The journey to the outskirts of the gate was short.

The Queen had assigned a chariot for both me and Alexa( the designer). I have never been on a chariot before. All my life in Ferra I have lived in the palace and the palace alone. And now that Im out and about, I couldn enjoy the view even when I wanted to because of what Im putting on.

The short flare gown kept flying up exposing my inner thighs. I had to keep both hands so it would not fly up. The dress wasn that bad. Infact; I had stared at the mirror longer than I should because I couldn get enough of the design. And I loved how the maids gawk at me. But I would prefer the other designs I have seen … Amelia wore. What did she call it…? Right… A kimono.

The carriage soon comes to a stop, and my gown willfully lower. Alexa stepped down first and I followed afterwards with the help of the rider.

I look forward to the large gate before me.

According to the Queen and a know it all Alexa.Unfortunately, The gates activate at this time every century and closes a minute right after it opens. That was why it was very necessary we come on time so as not to miss it happened. There were no myths about this in the library from all the books Ive come across. All I know is, no one is allowed in or out.

Except the creator of all the universe.

I had made a mental note to make this the third question I ask the Fates.

The ground suddenly rumbles and I try my best not to lose my footing. Whereas Alexa stood still not affected by the ground trembling. The gate is beginning to open.

Alexa nudges me to step closer and I do so. And she followed behind me. It empties wider and a white light shone forth from the space.

”Don close your eyes. ” Alexa informs

”Try not to do the same. ” I told her.

I take more steps forward and stop in front of the pulsating gate. The light grows richer as the gate continues to open further.

I streched my hand towards the glimmering light, in a bit to pull through.. When I hear familiar beads rattling. I halted and turned to see Alexa with one of her eyes closed, while the other was barely open. I shift my gaze from her and focus on whos behind her.

It was the diviner.

”There is a… ” I heard her say that but I couldn pick up what she said next before … Alexa, now realizing I was no longer moving forward, turned to see what I was looking at.

”Holy! ” She yelled and jumped backward in fright pushing me into the light as she fell right after.

We swerved around the light as I felt myself being pulled around by an invisible wave (maybe it was visible, I just couldn see it with my eyes closed and the tight grip Alexa had around me.) The yanking sensation stops abruptly and I fall to my knees along with a screaming Alexa.

I nudged her hand around my neck repeatedly as I managed to mumble (can breathe). She suddenly let go and I jerked my eyes open, breathing heavily.

I finally stand up and I point my hand to warn her… but I left my hands hanging mid air as I notice something weird.

We were surrounded by tall looking weird sticks with trees on it. My mind had quickly assimilated what it was.

A bamboo tree.

Of course I know what it is. Ive read about how spiritual they are, even to nature. What I didn expect was to come across it so soon.

The Queen had told me once we got here we would be familiarized with everything within days.

I stop staring at the beautiful tall trees and turned to look at Alexa.

”Where do we start searching? ” I asked her. She didn seem bother by where we had found ourselves. She was more focused on cleaning herself up.

”The important question is; where are we going to spend the night. ”

I mouthed an O. Of course I had thought about that… I just hoped we would get down to work as soon as possible.

”Any idea how to go about that? ” I asked her

”Not sure, But Ive got cash. ”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I stared at her.

”Whats cash? ”

”Money- and before you ask whats money… its something we can use to purchase any item here on earth. ”

My cheeks reddened in embarrassment. Of course I know about money. The foreign name for it (cash) just sounded weird. Then something clicked.

”Have you been to earth before, ” I questioned her

She just smirks at me before walking past me and I turned around to stare at her. I mean … maybe she wants to do or give a virtual answer.

”Are you coming or not? ” She called not stopping as she continued her walk to an unknown direction.

The more we walked on the less I heard the cheerful throbbing of insects that were moving across the surface.

”We are getting closer, ” Alexa informed.

I suddenly stop, feeling uneasy. I turned and looked in a direction. At first, it had trees falling blocking the part but in the blink of an eye it was cleared and I felt myself getting drawn in.

”What is it about that place? ” I questioned rhetorically. My feet unconsciously started moving on their own.

I jerked out of it un-wilfully when I heard Alexa call my name.

”Where are you going? ”

I looked away from her and pointed at the path I had just seen to explain, just for me to find it covered with thick trees like the first time. Or maybe I had pictured that all out.

”If you are done wandering around, follow me. Theres something you need to see. ”

I instantly followed as I suddenly gained interest in whatever she had for me.

”We moved past a lot of bushes as a clear light started coming into view. ”

I shield my eyes with my elbow as we got closer. After pulling past the small branches, we finally came out. I made to open my eyes but I shot them back as I was always blinded by an engulfing yellow light.

”Here, ” I heard a muscular voice speak. He grabs my hand and place something therein,

”Ouu, someones got an admirer so soon. ” I heard Alexa squeal.

I slowly opened my eyes and stared at my palm.

It was weird looking and dark with the shape of the eyes.

A spectacle.

I slowly put it on, and the dominating yellow light soon dispersed.

My gaze lands on a huge guy( maybe he is not that huge, Im just short) and I gulped down nothing.

”Hi, Im Marcellus. ”

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