Gael snapped his hand at Marcellus for the fifth and when Marcellus came back to reality his cheeks were reddened. My brows furrowed in utter confusion. Never have I seen my Gamma blush before.

I did not let my curiosity get the best of me by asking questions. I stayed mute and stood not far from my reserved seat at the training ground.

When Marcellus returned from appointing new watch guards at the border, he met Gael and me at the training ground.

I came to survey everyone to make sure everyone is on the field and training hard getting prepared in case the enemies in the dark, make more counter-attacks.

Not long did I conclude my speech with the warriors, that I found him(Marcellus) in this state.

It was perplexing and I find it weird at the same time. As much as Im delighted to see this side of him, I prefer him not to do it ever again. At least, not in my presence.

I took the lead out of the room and made my way inside my Castle. I got in and it was as if time stopped and everyone stopped moving. I walked past some guards who bowed their heads on seeing me but I didn stop to acknowledge them. Some maids that were carrying food trays, stopped abruptly and bowed.

Hearing hefty steps behind me made me absolute sure my Beta and gamma were right behind me.

I pushed open the door to my office and I got in.

”When last did you send new clothes to Kylie? ”

One thing I never mess with are my duties. I don compromise it for anyone, and I tend to always ensure things are in order. Any slightest bit of mistake makes me angry and thirst for blood.

”It was five days ago. ” My beta answered from behind.

I stopped walking and halt on my footsteps. I slowly turned to look at them. Both were standing at the doorway fear visibly written on their face.

As if Gael knew that was his cue to start explaining before I snap his head off, he jumped forward but not close to where I stood.

”You have 5 seconds. ”

”You said we should get her something new every four days. And yesterday being the day I was supposed to go, you said you weren attending the gala. So I had to go and send a message telling all, that you wouldn be attending. Thats why I couldn order. ”He said all that almost in one breath.

I hold down the chuckle that threatened to leave my lips. I haven even begun counting. But my beta; being my second in command, knows better.

”Ill send someone- ” Gael began saying but I interrupted him with a growl.

”No! ” I said slamming the table nearby and it tore into two. ”My sister is going to put them on. I need you to pick them up yourself! ” I yelled.

He grunts as if to argue, and I was ready to throw the broken table at him if he happens to contend with me on this.

”Ill go. ” Marcellus says surprising both of us (Gael and me).

”Go where? ” Gael questioned him.

I turn to access Marcellus. With his lips held in a firm line, he answered.

”Ill be quick. ”

”You both know Im the fastest thats why Im always made to go on errands…no offense. ” Gael turned shortly to say that to me and then turn back to Marcellus after I gave him a short nod.

”And secondly, you are the one who is most needed here. ”

”Oh, is that so… Lemme just take that back since- ”

”No no no… ” Gael said sounding a bit babyish. He coughs to gain his voice and said in a more masculine tone, ”I appreciate you covering for me. ”

I look at the both of them and I wondered how I got them as my next and third in command.

I remember making them my gamma and beta after killing the ones that were in charge and their offspring. Only Alpha, not just any Alpha but the king could do that. Those were some perks of being the king. They could as well dethrone the Alphas of other clans… With heavy grounds.

I chose them( Gael and marcellus ) because I saw how skilled and dedicated they were. What I didn see was this playful part of them.

But I want Marcellus and Gael. I wouldn want to replace them unless… They start doing more of this. (I take a quick look at both of them to see Gael pouting) Then I might have to kill them.

I was satisfied when I realized they haven found their mate. They have no room for weaknesses or any hinderance.

Both parents of theirs, died in the war just like mine. They have no one else, except me.

I take hold of the pen lying somewhere and I start to play with it. That must have distracted them because they both turn to look at me.

Marcellus has his normal expression on and Gael, well… He was himself.

”Prepare the jet, ” I say curtly.

Gael furrowed his eyes in confusion. While Marcellus spoke.

”I don really- ”

e not going. None of you are. Gael, focus on your work. Marcellus; make sure no warriors of yours are slacking. ”

”Then whos going to get it? ” They both ask almost immediately after I finished my sentence.

I stop turning the pen I had on my finger and dropped it, letting it fall to the ground.

”Me. ”

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