”Shocking right? But thats how it works. You flip this switch and the entire light will go off. ” Alexa says, explaining further.

A part of me knew she might be mocking my proficiency to come to terms with human appliances, but I let it slide. I was too excited on realizing a single switch can turn off the light… the whole light in the house.

Why didn we think of something like this? I ask myself internally.

I used to think we were more superior in terms of dresses and chariots, well literally everything. But these…. I play on the switch continuously till Alexa comes to drag me away.

”Woah! Woah… ” she says as she shoved me away from the light. I stumbled back and stared at her.

”It doesn work that way. Imagine The queen Turning on and off her power, what would that seem like to you? ”

I pause and think of the scenario.

If she does something like that in front of her subjects she sure would look scary and… Like a lunatic that has lost control-

I gasped upon realization and look at Alexa. She nods slowly as if affirming yes- I would look like a lunatic doing that.

I straighten my back trying not to give her the benefit of mocking me.

Alexa moves away from the switch and I follow her. She moves towards the window I had stood at earlier yesterday.

Yes, apparently a night has passed since we got here. The thunderstorm happened to cause some damage which was what led Alexa and I to the main switch this morning to check if it affected it..

Alexa pulled the drapes open, and the little light from dawn shone forth in the house. The sun hasn come out yet, but it was still beautiful.

”Come along! we have business to attend to. ” Alexa announce as she walks past me, brushing me to the side a little.

”Are we going to look for him this morning? ”

”No! We have a whole year and more to do that, lets enjoy earth a little. Get familiar and comfortable…. ”

”But the Queen, ” I started saying.

”The queen, wouldn be pleased to hear you got caught up on your first day. While out and about, we
e still going to keep searching. You know what they say; when you don search thats when they come looking. ”

”Nobody said that. ” I interject

”Ahhhh… ” she groans. ”You have a whole lot to learn. Luckily, Im here. ”

”So whats on todays agenda? ” I questioned not sure of what to say.

”We go grocery shopping. ”

”You have powers… can you do your.. ”

”I make dresses. Not food and substances. We still need to go shopping for new stuff. On earth, I can only fix and add shine to designs. Not make it as I do back in Ferra. ”

I nodded my head at the new information. I wondered if thats the only power she has in store.

”Firstly, have you showered? ” She questioned

”Im new to these things doesn mean am dumb. We take our bath back in Ferra too you know. ”

”Well, at least in petals and all I was just asking since its a bathtub- ahh never mind. Lets move. ”


From getting groceries to getting a car (Not the normal ones Ive come across in this beautiful city) … And now we
e shopping for clothes. I was pretty sure Alexa made a mental list which I wasn aware of.

”Move out of the way old hag! ”Alexa yelled at the lady who has been trying on dresses just to take pictures and then changed them.

”Who are you calling a hag? ” the lady turned, now facing us.

”Well, apparently you
e the only one looking like snow whites stepmother with that makeup, so Im pretty sure I was referring to you, ” Alexa said enclosing the space between them.

I take a look at the lady who shouldn be more than eighteen or twenty, it was a hard guess. I bite on my lips trying hard to refrain from making a mocking sound.

And I thought Juliets makeup was the worse.

”Do you know who I am? ” she asked visibly livid.

e the girl whose face is about to kiss the ground if you don get the…** out of my way. ” Alexa had said the last part shoving her away. And she stumbled on her heels.

I did not spare her a glance as Alexa and I walked into the changing room. We had picked a few clothes from the few minutes we had stepped inside the mall.

I tried my best to act accordingly.

Alexa asked me to change first so I took off my top. I stopped halfway when I noticed she was still staring.

I gave her the look of you are supposed to look away? and she mouthed an O before looking away.

”I never took you as a reader, ” I said while taking off my top

”How so? ”

”Snow white. Really? ”

I hear her buffs and huffs while I drag down the shorts.

”Oh common! Everyone knows about snow white. ”

I raised my head and I noticed her gaze fixed firmly on me. I picked up the shorts I had just taken down and covered my boobs with them.

”You are supposed to be looking away! ” I voiced out trying my best not to yell. Attracting attention is the last thing I want to do here at the moment.

Thats it! A bell chimed in my head. I looked over to Alexa whose gaze was still firmly on my boobs.

”Snap out of it Lexa! ” but she doesn , she just smirked or blushed. I couldn tell. Maybe she was doing both.

I grabbed one of the gowns quickly and wore it in haste.

”Ill be outside, ” I tell her. ”And try not to be mean to anyone, we don want us getting discovered before getting a chance. ”

”Trust me, what I did there…is very much humane. Awn! You
e so naive… ”

I slammed the door and I heard her chuckle from inside.

”Don let her get to you ” I murmured in a bid to motivate myself up.

I exit the changing room to the room we had picked up the outfits. I had hoped I wouldn come across the lady Alexa had spoken to in that manner. I was beyond relived when I didn find anyone in the room.

My relief was short and prompt. A lady on pinafore had snuck up behind me.

e not supposed to be here. ” She was almost whispering.

My eyebrows furrowed and I take a quick peak at the changing room door to see if Alexa was out yet.

She wasn

I stayed mute not knowing how to respond.

She points to a poster that says; VIPs and then did a sign with her hands.

I have seen Alexa do the same thing before when she brought out cash.

Was she insinuating I don have money?

”You must be mistaken, ” I mutter

”Oh, Good you
e not deaf. You
e lucky he just left he doesn like anyone in here when she shops for clothes. ”

Him? I mutter to myself

She saw the confusion on my face before bringing out her phone and showing me a photo of him.

I stared at him.

I felt a sudden heat sweeping over my body.

And I instantly felt a ting between my legs.

”He is so cute, right? ” she questioned me as she stares at and admire the picture of him.

I doubled back and shake my head as if to get rid of whatever I was feeling.

I turned and looked over to the changing room.

Why is she taking so long? I wondered

”Ahhh! Hes still here, look over there! ” The lady exclaimed and I turned sharply… Unintentionally.

All I could see was a lot of the ladies taking pictures. I stopped and paused… When I saw who it was.

It was the same man she had just shone me. Even when he had his back facing my direction I knew it was him. His body build was just like him.

The heat sweeping over my body took over yet again this time far worse.

My senses were on fire… And for a second, my sight swayed.

My body had started to heat up so much that I was sweating profusely.

I take one step forward as if to get a better smell and savor the sweetest scent I had ever known.

He stopped trying to get past the crowd and turn… As if he was searching for someone.

His turning was enough for me to see his face… And the white mark on his head.

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