”Its not him. ” I simply said after cleaning my mouth. I dropped the cup on the counter before I move out of the kitchen and head for the stairs. Alexa appears out of no where blocking my path, making me halt.

”How did you do- ” I made to ask then I remembered Im the only powerless person out of all. More reason I need to take this seriously.

I move to the side and she Mimics me. I moved to the other side and she did the same thing. I made to move out one more time but her firm hands on my shoulder kept me intact.

”How would you know? You didn even talk to him. When I got close I could feel a heavy aura around him. ”

When the queen had briefed me on what to expect and how to fall in love with me. I had mustered the courage to ask her the most important question if I were to succeed in my quest.

How do I know its him?

She told me once I come face to face with a Hybrid-Lycan, I would see a white mark on their forehead that is meant for just me to see.

And I saw nothing of such when I looked at the man from before.

”When I set my eyes on him, I would know instantly. ”

I expressed myself before shoving her to the side so I could get through. She doesn budge

”Hear me out… ” she insists. i fold my hand under my boobs, as I finally gave ear on hearing what she has to say.

”Okay forget about him being the guy we are looking for. What do you have to say about him following us? ”

”I honestly don know. ”

I have to admit that bothered me a bit. Could he be just a regular stalker?

”Maybe he wants to get a head on with you. And wants to get you on his bed. ” Alexa says while wiggling her brows.

”Please stop. ” I mumbled obviously displeased.

”Well, if it interest you to know, I made sure he won be able to trace us to this place. ”

”Thanks. ”

She smiled in response before moving out of the way following me from behind.

”Now for the real question. ” I started once I got to the hallway. Stopping briefly to talk to Alexa.

”How do we find one in this huge city? We need to check somewhere a place we know everyone gathers as one. ”

”Luckily for you… I do know one place. ” Alexa smirks as she mimic my posture. I removed my hands that were still under my boobs and I scratch my hair with a finger.

”Where could that be? ”

”The Club. ”

I stare at her weirdly. ”Lemme guess, a place where people come together at night to play? ” I huff in displeasure before walking in to one of the open rooms.

”You know, thats exactly what a club is… Your definition of it is absurd, but thats exactly what it is. ”

”And you know that how? ” I asked before moving over to the drapes and pulled them over. The big yellow light from afar was starting to go down taking its glimmering glitters along. I turn to face Alexa to see her seated on the bed.

”For a maiden from Ferra you seem to know a lot of things… About earth. More like… Youve been here before. ” I drawled on the last sentence giving her my suspicious look.

I stepped closer before and placed my hands on each other from behind.

”Is there something you aren telling me? ” I raised a question.

”What can I say, ” she started and turned to the exit of the room. She stops halfway when she gets to the doorway and turns to me.

”Luck is just always on my side. ”

And with that, she stepped out of the doorway. The door slammed right behind her.

What are you hiding, Alexa? I mumbled to myself.

I wondered if Alexa manipulated the queen so she could follow me. And rid me off after I have found who we came here for so she can say it was her who was able to accomplish the task. The idea sounded stupid but it could be true. None of Amelia sisters like me. Amelia doesn even like me herself.

But for whatever reason, I knew I had to be careful around her.

When the strange tall guy started following us with a vehicle that looked just like ours, I knew something was up. It made me wonder if Alexa had asked him to follow up and eliminate me, when she got close to him back in the woods.

Even though I was a bit drawn to him, I still felt the need to stay away and be cautious. Especially with Alexa. I am powerless but Im not stupid.

I don remember how long I had stayed in the room but my stomach had started to grumble. I ignored it the first few times but it was starting to get worse.

I got down from the soft mattress I have been sitting on for a while now and I made my way out of the room and down to the stairs.

Immediately I climbed the last stairs everywhere went dark.


I grabbed the stair case handle a bit frightened. The lights came back on and flickered off again. I continued walking once the light came back on and I come into the room where I was some moments ago.

What did Alexa call it? Right! The living room.

I have same thoughts as Alexa I knew for a fact that man might be connected or know a hybrid but wol, but I couldn let her figure that out.

Alexa is smart, Im the one that got chosen. She needs me to get to the person.

Even if I come across him I will keep acting like I haven then do everything on my own.

The lights flickered off again, this time around it didn come back on. My stomach growls again and I wrapped my hands around it. I groan internally… a bit displeased.

Then a sudden thought comes in my mind.

What if she had put something in the jar of water she poured me?

I mind starts to race and my thoughts flicker around just like the lights had done some moments ago.

The lights came back on.

I veered around a bit dazzled and my eyes lands on something.

The drapes I had closed moments ago was open. Breeze blows in and the weather changed.

What is going on? I questioned myself.

I rushed to close the windows and exhaled in relief.

I feel a presence behind me and my blood runs cold.

I turn slowly and my eyes landed on Alexa with a knife in her hands. I gulped down nothing.

”What are you doing over there? ” She questioned me

”Nothing. ” I hesitated thinking of a quick motive to get out this. ”I think there is someone in the house. The lights kept going on and off, even the yellow orbs has gone to hide. ”

She stares at me for a moment before she burst out laughing.

What is funny?

”Im sorry, ” she says as she tries to controls herself.

”I forgot I should have explain some stuff to you. ”

I say nothing but just stared at her. My eyes frequently goes to the knife she has in her palm.

The lights goes off again and I gulped down nothing. It comes back on a second later and Alexa was now in front of me. I do my best to not show I was frightened. She points the knife towards window and I slowly turned to look.

”That yellow orbs is the sun. It comes up in the morning when every where is bright and goes out when its night time. Surely you must have read about the sun in the library you
e always stuck up at. ”

I took the question as a rhetoric one so I don answer.

”And sometimes, ” she continued. ”There comes rain, it falls both in the morning and on evenings. You see those white lightenings? ”

I nodded in response.

”Those are thunderstorm. I heard you were opportunied to witness the queens anger. ”

I don say anything to rid her off for her sarcasm.

”And as for the lights, ” she started again. Her breath in my ears sent cold tingles down my skin.

”When there is a storm like this… a downpour to be more specific. It triggers the Electricity. ”

And with that she moves away from behind me and I turned to face her already moving figure.

”Whats an Electricity? ”

She groans loudly before crouching on the couch.

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