to the queen, with everyone present keenly watching me?

I opened my mouth and with all honesty, mustered the truth. Even if it rids her of her position, this might be the only chance I get.

”Yes. ”

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